Many of ACTION’s bus fleet have been given names, with two having decals applied.

Bus 319, an Irisbus Agora Line based at Belconnen Depot, is named “Big Merv” to commemorate a longtime ACTION driver who has since passed away. The name has been sign-written on the back of the bus and also appears in a plate inside the vehicle.

Similarly, Bus 560 (a Scania K320UB garaged at Tuggeranong Depot) was dedicated to Nigel Stokes, a trainer/assessor based at Tuggeranong Depot who died in 2014 – the year 560 was delivered. This dedication was initially applied to Bus 554 but was removed in favour of a Tuggeranong bus.

The Scania L94UB Buses were the first to be named en masse, by workshop staff at Tuggeranong Bus Depot in 2009. The names were placed on a small label above the Scania badge on the rear of the bus, as well as inside the bus on the bulkhead. Many labels have since disappeared due to removal or weathering.

In June 2012, names started to appear for other buses, mostly those based at Tuggeranong Depot.

In 2012, ACTION used its Twitter account to invite followers to suggest names for the newly-delivered Scania K360UA articulated buses. While all of these buses have been named, many do not feature labels on the bus.

In 2020, names have begun to appear on previously unnamed Belconnen Depot buses.

A list of the bus names can be found on ACT Bus Fleetwiki.

Article updated 26 August 2020.

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