Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Simon Corbell, today announced that an in-principle agreement has been reached between ACTION and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) in relation to their next Enterprise Agreement.

Mr Corbell said the ACT Government is pleased to announce a breakthrough in negotiations between ACTION and the AMWU resulting in an in-principle agreement on the remaining issues that are outstanding in the ACTION Enterprise Agreement.

“As such, there will be no further industrial action taken by AMWU members. This is a win for ACTION, a win for the AMWU and most importantly, a win for the travelling public,” Mr Corbell said.

“Members of the AMWU had recently taken protected industrial action during April 2011 that significantly impacted on the operation of bus services in the ACT.

Mr Corbell said that ACTION has been using the current bargaining process to review work practices and to achieve the flexibility required to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of Canberra’s bus services.

“The in-principle agreement between ACTION and the AMWU represents the first step toward achieving this goal.

“It is now important that agreement is reached with the Transport Workers Union (TWU) to ensure the continued delivery of bus services to the Canberra community.

“ACTION is continuing negotiations with the TWU. Both parties remain committed to reaching agreement as soon as possible and will continue to meet on a regular basis.

“I am pleased to see the constructive participation of all parties working towards an agreed outcome and I commend the recent positive result reached between ACTION and the AMWU.”

ACT Government remains committed to improving bus services in the ACT to ensure the community has access to the most efficient public transport system.

This page was last updated on 26 May 2011