Excerpt of ACT Budget Media Release : 4 June 2019

As Canberra grows, the ACT Government will keep our city moving by investing in better transport infrastructure. The 2019-20 ACT Budget will invest in more buses, progress our light rail network, build better roads to ease congestion and upgrade key intersections to help keep Canberrans safe and moving around our city quickly.

Better public transport for our growing city

Canberra is already better connected with our new public transport network of light rail, rapid buses and more local routes. We will continue to build on this network with a more modern bus fleet, new integrated ticketing system and extending light rail from the City to Woden.

The Budget will help bring light rail to Woden as quickly as possible by progressing the detailed design, planning and enabling works for stage two from the City to Woden.

We will start work on a new Woden Bus Interchange that will integrate with light rail, to ensure the project keeps moving ahead while we progress route design and approvals from the other end.

The new interchange will feature more comfortable shelters, modern passenger information displays and ticketing machines, accessible footpaths and cycle facilities, security systems and safer transiting between the future light rail on Callam Street and the rapid bus network.

We will also build a new park and ride facility on Well Station Drive in Gungahlin to support the record numbers of people using light rail in Canberra’s north since it launched in April this year.

Through the Budget we will purchase 84 new modern and fuel-efficient buses to improve accessibility and passenger comfort, and increase reliability on the new public transport network. The new buses will be added to the fleet on a rolling basis so we can continue to adopt low-emissions vehicles into our fleet as they become available.

And we will continue to progress planning for a new contemporary ticketing system for use on bus and light rail to replace the MyWay system, which will make it even easier for people to use public transport in the future.

This Budget boosts Canberra’s transport networks with better connections between town centres by public transport and road, better buses, safer intersections and increased capacity. Investing in our transport networks now will help keep Canberrans moving as our city grows.

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