Media Release: TAMS directorate, 23 July 2013

Work has recommenced on the construction of a new park and ride facility in Calwell, Ben McHugh, Manager, Major Capital Works, Roads ACT, announced today.

“Work on the construction of Calwell’s new park and ride facility has recommenced this week with local contractor Deeble B&C engaged to complete the work,” Mr McHugh said.

“The new facility will be a permanent park and ride car park, which will be available to the public and Calwell Club visitors outside of working hours.

“Completion of this project has been delayed following the liquidation of the previous contractor, who the ACT Government had originally engaged, and the time it has taken to identify a new contractor and evaluate its tender.

“The new park and ride site, which is located on the corner of Johnson Drive and Were Street in Calwell, is now due for completion in September 2013.

“The completed project will include approximately 60 parking spaces conveniently located near bus stops on Johnson Drive and Were Street. Buses at these stops are scheduled to arrive every 20 minutes during the peak period and every 30 minutes during the off-peak.”

Mr McHugh said the ACT Government is committed to providing Canberra with better public transport options and to reducing congestion on the road network.

“Not only is combining vehicle use with bus travel a money saver, it also saves you the time and hassle of finding a car park in Canberra’s busy town centres, and combining bike use with bus travel has the added benefit of making Canberra a more sustainable and active city.

“The new Calwell park and ride facility will be the 15th facility provided in Canberra which further demonstrates the government’s commitment to sustainable transport options. Plans are also underway to construct new park and ride facilities at College Street in Belconnen as well as Cotter Road near north Weston which are both due for completion in 2013.

“I encourage residents of Calwell and surrounding suburbs to use the new facility by parking their car for free and catching a bus for the rest of their journey.”

This page was last updated on 24 July 2013