Commenting on a statement made at the Industrial Board, that there was no comparison between the work of Sydney and Canberra omnibus drivers and conductors, the Federal Vice-President of the Transport Workers Union (Mr. M. F. Macdon- ald) said that conditions for crews in Canberra, during peak hours, were amongst the worst in Australia.

Buses were dangerously overcrowded at peak hours. Conductors had sometimes complained that wo- men became distraught and cried under the strain of overcrowding.

“Unlike Sydney,” Mr. Macdonald continued, bus drivers are compelled to pull up at stops, even when the bus. is overcrowded. This is necessary to tell waiting passengers to catch the next bus” he added.

“Those wishing to board the bus however, do not take any notice of the conductor and struggle on. If it continues it will soon be necessary to arm the conductors with guns if safety is to be maintained.”

Eighteen buses for Canberra were placed on order in pre-war years. To date, however, only five are in commission.

The Canberra Times 28 June 1947

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