A new omnibus time table embracing the Canberra City area will operate as from Monday.

Features of the new service will be the introduction of shopping buses, speedier transport from the north to the south side of the river and improved services to outlying suburbs.

The introduction of the new service has come as the result of representations by public bodies over a long period

A route traversing Commonwealth Bridge has been introduced. Three additional bus crews have been provided to carry out the schedule.

An alteration from the previous system will be numbers on the bus indicators to represent the route on the Kingston or south side of the river, while letters will represent the route to be taken on the northern side.

No 1 route will cover Kingston, Manuka, Forrest, Deakin and State Circle

No. 2 route, Kingston, Manuka, Forrest, National Circuit and Barton;

No 3 route Kingston, Griffith, Manuka, Fönest, National Circuit, Barton,

No 4’route, Kingston Griffith Manuka, Forrest, Deakin, State Circle;

No 5 route, Kingston, Griffith, Manuka, Barton

No. 7 route, Wentworth Avenue

On the northern side of the river A will represent Acton, B Common- wealth Bridge, F, Farrer Street, Braddon; R. Euree Street, Reid, and T, Turner ‘

Examples are 2AR Kingston, Manuka, Forrest, National Circuit, Barton, Acton, Euree Street, Reid, Ainslie terminus.

1BF, Kingston Manuka, Forrest, Deakin, State Circle, Commonwealth Bridge, Farrer Street, Braddon, Ainslie terminus.

6AT, Kingston, Manuka Barton, Acton, Turner.

The Canberra Times 5 March 1948

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