Media Release: Elizabeth Lee, MLA – 5 December 2022

Opposition Leader Elizabeth Lee has today announced the Canberra Liberals do not support the tram to Woden and will not proceed with the project if elected in 2024.

Ms Lee said despite the Labor-Greens government refusing to be upfront with Canberrans, stage 2 to Woden is anticipated to cost over $3 billion and will have significant ongoing social costs for Canberrans.

“This Labor-Greens government has ripped millions out of hospitals, schools, public housing and policing to help pay for the tram,” Ms Lee said.

“As a result, we have the longest emergency department wait times in the country, teachers at breaking point with schools being closed down due to violence, a housing crisis, and the lowest number of police per capita of any state and territory.

“Canberrans deserve world class health and education facilities, more support for teachers, nurses and police along with important road upgrades and good, basic local services all across Canberra.

Ms Lee said despite the spin from the Chief Minister, it has become apparent the Labor-Greens government cannot afford to do it all and it is hurting many Canberrans.

“My vision for Canberra includes re-investing in our health and education facilities; more support for teachers, nurses and frontline workers; more affordable housing, road upgrades and better city service across Canberra and a future with bold, fresh infrastructure projects that prioritise the economic and social benefits for Canberra.

“It is apparent none of the things our city needs is possible while we continue on the path of building a tram to Woden that will cost over $3 billion and not be delivered until the middle of next decade.

“We have a chance to reimagine the future of our city, a future where Canberrans are not denied opportunities due to a multibillion-dollar project the Labor-Greens government are wedded to, no matter how the economics stack up.”

Ms Lee said the Canberra Liberals will put forward a comprehensive public transport policy in the lead up to the next election.

“Since the tram was initiated by the Labor-Greens government, new public transport technology has come forward in leaps and bounds including electric buses that offer faster, cheaper, cleaner alternatives,” Ms Lee said.

“What the Canberra Liberals put forward in this space will be driven by transport outcomes that ensure fast, reliable and environmentally friendly services that will benefit all Canberrans,” Ms Lee concluded.

Published as “Canberra Liberals Will Stop The Tram To Woden” – Canberra Liberals website

This media release has been published verbatim from the Canberra Liberals website. By publishing this article, ACT Bus does not necessarily endorse this policy and has not fact-checked any of the claims made.

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