Election Announcement: Katy Gallagher (ALP)

ACT Labor is committed to transforming Canberra’s public transport services and improving residents’ transport choices. Better public transport services will help reduce the costs associated with multiple car ownership, traffic congestion and will assist in reducing Canberra’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The ACT Labor Government has released a comprehensive strategy to improve Canberra’s public transport network called Transport for Canberra.

Transport for Canberra will drive improvements in service frequency and coverage. Along with improving and extending frequency of bus services along Rapid Corridors, the plan proposes travel guarantees to reduce waiting times when interchanging and increasing frequency for suburban coverage services.

ACT Labor is already delivering improvements to public transport, including the extension of Red (sic) Rapid services to the Kippax Group centre to service West Belconnen, Real Time Bus Information, the construction of the ANU Exchange Bus Station, the new Belconnen Community Bus Station and the Belconnen to City Transit way project.

As part of its comprehensive plan, the ACT Labor Government has also been investigating options to construct Light Rail Transit from the Gungahlin Town Centre to the City Centre as the first stage of a broader rapid transit network across our city.

This is a transformative project that will change the face of Canberra and the way it functions and grows.

As well as providing a faster, more frequent, and reliable public transport service which will encourage mode shift away from private vehicles, this project will facilitate urban renewal at both the residential and commercial levels, bringing about significant transit oriented land use changes.

If re-elected in 2012, ACT Labor will establish the ACT’s first large-scale private sector partnership to plan, finance and develop the first stage of a Light Rail Network for Canberra – the Capital Metro.

Capital Metro will be the backbone of Canberra’s public transport network, combined with the Frequent Network of buses. Options for investigation of second and subsequent stages are already being considered, including Kingston (East Lake) to the City via Barton, Woden to the City, Woden to Erindale and Tuggeranong, as well as to Belconnen, Weston Creek and Molonglo.


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This page was last updated on 21 September 2012