Prior to electronic signage, bus destination displays consistent of printed vinyl rolls that were operated by the driver, using a crank handle above the windscreen. Some buses were later retro-fitted with switches to allow for automated scrolling.

A reference list of each destination, and its corresponding position on the roll, was generally stuck above the windscreen.

Due to the expansion of Canberra, and its bus network, there were numerous versions printed as updated were required.

Click on the headings below to expand the full list of destinations for each roll.

Destination Roll – circa 1974 (from Bus 261)

Route Blind #1

Route Number Code List III – June 1985

Route Blind #4 – June 1987

Route Blind #7 – September 1989

Route Blind #8 – January 1990

Route Blind #9 – June 1994

Alpha Destination Roller Blind – October 2002

MAN SG192 Articulated / MAN SL200 Roller Blind (early 80s?)

Unknown roll – likely early-mid 80s

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