⚠️ This article refers to a bus service which operated between July 2022 and February 2023.

Media Release: Canberra Airport Group, 22 July 2022

Fairbairn Loop service will be operated by a Hino Poncho mini-bus. Photo by Qichuan Xi.

This new service will provide a connection from the Canberra Airport Terminal to Fairbairn Business Park, including the new Therapeutic Goods Administration building on weekdays between 7am and 10am and then again from 4pm to 7pm. The Fairbairn Loop has been designed to provide a convenient connection for those travelling on the existing R3.

Canberra Airport Group together with Transport Canberra are pleased to introduce the new Fairbairn loop service from Monday 25 July 2022.

The Fairbairn Loop service will be provided by one of Transport Canberra’s fully accessible poncho buses for those who require a low floor entry.

The Fairbairn Loop will initially be delivered as a three month trial service and evaluated for future use.

The Fairbairn Loop service ceased operations on 28 February 2023 due to low patronage.

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