FATAL MOTOR SMASH – Bus Completely Wrecked.

One killed, four injured. Tragic end to Picnic ride.


Three motor accidents occurred on the Uriarra Road between Canberra and Queanbeyan on Sunday last.

One woman was killed and four occupants of a bus were injured when on Sunday afternoon the vehicle left the road, and turning a somersault, was completely wrecked.

One motorist drove his car off the road to avoid collision with the bus, and his vehicle sustained some damage.

A collision between a Buick and a Ford car on Sunday afternoon occasioned injuries to two persons, and resulting in the wrecking of the Buick, and serious damage to the Ford.

TRAGEDY mailed the busmen’s picnic to the Cotter River on Sunday last, resulting ultimately in the institution of a charge of manslaughter against the driver of one of the buses. Three Commission buses were used to convey the picnicers, and the trip was without incident until the return journey.

A big crowd left the Cotter at about 5 30 pin, and the third bus left on the return journey about half an hour later, in charge of Robert Baines. Several people were taken to Queanbeyan and only five were left for the return to Canberra.

When on the Uriarra Road, at the foot of Hamilton Hill, about two miles from Queanbeyan, the driver attempted to negotiate a turn but his bus left the road and hit a culvert. It somersaulted and threw out the five occupants, Fortunateiy most of them were thrown clear, but Miss Vivian Rouse, aged 21, a visitor from Haber (line missing) shortly afterwards. The other travelers, Miss M Rouse, Mr and Mrs A Morris, and the driver, Robert Baines, were taken to the Queanbeyan Hospital for treatment. Their injuries were not serious, but all suffered bruises, abrasions and shock.

The bus, after leaving the road turned a complete somersault and when it came to rest it was headed in the opposite direction to which it had been going, and the front portion was resting on the culvert. The road was strewn with cushions and fragments of the upper structure of the cab, which was completely wrecked.

A pathetic feature of the case is that deceased was the fiancee of the driver, and was in Canberra on a fortnight s holiday She was to have been married at the end of the year

The sequel to the accident was the arrest of Robert Baines on a charge of manslaughter. He was brought before the Queanbeyan Court on Tuesday, and remanded to the Coroner’s Court, which was opened in the afternoon. Ball was allowed at £200.

The parents of the victim of the accident came to Queanbeyan from Sydney immediately an hearing of the accident, and the remains were taken to Sydney for interment.

Eyewitness’ Story

An eyewitness of the accident states that the bus was out of control while going down Hamilton Hill. The driver of a Buick car was traveling in front of the bus noticed this and pulled quickly to the side of the road, damaging the tyres of his own car.


The bus involved was Dodge, registration C94.

25 November 1926

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