For an annual subsidy of $691 per household, Canberrans deserve the best public transport system in the country, ACT Shadow Transport Services Minister Alistair Coe said today. Mr Coe said it is logical that the most expensive service should be the best one.

“Yesterday’s statement from Mr Pinkas of the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) in support of ACT Labor demonstrates that the Union is more interested in politicking and wasting money than delivering improved bus services,” Mr Coe said today.

“Not only is ACTION costing all Canberrans a huge amount of money, it is not providing a good service in return for the many people who depend on public transport.

“In the last five years, the cost per passenger has increased by a massive 50 per cent to $6.66 (up from $4.13 in 2007-08).

“If we want to improve on the nine per cent of Canberrans who use ACTION (half the national average), ACT Labor needs to spend the $101 million subsidy much more efficiently than currently.

“For a total ACTION budget of $123 million, Canberra should have one of the best bus systems in Australia, if not the world. Instead, our system ranks as one of the worst by national benchmarking.

“The Canberra Liberals are committed to spending the ACTION budget more effectively so that we deliver a better service for all Canberrans,” Mr Coe concluded.

Note: The $101 million taxpayer subsidy does not include the additional money spent on fleet upgrades.

This page was last updated on 7 June 2012