Woden Bus Station was closed at around 5.30pm tonight as a result of a gas leak from Scania CNG Bus 338.

The bus was parked at Platform 9 and had been operating a northbound blue rapid service. Bus Station staff taped off the platform and roadway to the right of the bus off at around 5.15pm, with all northbound blue rapid services moved firstly to platform 8, then 12. An ACTION maintenance vehicle was seen arriving at around 5.20pm, with the bus station fully closed shortly after.

During the shutdown, all services arrived and departed  from the layover carpark between the bus station and the Hellenic Club.

As of 5.51pm, the ACT Emergency Services Agency has reported that the leak has been contained.

The ESA issued an update at 7.58pm to clarify that the gas leak was from the roof-mounted gas cylinders, and not in the interior of the bus. The bus station was reopened at approximately 9pm and the bus was towed to Tuggeranong Depot.


ACTION released a statement on the closure the following day:

Temporary closure of Woden Bus Station on 17 April

On the evening of Wednesday 17 April, ACTION applied safety measures at Woden Bus Station due to a suspected gas leak from a bus.

At approximately 5pm the driver of Bus 338 detected a gas odour on board. The driver immediately contacted the ACTION Communication Centre for assistance and instructed all riders to disembark the bus.

ACTION’s Acting Chief Operating Officer, Field Transport Officers and workshop mechanics were in attendance to manage the incident, assist riders and redirect all bus services to the bus layover adjacent to the Hellenic Club. Emergency services were contacted and arrived to assist with safely removing bus.

The Woden Bus Station reopened at approximately 9:15 pm and services returned to normal.

ACTION identified the cause of the gas leak to be a gas pressure safety valve fitted to one of the gas tanks on the roof of the bus. Bus 338 has been removed from service and is stationed at Tuggeranong Depot. ACTION is investigating the cause of the leak.

ACTION extends its thanks to emergency services, the Hellenic Club, staff and riders for their cooperation and assistance.

Safety is our priority. If you have any questions or comments about this incident please contact us.

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