The ACT Greens are calling for improved bus services in Weston Creek, in order to ease future increases in traffic in the area as a result of the Molonglo development.

Greens transport spokeswoman Amanda Bresnan envisages a public transport hub to be located near the new North Weston ponds near Cotter Road to sevice both current and future residents.

“The area really needs an improved public transport system,” Ms Bresnan said. “Once the surrounding [Molonglo] suburbs have people move in, it is going to get a lot busier. Weston Creek will be the place [..] Molonglo goes, and we need to be planning for the [..] influx of new residents”

Ms Bresnan said the park and ride was key for transport in the area, pointing to the success of the recently established Mawson facility.

Tom Anderson, Deputy Chairman of the Weston Creek Community Council said he was in favour of a park and ride facility in Weston Creek, provided it was not located at Cooleman Court, which is already experiencing parking shortages.

“We need to get in early with this, as we need to get the new residents used to using the bus service,” Mr Anderson said. “If the service isn’t there when they move in, they are going to get in the habit of driving to work and that will be hard to break.”

Ms Bresnan also noted that the current services for Cooleman Court were not evenly timed, with four morning peak services arriving within fifteen minutes, with the next service being almost an hour later.

A spokeswoman from the Department of Territory and Municipal Services said services for new Molonglo suburbs were being planned consistent with the Strategic Public Transport Network Plan.

“The draft Molonglo service plan proposes peak express services from Coombs and’ Wright to the Parliamentary Zone and City, and a local feeder route to Woden via Cooleman Court,” she said.

The spokeswoman said a park and ride/bike and ride facility was under consideration for construction in the new financial year, with a feasibility study due to be completed by the end of next month, and would be subject to budget considerations and community consultations.


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This page was last updated on 26 April 2021

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