Media Release: Mick Gentleman MLA, 2 November 2015

Minister for Roads and Parking, Mick Gentleman, today announced the start of community consultation on the new Gungahlin Bus Station.

“Creating effective interchange and layover facilities in the Gungahlin Town Centre is central to the successful operation of bus services and movement of traffic in the precinct,” Minister Gentleman said.

“Gungahlin Place between Ernest Cavanagh Street and Hibberson Street is the proposed site for the new bus station which is located near the future light rail terminus. This location was selected following a planning review of options for providing a central bus station that will cater for all buses servicing Gungahlin which enter the town centre via five main routes.

“The new bus station will provide vital transport infrastructure for the area that will complement the delivery of light rail between Gungahlin and the City. It will maintain an active precinct while maintaining the town centre’s open spaces on Gungahlin Place.

“The proposed bus station will feature a central tree-lined open space area with shelters to protect commuters from the elements. On the eastern side of the central median there will be a southbound bus pick up lane and a general traffic lane. This arrangement will be duplicated on the western side for traffic travelling to Gungahlin and to the light rail connection.

“The bus station has been designed to accommodate the expected number of buses operating during the peak period in 2031. This is approximately 80 buses in the 1 hour morning peak.

“The preferred bus route provides a consolidated bus service travelling through the Gungahlin Town Centre on Ernest Cavanagh Street, Gungahlin Place and The Valley Avenue.

“To provide comments on the plan for the Gungahlin Bus Station complete an online feedback form at or drop-in to the Gungahlin Library where hard copy feedback forms are available.

“Alternatively, come along to an information session at The Marketplace in Gungahlin on Saturday 21 November 2015 from 10 am to 12 pm or Saturday 28 November 2015 from 1 pm to 3 pm. The project team will be available to discuss the plans for the new bus station and answer questions,” Minister Gentleman concluded.

Consultation closes Monday 14 December 2015.

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