While its numbers have dwindled to just two buses, for a number of years ACTION retained a number of individual vehicles as part of a heritage fleet. 

Current heritage fleet members:

#050 1961 AEC Reliance, ComEng body
1949 AEC Regal Mk3

Previous members of the Heritage Fleet included:
#013 1960 AEC Reliance, ComEng body
#207 1972 Volvo B58-50, Freighter SA body
#240 1962 Thornycroft Trident, Syd Wood body
#112 1967 AEC Reliance, Athol Hodges body
#156 1970 AEC Swift, CVI body

1961 AEC Reliance (50)
The Department of the Interior purchased 120 AEC Reliance buses over twelve years, the largest fleet in Australia, the first of them arriving in April 1956. Bus ZIB 050 was registered on 15 June 1961 and withdrawn from service on 29 July 1976. On 20 January 1977, it was announced that the vehicle would remain a part of the fleet as a historic vehicle.

Technical Specifications
Chassis: AEC Reliance
Chassis Number: 2HML3RA 3643
Engine: AEC AH 470 six cylinder, 7.7litre horizontal, centre mounted diesel developing 126bhp at 2200rpm
Transmission: 5 speed syncromesh
Wheelbase: 16′ 2″
Overall Length: 30′ 8″
Width: 8′ 0″
Seating Capacity: 43
Build Date: 5 June 1961

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