In April 1975, Australia’s first articulated bus was ordered from the MAN company. Faced with increasing patronage among a rapidly growing population, the Department foresaw the need to move more people in the peak period as economically as possible. The introduction of articulated buses would not only reduce labour costs, but would provide greater comfort to passengers in offering more seats to more people.

Bus Number 450 entered service on 27 September 1976 on a trial basis between Woden and City. Seating 71 passengers and operated by one man, the bus was an immediate success. A further twenty-one MAN SG192 articulated buses were purchased over the next three years for use on linehaul services including express school routes. The articulated buses have proved to be very reliable units, cost no more to maintain than a standard bus and are popular with passengers and drivers alike. Canberra’s operational experience with articulated buses attracted widespread attention throughout Australia and New Zealand, and operators in Auckland, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Darwin have either ordered or are operating articulated buses made by MAN, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Leyland.

MAN SG192 Fleet Information

Fleet Numbers: 450, 510, 532 – 551, 671 – 673

Number in class: 25
Chassis: MAN SG192
Engine: MAN S2356 HMXU

Gearbox: As delivered –
Voith D506   (450, 510)
Voith 851   (532, 534-542)
Renk 874   (533, 543-551, 671-673)
Subsequent modifications –
Voith 851   (450, 510)

Wheelbase: 5,250 mm plus 6,020 mm

MAN, Penzberg (tractor), Goppel, Augsburg (trailer)   (450, 510, 532, 671)
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation   (533-551, 673)
Custom Coaches   (672)

Seating: As delivered –
AB69FR   (510)
AB71FR   (450, 532-551, 671)
AC63FR   (672)
AC71FR   (673)
Subsequent modifications –
AB70FR   (534-535)

Length: 17,050 mm

Bus 671 was new in 1976 as an MAN Demonstrator, sold to State Transport Authority (Adelaide) in 1978 (Fleet Number 1391). ACTION purchased the unit from STA in November 1985. Bus 672 was new in 1982 as an MAN Demonstrator, and was hired to Brisbane City Council and was given fleet number 999. Similarly, Bus 673 was new in 1979 as a MAN Demonstrator and was hired to Brisbane City Council and was given fleet number 997.

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