ACTION’s Network 14 will include over 100 more trips into the Parliamentary Triangle each work day, Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, said today.

“It’s certainly at the top of my agenda to improve public transport right across the city, and providing quality and convenient public transport in the Parliamentary  Triangle is a key aspect of this, ,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“The Parliamentary Triangle is currently one of the most serviced areas in Canberra with 492 bus trips through the area each day. But under Network 14, due for implementation in the middle of this year, we’ll be making significant improvements.

“Under Network 14, there will be 602 trips through the area each day, in addition to the 405 that will travel along Commonwealth Avenue, which is close by to several of the major institutions.

“This will see Parliamentary Triangle service frequency increase to between one to seven minutes (rather than one to twelve minutes in the current network) in the morning peak and increase to between one to ten minutes in the afternoon peak (rather than one to fifteen minutes in the current network).

“We’re currently working on an advertising campaign to roll-out in the lead up to the introduction of pay parking, which will emphasise the convenience and cost savings of catching a bus.

“Interestingly, recent research showed that by leaving their car at home and travelling by public transport to work five days a week, the average commuter working in Canberra CBD would save $3,516 annually. By not owning a car at all (or not purchasing a second car) and commuting with public transport the average saving is $7,348 annually. Similar figures will soon be applicable to workers in the Parliamentary Triangle as well.

“The new NXTBUS system, which promises to make bus travel much more convenient, is expected to be fully rolled out in time for the introduction of pay parking. The system will allow public servants in the Triangle to access the arrival time of their bus from their work station or while on the go.

“The ACT Government has also recently invested in improved bus infrastructure in the Triangle with upgrades to bus stops on Russell Drive, Kings Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue as well as the new Barton bus station.”

Mr Rattenbury said the ACT Government is working with the National Capital Authority (NCA) to ensure effective promotion of the many bus travel options to the area’s public servants.

“Staff from ACTION have already met twice this year with officials from the National Capital Authority to discuss how to best get information to public servants in the Parliamentary Triangle. I’m expecting to meet with the new head of the NCA – Mr Snow – soon to discuss a range of issues in person. Perhaps we could even take a bus ride together,” Mr Rattenbury said.

Media Release: Shane Rattenbury MLA, 19 February 2014

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