Media Release: Meegan Fitzharris MLA. (18 June 2018)

Consultation is now open on Canberra’s new public transport network that will deliver more frequent, faster services seven days a week.

“The new network open for consultation today will integrate our buses with the light rail network and take advantage of Transport Canberra’s ongoing investment in bus network design, fleet and infrastructure to ensure Canberra remains one of the most liveable cities in the world,” said Minister for Transport and City Services Meegan Fitzharris.

“Over the last few months we have been asking Canberrans what they want from public transport. People told us they wanted more frequent, faster, reliable services that operate seven day a week.

“The proposed network released today delivers a city-wide integrated public transport network that can move people around our city quickly and efficiently, providing a real alternative to the car. This network will prepare us for growth and ensure we remain one of the most liveable cities in the world.”

A total of ten Rapid routes will be spread across the city, offering commuters a quick and easy way to get around Canberra. This delivers one additional Rapid route – travelling from Denman Prospect, through Wright and Coombs and the Inner South to the City.¹ ²

The new Rapid 5 will connect the whole Tuggeranong Valley from Lanyon, Calwell, and Erindale to Woden and the City via Barton every ten minutes or better during peak times. And Rapid 4, which travels between Lanyon, Woden and the City, will run as frequently as light rail – every six minutes or better – during peak time.

Under the new network, over 55 per cent of Canberrans will live within walking distance of a Rapid bus or light rail stop.

There will be services at least every 15 minutes along Rapid transport corridors from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday ², continuing into the evening with less frequency. Sunday and public holiday service times will also be extended to 10pm.

Minister Fitzharris said the new network also seeks to improve school bus services, offering all schools across the ACT more frequent services on the main network, rather than dedicated school services that are inefficient and can take a long time to get to their destination.

“We want to make walking, or catching the bus to school the norm here in Canberra, so the new network seeks to make getting to school by bus easy and quick.

“The new network significantly increases trips past schools, and students will now be able to get to school via the regular network, and if not, dedicated bus services will operate.

“We also want to make sure children are safe getting the bus and in interchanges, so Transport Canberra will increase customer service staff at interchanges. I’d encourage parents to check the new network routes to work out how your kids will be able to get to school by bus in 2019.”

Minister Fitzharris said the remainder of the network has been designed to deliver shorter, straighter, more regular and reliable local services to connect people with local destinations as well as Rapid routes to travel between districts.

“Overall the new planned network provides greater service coverage and frequency, seven days a week.

“The new network is all about attracting more people onto public transport over time, ensuring traffic congestion does not increase as the city grows.”

Some of the other features of the new network include:

  • Ten Rapid routes in total, including light rail from the City to Gungahlin.
  • Easier to understand local service numbers that are the same every day of the week
  • Improved services for new suburbs in Molonglo and Gungahlin.
  • More and later weekend services delivering a genuine seven day network.
  • More schools to be serviced by the regular network.
  • Demand responsive services to provide flexible public transport connections to the Alexander Maconochie Centre, between Calvary Public Hospital and the new University of Canberra Public Hospital, and for the new suburb of Lawson.

Fares will not be impacted by the introduction of the new bus network, and MyWay will be fully integrated across Canberra’s public transport systems. Passengers will only need a single ticket to travel on the public transport network, including buses and light rail.

Consultation is now open on the new proposed network, and the ACT Government is keen to hear how we can support you to use the new network. Please visit the YourSay website to tell us how at


¹ Rapid Route R10 is proposed to stop at Albert Hall, but nowhere else in the Inner South
² Rapid Route R10 is proposed to initially operate every 30 minutes during the daytime and 20 minutes during peak.

This page was last updated on 18 June 2018