Media Release: Simon Corbell MLA

A new online journey planner which can be accessed from both mobiles and desktops and is designed to make it easier for Canberrans to use the ACTION Bus network, has now gone live, Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Simon Corbell, announced today.

“The Google Transit journey planner is the latest tool to help ACTION customers use the public transport system with greater ease,” Mr Corbell said.

“Google Transit allows passengers to plan customised point-to-point trips from desktop or mobile using the various ACTION bus services available to help them get there.

“It is an easy and stress-free way for people to work out how to get from point A to point B, including bus routes, timetables, bus stop locations and directions.”

The planner works by a person entering in the starting and destination point of their journey into the journey planner on the ACTION website or into ‘Get Directions’ on Google Maps which would then provide them with a list of bus services and scheduling times suited to the desired journey

A wide variety of smartphones can access the journey planner service by using the ‘Get Directions’ feature within the Maps application provided by Google.

“It has been important that the Government work closely with Google to ensure that the data used in the planner tool was reliable and accurate,” Mr Corbell said.

“The ACT Government recognises that making information about bus travel as accessible and easy to use as possible is an essential way to retain and attract passengers, thereby growing the bus network.”

“Google Transit is a free service provided at no cost to the public. The data that has been supplied to Google will now be made available to the general public allowing software developers to create their own applications for smartphones and websites.

“I have met on a number of occasions with the Imagine Team from the Australian National University and am sure they will welcome the news of access to accurate ACTION service data.

“I encourage all Canberrans who use ACTION buses to use this new tool by visiting the ACTION website.”


This page was last updated on 26 April 2021