Chief Minister and Minister for the Arts and Heritage, Jon Stanhope, today launched the fifth round of PoetryinACTION.

This initiative sees the work of local award-winning poets displayed in ACTION bus interiors and is aimed at enriching the travel experience of thousands of ACT bus commuters.

“Poetry in ACTION showcases unique reflections on the city of Canberra and the regions, and provides a platform for the exposure of poetry to the broader community,” Mr Stanhope said. Around 100 posters will be displayed in selected buses across Canberra, including high frequency bus routes and school bus services.

ACTION bus commuters will have the opportunity to enjoy works by local poets Paul Cliff, Charlotte Clutterbuck, P.S. Cottier, Suzanne Edgar, Susan Hampton, Robyn Lance and Isi Unikowski.

“Each of the poems selected for 2011 clearly demonstrates the skills of the authors, and offers vivid and distinct perspectives on our community,” MrStanhope said.

All of the featured poems will be available on the artsACT website, to ensure that readers can have the benefit of viewing all the works commissioned for Poetry in ACTION 2011.

Information on Poetry in ACTION and the ACT Poetry Prize is available on the artsACT website at

This page was last updated on 6 August 2022