At the Queanbeyan Court yesterday

Mr J W T Forrest, PM, imposed a fine of 2/6 on Mrs Helen Barton, motor omnibus proprietress, of Northbourne Avenue Canberra , on a charge of not having run her motor omnibus service in accordance with the terms of her licence.

The charge was laid under Section 39 of the Motor Traffic Ordinance.

The Crown contended that the fare of 1/- from Ainslie to Molonglo as provided for in the license was the minimum fare chargeable for distances traveled between the two points as well as the maximum.

It was alleged that passengers from Ainslie to the former Commission offices were charged only twopence.

The defence was that Mrs. Barton’s driver had instructions to charge the proper fare and that he was acting without authority in charging the fare alleged. Therefore no responsibility could be laid with the defendant.

The second defence was that the license prescribed only a maximum fare and that the defendant could charge as much less as she desired.

Mr Forrest, PM, after long legal argument between counsel decided to convict, imposing a fine of 2/6 with £2.2/- professional costs and 12/- court costs.

The. Crown, was represented by Hie Crown -Soiicito! (Air. K, C.’ Waiigh).’ -M-. i-‘eiix Mitchell appeared on behalf of the defendant.


The Canberra Times 4 October 1930

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