Scania has been selected to supply of a fleet of 77 Euro 6-compliant 12.5 metre route buses by the government of the Australian Capital Territory.

The order is the first for a fleet of Euro 6 compliant buses in the Australian bus market, with the operator, Australian Capital Territory Internal Omnibus Network (ACTION), the first to adopt the new benchmark technology.

“ACTION has decided it wants to take a lead in the introduction of Euro 6 emission technology to bus fleets in Australia,” says Trevor O’Brien, National Bus Manager – Government Contracts, for Scania Australia.

“Deliveries are scheduled to commence in the first half of 2014.”

ACTION has just completed a delivery programme for 33 new articulated Scania-based buses complementing 26 Scania 14.5m rigid and 54 Scania CNG buses in the fleet.

“ACTION is part of the ACT’s Territory and Municipal Services Directorate. It owns and operates the buses in its fleet, and its decision to lead with Euro 6 compliant vehicles reflects the Territory government’s desire to ensure the national capital is as clean and green as possible,” he says.

“The new Euro 6 buses will be delivered as Canberra begins its second century, having celebrated its 100th birthday in 2013.

“The Australian Federal Government is yet to announce a date for the introduction of Euro 6 emission standards, underlining the progressive action of the ACT operator,” he says.

The Scania K 320 4x2s will be fitted with Australian designed and built ‘Rigid Easy Access Bus’ bodies constructed by Custom, a bodybuilder very familiar with Scania chassis.

The vehicles will use the latest CB80 designation body, with seats for 48 and 18 standees.

“These vehicles will replace buses that have been plying the national capital’s roads since the 1980s, reflecting the 25-year operating life demanded by Australian public transport operators,” Mr O’Brien says.

“We have enjoyed a positive and fruitful working relationship with ACTION for several years, and recently they assisted us with a reliability trial for a new generation of CNG engines, as they operate their own fleet of 54 gas buses,” he says.

“ACTION is procuring 77 new buses, to be rolled out from May 2014 to mid 2017. They’ll be clean, fuel-efficient, and most noticeably, they produce minimal harmful pollutants. They’ll help keep Canberra’s air clean and reduce pollution,” says Shane Rattenbury, ACT Minister for Territory and Municipal Services.

“The Euro 6 diesel buses produce around 80 per cent fewer oxides of nitrogen and 90 per cent fewer diesel particulates than the previous Euro 5 engine models.

“The fleet upgrades are an important part of making public transport a more attractive option for getting around Canberra,” Mr Rattenbury says.

“ACTION will be the first city bus operator in Australia to use these improved, greener buses. It’s a small part of making Canberra a leader in both environmental and health outcomes,” he says.

“The fleet upgrades are an important part of making public transport a more attractive option for getting around Canberra,” he says.

Media Release: Scania Australia, 27 November 2013.

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