An ACTION Driver who was suspended in March after ordering 63 students off the 485 School Bus from Telopea Park School has returned to driving duties.

The driver reportedly asked the students to leave his bus after the students continually pressed the stop bell when they had no intention of leaving the bus.

After asking the students to leave his bus, the driver contacted the ACTION Communications Room to advise them of the situation. He then asked the students to return to the bus however only ten did so.

A further five students returned to the bus when the driver continued down the road a short distance. When it became apparent that no more students would return to the bus, the driver proceeded to operate the route.

The driver’s actions were investigated, a process that took over three months and was completed about a week ago.

Territory and Municipal Services would not reveal the details of disciplinary action that the driver faced, but said that he had returned to work about a month ago.

The driver will not return to driving the 485 route, and is instead driving across a variety of routes.

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This page was last updated on 5 August 2022

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