This article was originally published in 1989 as ‘Fifteen years of Tuggeranong Buses’

Tuggeranong’s first public transport ran on 24 June 1974. On that day the Canberra City Omnibus Service, as ACTION was known then, ran a bus from Woden Interchange to Kambah on Route 22. There were only six houses in Kambah occupied on 24 June but the population increased rapidly towards the end of 1974.

Two buses were required to provide the base timetable to Tuggeranong: a 1961 AEC Reliance, #48, and a brand new AEC Swift, No 233.


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The Swift, driven by Alan Bicker, was given the honour of being the first bus to Canberra’s third new town. Leaving Woden at 6.20am and returning from Kambah at 6.57am, Alan had one passenger, ACTIONs Ian Cooper. Other drivers to Kambah on 24 June 1974 were Charlie Theuma and John Hodgetts.

Kambah’s first terminus was at the intersection of Boddington Crescent and Carleton Street. Buses ran via Namatjira Drive, the only access to Tuggeranong in those days.

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