Media Release: Amanda Bresnan MLA

Last Summer’s “Nightrider” bus service carried a record breaking number of patrons, according to data obtained by the ACT Greens.

The data also reveals the ACT Government trebled the advertising budget for the service for the four weekends in 2011, compared to the money it spent advertising the Greens’ three-month Nightrider trial over the 2010-11 Summer.

“We were disappointed by the Government’s minimal advertising for our expanded 2010 Nightrider. The Government also charged double the fare in 2010. We said all along if it was promoted properly, people would use Nightrider. It’s great to see the record 2011 patronage results are proving this,” said Amanda Bresnan, ACT Greens’ Transport Spokesperson.

“The Greens are now focused on making Nightrider a permanent and longer running service, so that Canberrans can take safe and convenient public transport at night.

“When I questioned Chief Minister Katy Gallagher about expanding the service to run for a longer period – such as every weekend or for the entire summer – she revealed there is no guarantee Nightrider buses will run at all:

“The consideration at the moment focuses on finding the funding to run the service again at Christmas time. It does not have recurrent funding … additional resourcing for ACTION is obviously subject to budget consideration”. – Ms Gallagher, Question Time, 23 February 2012

“We believe there should be recurrent funding to at least make Nightrider a permanent December service. There is also considerable opportunity to expand the service, to provide more and safer transport options for Canberrans.

“Nightrider buses provide important transport options for people at night, which helps create a vibrant night life and reduces alcohol related accidents and violence. Feedback from young people shows they particularly value the late night service,” Ms Bresnan concluded.


This page was last updated on 26 March 2012