Efforts aro being made by the Federal Capital Commission to overcome the transport difficulty at Canberra. At present a motor bus service between Ainslie and Molonglo, to meet tho needs ot the commission’s own employees, ls conducted by the commission, but this ls not expected to cater tor those people who have occasion to travel to and from other parts of the city, or who cannot walt for ‘buses running only at Infrequent Intervals.

In order to obtain a more frequent and comprehensive service, the commission Invited tenders some time ago from private bus owners willing to establish and conduct an improved service. The Chief Commissioner (Sir John Bultors) stated that he did not anticipate that lt would ‘ be possible’ for. a private contractor to have the new service in operation by the time Parliament assembled at Canberra next month, but thal he thought lt would be possible to have the service In operation before the end of the year.

27 August 1927

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