Media Invitation (Department of the Arts, Sport, Environment and Territories), 26 November 1992

Buses 977, 978 & 979 were the trial Diesohol buses

A trial of a new fuel that is better for the environment will start in Canberra on Tuesday 1 December 1992.

The Minister for the Arts, Sport, the Environment and Territories, the Hon Ros Kelly, will launch the Diesohol … Future Fuel project, with the ACT Minister for Urban Services, Mr Terry Connolly.

Diesohol is a mix of ethanol and automotive diesel fuel. The ethanol in the diesohol trial is made from waste starch left over after the production of wheat protein (gluten).

A one-year evaluation of diesohol is being undertaken in ACTION Buses, Canberra’s public transport system. During the trial, fuel consumption will be monitored, oil sampled and emissions tested. At the end of the trial the engines will be thoroughly examined for abnormal wear.

Preliminary studies indicate that diesohol can cut down on carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, by about 15 per cent and reduce oxides of nitrogen and black smoke. Vehicles that use diesel can use diesohol without any modification to the engine. The trial could lead to this alternative fuel being commercially available.

The launch will be held at 9.15am, Tuesday 1 December 1992, at the Old Parliament House, Canberra. Morning tea will be served in Kings Hall after the launch.

Media are invited to ride to the launch in a Diesohol … Future Fuel bus. This bus is one of six ACTION buses taking part in the trial. The bus will leave from the Senate entrance, new Parliament House at 9.05am sharp on 1 December 1992. The bus will return to Parliament House after the event.

Media will receive an information package on diesohol onboard the bus.

Diesohol will be on display at the launch.

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