ZIB 671 was a Scania BR112H evaluation bus that operated for ACTION between March and August 1984.

The bus, which certainly stood out from the ordinary in a two-tone yellow livery, also featured the familiar blue and orange ACTION livery on the front of the vehicle.

It was fitted with a Scania D11.044 engine and a Scania GAV762 four-speed automatic transmission. J W Bolton (Perth) constructed the body which seated forty-four passengers.

Prior to its time in Canberra, it operated for STA Adelaide and for Brisbane City Council during the 1982 Commonwealth Games, where it carried fleet number 999 (which was often used for evaluation vehicles) and was registered 608-OLO.

After leaving Canberra, the bus operated for the Driving Education Centre of Australia in Shepparton Victoria, and later for Christian’s Bus Company of Bendigo, where it was registered CDK-474.


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