The Featured Bus for June 2014 is the Renault PR180.2 Mk2 class of buses

During June 1993, ACTION took delivery of seven Renault PR180.2 Mk2 articulated buses, with bodies built by Ansair (Tullamarine, Victoria).

Bus 989 at Majura Park 📷 ‘AOQ951’

Buses 983-989 differed from the earlier Mk1 articulated buses by having the orange over blue livery, Alcatel/STC Cannon flip-dot destination displays and Saydair Metro moulded seats – which enabled the vehicles to seat 69 passengers.

The delivery of these buses allowed the remaining 3 MAN SG192 articulated buses (671-673) to be withdrawn from service.

With the arrival of the Scania K360UA buses, these vehicles were withdrawn from service between September 2013 and April 2014.

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