Until the end of 2023, ACT Bus will be revealing the Top 15 buses of all time in the Canberra / ACTION Bus fleet (determined by number in the fleet).

At number 1, is the Renault PR100.2 with 258 vehicles.

First in service: Bus 675, April 1987
Latest in service: Bus 982, June 1993
Years in service: 37 (Still active)

In the mid 1980s, ACTION evaluated several buses to decide on its next bus order once the Mercedes-Benz O.305 order was completed in 1985. A Scania BR112H, a Leyland Lynx and a Renault PR100 were all considered alongside the O.305s and MAN SL200s already in the fleet. The Renault was chosen and an initial order of 45 vehicles was made – the bus would be built on the same Ansair body used by the O.305. The evaluation PR100 would also be retained by ACTION, but the first of the new PR100.2 buses – ZIB-675 – commenced operations at Kingston Depot in April 1987.

In 1990, the “Mark 2” version commenced delivery – while mechanically the same, these buses featured body variations including STC/Cannon flip-dot destination displays, a repositioned luggage rack and a modified livery.

Several of these buses featured painted liveries promoting local Canberra institutions – including Questacon, the War Memorial and the Botanic Gardens. Three buses were painted to promote “Taking ACTION to conserve our fossil fuels” – these buses would remain in that livery for their full life at ACTION, with Bus 963 still in service after over 30 years.

The first of these buses were withdrawn in 2000 – after only 13 years of service. However by the 2010s the need to grow the bus fleet resulted in these buses being retained beyond their expected 20 year life. A further decision to withdraw the newer Dennis Dart and Renault PR100.3 models by 2020 – before retiring the remaining PR100.2s – further extended their tenure at ACTION.

The Disability Discrimination Act (1992) required that public bus fleets be 100% disability-accessible by end of 2022. However supply problems prevented delivery of sufficient replacement buses; as at December 2023, 15 PR100.2 buses remain in service with an age range between 30 and 32 years.

DeliveredBody versionFleet numbersTotalWithdrawn
1987-90Mark 1675 – 699, 750 – 8691452000-15
1990-93Mark 2870 – 9821132014-23 [1]

[1] – 15 buses remain in service as at December 2023


Bus 675
📷 L J Pascoe
Bus 758
Bus 796
Bus 808
Bus 808
Bus 815
📷 Todd Milton
Bus 872
Bus 945
Bus 946
Bus 954
Bus 971
Bus 976
Bus 978
Bus 982
📷 Todd Milton
Bus 982

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