The Featured Bus for March/April 2015 is Bus 853 – a Renault PR100.2 (Mk1)

Bus 853 was a Renault/MACK PR100.2 (Mk1) bus with body by Ansair Tullamarine, which entered service at Kingston Depot in April 1990.

It was one of 21 buses to operate on the final day of operations at Kingston Depot on Sunday 5 July 1992, after which it was transferred to Tuggeranong Depot.

This bus is known to have featured five advertising liveries. The first three were painted, with the final two being vinyl wraps placed over the Kahlua livery:

  • Canberra Cannons
  • Canturf
  • Kahlua
  • Yellow Pages
  • Tuggeranong Hyperdome

Following the removal of the Hyperdome wrap in 2004, it was repainted into the Mk2 livery which features an orange band below the windows over a blue skirt.

Bus 853 was transferred to Belconnen Depot in November 2005 and as of March 2015 was the oldest bus in service.

In July 2015, it was withdrawn from service. Bus 853 was the last Mk1 bodied PR100.2 to be withdrawn.

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