Bus 808 was a Renault/MACK PR100.2 (Mk1) bus, with body by Ansair Tullamarine. It was delivered to ACTION in 1989.

Bus 808 at the Australian National Gallery

In its early years, Bus 808 was known for its distinctive livery advertising the Australian National Gallery’s Elvis exhibition. At the time the bus was affectionately known as “The Elvis Bus”.

808 was fitted with a trial flip-dot destination display, which would become standard equipment in the Mk2 PR100.2s (870 onwards) and PR180.2s.

Bus 808 on Madigan Street, Hackett

Following the removal of the special livery, the bus was repainted into the Mk2 Renault livery which features an orange band over a blue one. This, together with the digital destination display, often caused it to be mistaken for a Mk2 Renault, as the Mk1 Renaults mostly feature the reverse livery (blue over orange) and roller-blind destination equipment.

Bus 808 was withdrawn from service in February 2012.

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