The Featured Bus for November/December 2014 is Bus 870 – a Renault PR100.2 (Mk2)

Bus 870 was a Renault/MACK PR100.2 (Mk2) bus with body by Ansair, Tullamarine which operated for ACTION from 1990 until 2015.

Built in July 1990, it was the first “Mk2” body PR100.2. The Mk2 body featured several differences from the Mk1 body including Alcatel/STC Cannon flip-dot destination signs, orange over blue livery and relocated luggage rack (allowing for 43 seats). It was also the first bus with a driver’s AM/FM radio fitted as original equipment.

Bus 870 commenced service at Tuggeranong Depot in August 1990, but was based at Belconnen Depot at the time of its withdrawal in May 2015.

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