The Featured Bus for November/December 2015 is Bus 374 – an MAN A69 18.310

Bus 374 is an MAN A69 18.310 HOUCL-R-NL with a Custom Coaches “CB60 Evo II” body. It is powered by Compressed Natural Gas.

📷 Zac Mathes

Arriving at ACTION in 2008, it was the first of sixteen CNG-powered 18.310s to join the fleet. It entered service on 29 July 2008, having featured in a media launch earlier that day.

The MAN 18.310/CB60 Evo II features a number of improvements over the previous class (Scania L94/CB60), including a revised wheelchair area layout, extra stop buttons, improved seat padding, external LED lights, automatic dimming of interior lights, rear destination sign, a larger driver’s cabin, and redesigned passenger air conditioning and driver heating systems.

Bus 374 has been based at Tuggeranong Depot since delivery, and in 2014 carried an all-over-advertising wrap for the National Home Doctor Service.

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