Each year the ACT Government undertakes a routine verification process of student MyWay cards to ensure only eligible students receive discounted travel.

During the last update on 31 March 2013 a total of 8600 student MyWay cards were incorrectly reverted to standard cards.

“Unfortunately there has been an error in this recent verification process which caused an incorrect adult status being applied to cards,” Director, Public Transport, James Roncon said today.

“We are currently working with the supplier of the MyWay system to revert the impacted cards back to their correct student status. It is expected that this change will be completed over the weekend and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“Work is also taking place with the supplier to automatically apply refunds to the impacted cards as soon as possible. It is hoped this will happen early next week.”

If people have concerns they should contact the MyWay Administration Office during business hours on 6207 7711 or by email at myway@act.gov.au

Schools and educational institutions are being informed of the issue.

This page was last updated on 12 June 2023