ACTION tonight announced details of its 2012 Network, which will launch on Monday 28 May 2012. The changes follow the proposed network released in October last year, which were then put through a consultation phase. ACTION received 146 written submissions on the proposals, which were factored into the final product.

Whilst ACTION said it had considered all feedback received, not all of it could be included in the 2012 Network. It will however include that feedback in a more extensive review of the network currently underway for implementation sometime during 2013.

Timetables will be available two weeks before the network commences.

Read on for changes in your area.

Blue Rapid routes 318 and 319, which currently terminate at Belconnen, will be extended to the Kippax Centre. This will provide a fifteen minute frequency between the two centres. This is somewhat of a ‘back to the future’ move after Routes 316 and 317 which previously connected Kippax to Tuggeranong via the intertown route were axed in 2000.

Canberra Hospital
Route 4 will be extended to travel via The Canberra Hospital to Woden Bus Station. Routes 3, 4, 5 and 6 combined will provide a high frequency link between The Canberra Hospital and Woden Bus Station.

Central Canberra
The proposal to split Route 2 into two routes (1 and 2) has been abandoned following community feedback, with the existing route retained in order to enable cross-city travel. Route 2 will not be extended to the National Museum of Australia as initially planned.

Route 7 will extend to City West, the Australian National University and the National Museum of Australia. This change is not expected to affect travel times for commuters as it as at the end of the Route.

Route 3 will no longer travel to the National Museum of Australia in order to reduce travel time to the City for ANU commuters.

Routes 3 and 7 will combine to provide improved frequency through the ANU and City West.

Routes 4 and 5 will also be extended to service City West.

In order to provide a more direct service from the City to Fyshwick, Route 80 will no longer travel via The Causeway or Russell Offices. It will also be redirected to service Barrier and Isa Streets. Wiluna and Whyalla Street, and the Canberra Avenue Service Lane will no longer be serviced.

Route 200 will now travel along Wentworth and Canberra Avenues. A new Red Rapid stop will cater to Narrabundah Residents.

Xpresso Route 780 has been deleted.

New loop routes 55 and 955 will service Forde, Bonner and Jacka. Both routes will travel to Gungahlin Marketplace to provide a connection to the City and Belconnen. Route 55 will be timed to connect with Xpresso 757.

Casey will be serviced by Routes 51 and 951.

Route 951 will extend to the City via Gungahlin Marketplace and Flemington Road.

Route 952 will travel to Paul Coe Crescent via Moncrieff to Amaroo, Gungahlin, Harrison, Franklin and the City.

Route 956 will no longer travel to Belconnen and will operate between Gungahlin and City via Palmerston and Mitchell.

Route 958 will still operate between Belconnen and Gungahlin.

Crace will be serviced by Routes 58 and 958.

Route 58 will travel via Flemington Road and no longer service Franklin and Mitchell, however these suburbs will still be serviced by Route 57.

Additional Route 200 services will depart Gungahlin Marketplace during the morning peak, and new Red Rapid stops are on Flemington Road near Well Station Dr.

Majura Park
Extra Route 10 services will extend to Majura Park during the morning and afternoon peak periods.

Community Routes 73 and 74 will be redirected to travel via Catchpole Street. Sections of Redfern Street and Bowman Street will no longer be serviced by these routes but will be covered by Route 10.

Railway Station
The timetable for Route 80 will be adjusted to provide better connections with trains. Red Rapid Route 200 will no longer travel via the Railway Station but the new Red Rapid Stop on Wentworth Avenue is within walking distance of the Station.

Red Rapid
Additional Red Rapid services from Gungahlin Marketplace have been added to the morning peak, and extra Red Rapid stops at the following locations:

  • London Circuit (Legislative Assembly / Commonwealth Bank)
  • Flemington Road / Wells Station Road
  • Wentworth Avenue (near the Canberra Railway Station)
  • Canberra Avenue (corner of Nyrang Street and Canberra Avenue)
  • Constitution Avenue (ASIO Building).

The Causeway
With the removal of Route 80 from the Causeway, the ACT Government is working with residents to find a way to best cater to their needs as part of both a Community Transport Review and the wider review of the ACTION Network.

Platform Changes

  • Route 4 will depart from Platform 14 at Woden Bus Station
  • All southbound 300 Series routes will depart from Platform 3 at Cohen Bus Station (300/318/319 currently depart at Platform 2)
  • Northbound Routes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 will depart from Platform 5 at City Bus Station
  • Southbound Routes 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 will depart from Platform 7 at City Bus Station
  • Southbound Routes 737 and 770 (formerly 170)  will depart from Platform 10 at City Bus Station

The frequency of Route 300 services will be improved during the morning and afternoon peak periods, whilst Xpresso Route 170 has been renumbered to Route 770.

Weston Creek
Routes 25 and 26 have had their departure times amended to improve frequency for services between Woden and Weston Creek. Combined, the two services offer an improved thirty minute frequency. Route 28 will also depart earlier from Woden to accommodate Orana Steiner School, however it was not stated which particular services on this route were affected.

Detailed maps of the changed routes can be found at the ACTION Website.

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