Media Release: Transport Canberra and City Services, 11 December 2018

At the beginning of each year Transport Canberra revises its fares in line with inflation. Consistent with previous years, new public transport fares will take effect from Saturday 5 January 2019.

“Modest annual changes to our fares reflects the fact that salary, fleet, fuel and other costs of delivering our services increases with inflation over time,” Executive Director for Transport Canberra Operations, Judith Sturman said.

From 5 January 2019 MyWay fares for public transport in the ACT will increase by up to 2.5%. Cash fares will also increase by 2.5%, rounded to the nearest 10 cents. The concession single cash fare will increase by 4.2%, from $2.40 to $2.50. This is because this fare did not increase in 2018, due to rounding, so the increase reflects two years of inflation.

“We believe public transport fares represent great value for money. The ACT Government is making numerous investments and major improvements to Canberra’s public transport network, including the integrated public transport network, new buses, a new depot at Woden and new ticket vending machines.” Ms Sturman said.

Using public transport is inexpensive compared with paying to park in the city, the Parliamentary Triangle or town centres.

“With the introduction of Light Rail, MyWay and cash light rail fares are set at the same level as bus fares – customers will pay the same fare whether they are catching a bus or taking light rail,” Ms Sturman said.

“There is no additional costs for customers who change buses or use both a bus and light rail as part of the same journey, as transfers are free within 90 minutes.

“These arrangements deliver on the Government’s commitment to ensure that Canberrans can use one ticket and pay one fare to use public transport, regardless of whether they are using buses, light rail or both.

“I encourage Canberrans to consider using MyWay cards, as discounts apply to cardholders as well as monthly and daily fare caps.” Ms Sturman said.

Eligible senior and concession card holders will also continue to receive free travel during off peak periods. Travel is free on weekdays between 9 am and 4.30 pm, after 6 pm and all day Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. To be eligible for the free travel, passengers will be required to use their MyWay card and tap on and off public transport as usual.

For more information on the new fares visit call 13 17 10.

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The new fares will be as follows:

Paper tickets –
Bus or vending machine:Previous fareFare as at 5 Jan 2019
Adult Single$4.90$5.00
Adult Daily$9.40$9.60
Concession Single$2.40$2.50
Concession Daily$4.70$4.80
MyWay fares –
Adult (full fare)Previous fareFare as at 5 Jan 2019
Weekday cap$9.40 ¹$9.60 ¹
Weekend/public holiday cap$5.73 ¹$5.87 ¹
ConcessionPrevious fareFare as at 5 Jan 2019
Off-peakfree ¹free ¹ ²
Weekday cap$4.70 ¹$4.80 ¹
Weekend/public holiday capn/a ¹$2.17 ³
StudentPrevious fareFare as at 5 Jan 2019
School student – school days$1.19$1.22
School student – non school days$1.57$1.61
Weekday cap$4.70 ¹$4.80 ¹
Weekend/public holiday cap$2.12 ¹$2.17 ¹

¹ When users tap on and off correctly.
Free off-peak travel for seniors and concession card holders using MyWay cards will continue until further notice. Published fare is $0.89.
³ Cap applies only if free off-peak travel is withdrawn.

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