⚠️ This article refers to a bus route which operated between 2009 and 2019

The Initial Announcement

In April 2009, the ACT Government announced a new “Rapid Express” bus service which would operate every fifteen minutes in peak period, and every thirty minutes in the off peak.

Bus 398 operating Redex Route 727 in 2009

To be called “Redex“, the Government committed $1 million to the service, which would commence in October 2009 and run between 6:30am and 7:30pm on weekdays, during the school terms. The routes would be serviced by new buses which were funded in the 2008-09 ACT Budget.

Two routes were identified:

  • Redex 1: Gungahlin to Tuggeranong via Dickson, City, Russell, Barton, Woden and Erindale
  • Redex 2: Kippax to Tuggeranong via Belconnen, City, Russell, Barton, Woden and Erindale

At the time the Government were considering painting the new vehicles in a special REDEX livery. This idea did not come to fruition as ACTION were of the view that this would confine these buses to the REDEX routes, and suggested special REDEX bus stops be installed along the routes.

The Revised Plan

Skip forward to September 2009, where the ACT Government announces the revised plans for REDEX – with the following alterations from what was originally announced:

  • The service will begin on 16 November 2009
  • The service will now run during school holidays
  • The trial will run until 30 June 2010
  • The route will run from 7am – 7pm
  • Will only run on a single route

The finalised REDEX route is Gungahlin to Kingston Railway Station via Flemington Road, Northbourne Avenue, City, Russell and Barton.

Timetable Released

On 29 October 2009, the timetable for REDEX Route 727 was released by ACTION. It included a condition that “times are a guide only and subject to change throughout the duration of the Redex Trial.” The choice of route number 727 is a reference to the running times of the service – 7am to 7pm.

A slogan for the service, the somewhat familiar “Get on Board” was also revealed during October, with radio and on-bus advertising following soon after.

Upon release of the timetable, the ACT Opposition pointed out that REDEX offered those traveling from Gungahlin to City a time saving of only one minute compared to the existing routes servicing the area. The Gungahlin Community Council, however, said that it was a “step in the right direction.”

Launch Day Looms

As an incentive for commuters to trial the new service, ACTION announced that all off-peak travel during the first week of the trial would be free.

Internal Information Display in Bus 400 (2009)

The MAN A69 diesel buses which commenced delivery during September 2009 were to be used to operate the service, with buses from both depots. The new buses featured internal Hanover display screens and rear REDEX advertising. (Existing low floor buses also operated the route as necessary.)

In announcing on 12 November 2009 that the service would commence the following week, the ACT Government indicated that a review of the trial using community and driver feedback would help form the future of REDEX and any potential growth, with Fyshwick a potential addition to Route 727 and additional services for Tuggeranong and Belconnen.


In May 2010 Chief Minister Jon Stanhope declared the trial to be a success, stating that 61% of passengers were catching the bus more often as a result of the new service, whilst 77% of passengers preferred it over the normal services.

Permanent Adoption

On Monday 15 November 2010, the introduction of Network 2010 saw the REDEX service adopted into the network proper, with the new name “Red Rapid” and new route number 200. In addition, the route was extended beyond the Railway Station to also service the Fyshwick Markets and terminate at the Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) in Fyshwick. With the route changes, the service was no longer exclusively operated by low floor buses, with Renault buses also operating the route.

Route 200 continued operating until 2019, when the City to Gungahlin route was replaced by the Light Rail line, which commenced on 20 April. The City to Fyshwick sector was incorporated into the R2 route which commenced on 29 April 2019 as part of Network 2019.

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