Until the end of 2023, ACT Bus will be revealing the Top 15 buses of all time in the Canberra / ACTION Bus fleet (determined by the number in the fleet).

At number 13 is the Scania K360UA 6×2/2 articulated bus with 44 vehicles.

First in service: Bus 506, September 2012
Latest in service: Bus 681, December 2018
Years in service: 10+ (still active)

Introduced in 2012 to replace the Renault PR180.2s, the Scania K360UA became Canberra’s fourth different model of articulated bus and its most numerous.

The initial order was for 20 Euro V-compliant low floor articulated buses, but it was quickly extended to 33 vehicles to completely replace the Renaults. The last of this batch (538) was delivered in November 2013. These buses were Canberra’s first taste of the Custom CB80 body and were also the first wheelchair-accessible articulated bus.

In 2017, approval was granted to fit these vehicle with bicycle racks having previously been disallowed due to concerns over the length of the bus.

Also in 2017, the first Volgren bodied bus arrived in Canberra – Bus 621 was a Euro VI-compliant K360UA with the Volgren Optimus body and Transport Canberra blue livery. A further 10 of these vehicles were purchased in 2018 which brought the total of K360UAs in the fleet to 44.

There have been no withdrawals for this fleet class.


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