Since their introduction in 1975, the bunker shelter has become synonymous with Canberra. Designed by architect Clem Cummings in 1974 for the National Capital Development Commission, close to 500 were installed around Canberra.

There were five known versions (series) of bunker shelters. The changes between series are largely noticeable only to the trained observer, and were made in an effort to reduce the production cost.

SeriesYear/sNumber installed

At least 170 additional shelters were installed during the 1980s and into the 1990s.

List of Shelters

Note: italics denotes stop not currently in use, * denotes shelter not confirmed as at April 2021, 💡 denotes shelter fitted with internal light

SuburbStop NumberLocationArtworkFormer Location
Acton4628Liversidge StYes
Ainslie3229Campbell St
Ainslie3147Cowper St
Ainslie3148Cowper StYes
Ainslie3149Cowper StYes
Ainslie3150Cowper StYes
Ainslie3207Phillip AveYes
Ainslie3209Officer Cres
Ainslie3211Officer Cres
Ainslie3222 💡O’Connell St
Ainslie Shops
Ainslie3227Campbell St
Ainslie3231Chisholm St
Ainslie3997Majura AvePartial
Amaroo4710 💡Mirrabei Dr
Amaroo4874Mirrabei DrAmaroo – Mirrabei Dr – 4808
Aranda4519Bindel StYes
Aranda4521Bandjalong Cres
Aranda PS
Aranda4522Bandjalong Cres
Aranda Shops
Bruce – Leverrier St – 4546
Aranda4525Bandjalong CresYes
Aranda4646Bandjalong Cres
Aranda4647Bandjalong Cres
Banks1680 💡Forsythe St
Barton3399Menindee Dr
Belconnen4535Hennessy St
Bonner6327Roden Cutler Dr
Braddon2560Ipima St
Braddon3055Ainslie Ave
Braddon3140Torrens St
Braddon3234Gooreen St
Braddon3385Fawkner St
Bruce3439Vowels CresYes
Bruce3440Vowels CresYes
Bruce4008Haydon Dr
Bruce4188Haydon Dr
Bruce4804Haydon Dr
Bruce4819Haydon Dr
Bruce4910Haydon Dr
Bruce4978Mary Potter CctYes
Bruce5171Braybrooke StCampbell – Constitution Ave – 3008
Bruce5172Braybrooke StBruce – Haydon Dr – 4005
Calwell1021Downard St
Calwell1091Johnson Dr
Calwell1092Casey Cres
Calwell1094Casey CresKambah – Atkins St – 1316
Calwell1577Duggan St
Calwell1606Casey Cres
Calwell1668Duggan St
Campbell2261Fairbairn Ave
Campbell3082White Cres
Campbell3086White Cres
Campbell Shops
Campbell3090Blamey Cres
Chapman2158Perry Dr
Chapman2161Perry Dr
Chapman Shops
Chapman2165Perry Dr
Charnwood4206 💡Lhotsky St
Charnwood Shops
Charnwood4210Lhotsky StYes
Charnwood4212Lhotsky St
Charnwood4214Lhotsky St
Charnwood4216Lhotsky St
Chifley2056Macfarland Cres
Chifley2059Macfarland Cres
Chifley2062Eggleston Cres
Chifley2063Eggleston Cres
Chisholm1127Deamer Cres
Chisholm1128Deamer Cres
Chisholm1147Benham St
Chisholm Shops
Chisholm1148Benham St
Chisholm1499Beattie Cres
Chisholm1538Norriss St
Chisholm1540Norriss St
Chisholm1544Hambidge Cres
Chisholm1547Baskerville St
Chisholm1548Baskerville St
Chisholm1559Clift Cres
Conder1216Box Hill Ave
Conder1223Tom Roberts Ave
Conder2697Tharwa Dr
Cook4498Bindubi St
Cook4639Templeton Cres
Cook4641Templeton Cres
Cook Shops
Cook4643Lyttleton Cres
Cook4645Lyttleton Cres
Curtin2006Carruthers St
Curtin2011Dunstan St
Curtin2014Carruthers St
Curtin Shops
Curtin2015Carruthers St
Curtin2020McCulloch St
Curtin2027Carruthers St
Curtin2517Theodore St
Curtin2518Theodore St
Deakin2275Kent StHughes – Kent St – 2274
Deakin2276Kent St
Deakin2281Strickland Cr
Deakin2285Macgregor St
Deakin2286Macgregor St
Deakin2287Hopetoun Cct
Deakin Shops
Deakin3015Denison St
Deakin3018Denison StNarrabundah – Goyder St – 2339
Deakin3019Denison St
Deakin3020Denison StYes
Deakin3021Denison StNarrabundah – Goyder St – 2338
Deakin3022Denison St
Denman Prospect2831Felstead VistaBruce – Leverrier St – 4545
Dickson3369Cowper St
Dickson4586 💡Antill St
Dickson Shops
Dickson4590Antill St
Dickson4592Antill St
Downer3238Melba St
Downer3240Melba St
Downer3242Melba St
Downer3246Bradfield St
Downer4585Antill St
Downer4597Phillip Ave
Duffy2124Warragamba Ave
Duffy2134Burrinjuck Cres
Duffy2137Eucumbene Dr
Duffy2508Warragamba Ave
Duffy2509 💡Burrinjuck Cres
Duffy2566Warragamba AveParkes – King George Terrace – 2244
Dunlop5102Kerrigan St
Dunlop3438Archdall St
Dunlop3443Lance Hill Ave
Dunlop5026 💡Kerrigan St
Dunlop5098Lance Hill Ave
Dunlop6046Kerrigan St
Evatt4071Copland Dr
Evatt4073 💡Copland Dr
Evatt4077Copland Dr
Evatt4109Clancy St
Evatt4112Clancy St
Evatt4114Heydon Cres
Evatt4115Heydon Cres
Evatt4171Moynihan St
Evatt4568Ashkanasy St
Evatt4670Owen Dixon Dr
Fadden1150 💡Coyne St
Fadden1167Bugden Ave
Farrer2472Lambrigg St
Farrer2475Marshall St
Farrer2478Marshall St
Farrer2654Beasley St
Farrer2653Athllon Dr
Fisher2168 💡Kalgoorlie Cres
Fisher Shops
Fisher2172Kalgoorlie Cres
Florey4065 💡John Cleland Cres
Florey4067John Cleland Cres
Florey4069John Cleland Cres
Florey4190 💡Southern Cross Dr
Florey4194Kingsford Smith Dr
Florey4419Krefft St
Florey4423Krefft St
Florey4425Krefft St
Florey PS
Florey4427Ratcliffe Cres
Florey Shops
Florey4429Ratcliffe Cres
Florey5028Southern Cross DrKaleen – Maribyrnong Av – 4039
Flynn4152Tillyard Drive
Flynn4154Tillyard Drive
Flynn4157Spalding St
Flynn4200Companion Cres
Flynn4202Companion Cres
Flynn4204Companion Cres
Flynn4489Tillyard Drive
Forde6318Handbury Way
Forde6319Handbury Way
Fraser4229Kerrigan St
Fraser4234Daley Cres
Fraser4487Tillyard Drive
Fraser4884Bingley Cres
Fyshwick2389Gladstone St
Fyshwick2391Gladstone St
Fyshwick2403Wollongong St
Fyshwick3323Albany St
Garran2531Gilmore Cr
Garran2536Gilmore Cr
Garran2537Gilmore Cr
Gilmore1140Heagney Cr
Giralang4040Chuculba Cr
Giralang4048Chuculba Cr
Giralang4052Chuculba Cr
Giralang4057Canopus Cr
Giralang PS
Giralang4059Canopus Cr
Giralang5017Chuculba Cr
Gordon1200Knoke Ave
Gordon2697Tharwa Dr
Gordon2699Tharwa Dr
Gowrie1505Castleton Cres
Gowrie1511Castleton Cres
Gowrie1529Bugden Ave
Gowrie1531Bugden Ave
Griffith2331Eyre St
Griffith2365Stuart St
Griffith Shops
Griffith2366Stuart St
Griffith3303La Perouse St
Hackett2561Phillip Ave
Hackett3172Antill St
Hackett3199Madigan St
Hackett3200 💡Madigan St
Hackett Shops
Hackett3201Madigan St
Hackett3203Madigan St
Hawker4288Murranji St
Hawker4291Murranji St
Hawker4292Murranji St
Hawker4447Hawker Pl
Hawker4450Beetaloo St
Hawker4456Erldunda St
Higgins4342Fullagar Cres
Higgins Shops
Higgins4343Castieau St
Higgins4341Fullagar CresYes
Holder2119Dixon Dr
Holder2120Dixon Dr
Holder2208Blackwood Tce
Holder Shops
Holder2209Blackwood Tce
Holder2394Mulley St
Holder2408Blackwood Tce
Holt2563Starke St
Holt4315Beaurepaire Cr
Holt4316Beaurepaire Cr
Holt Shops
Holt4362Starke St
Holt4364Starke St
Holt4950Spofforth St
Holt4953Beaurepaire Cr
Holt4955Beaurepaire Cr
Holt4956Starke St
Hughes2268Kitchener St
Hughes2271Kitchener St
Hughes2272Kent St
Hughes2540 💡Wisdom St
Hughes Shops
Hughes2638Groom St
Isaacs2454Julia Flynn Ave
Isaacs2467Julia Flynn Ave
Isabella Plains1001Drumston St
Isabella Plains1002Drumston St
Isabella Plains1007 💡Ellerston Ave
Isabella Plains1008Ellerston Ave
Isabella Plains Shops
Isabella Plains1009Ellerston AveWanniassa – Sternberg Cres – 1333
Isabella Plains1011Ellerston Ave
Isabella Plains1013Ellerston Ave
Isabella Plains1015Ellerston Ave
Kaleen4010Baldwin Dr
Kaleen4011Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4012 💡Baldwin Dr
Kaleen4013Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4014Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4016Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4017Maribyrnong Ave
Gwydir Square Shops
Kaleen4018Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4019Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4021Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4023Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4025Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4027Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4029Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4033Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4035Maribyrnong Ave
Kaleen4820Ellenborough St
Kaleen5004Baldwin Dr
Kaleen5007Baldwin Dr
Kaleen High School
Kaleen5011Baldwin Dr
Kambah1273Kambah Pool Rd
Kambah1274 💡Barritt St
Kambah1275 💡Barritt St
Kambah1276Barritt St
Kambah1277Barritt St
Kambah1279Boddington Cr
Kambah1284 💡Boddington Cr
Kambah1288Boddington Cr
Kambah1290O’Halloran Cct
Kambah1292O’Halloran Cct
Kambah1294O’Halloran Cct
Kambah1288Boddington Cr
Kambah1296O’Halloran Cct
Kambah1299O’Halloran Cct
Jenke Cct Shops
Kambah1300O’Halloran Cct
Namadgi School
Kambah1302Summerland Cct
Kambah1299O’Halloran Cct
Kambah1343Marconi Cr
Kambah1303Summerland Cct
Kambah1344Marconi Cr
Kambah Village Shops
Kambah1346Marconi Cr
Kambah1348Marconi Cr
Kambah1349Marconi Cr
Kambah1351Marconi Cr
Kambah1356Summerland Cct
Kambah1417Tuggeranong Pkwy
Kambah1792Summerland Cct
Kingston2235 💡Wentworth Ave
Kingston2239Cunningham St
Latham4193Kingsford Smith Dr
Latham4389Florey Dr
Latham4393Florey Dr
Latham4401Dalley Cres
Latham4404Dalley Cres
Latham4408 *Macrossan Cres
Latham4411 💡Onslow St
Latham Shops
Latham4413Onslow St
Latham PS
Latham4415O’Loghlen St
Latham4491Florey Dr
Lawson4009Baldwin Dr
Lawson5005Baldwin DrYes
Lyneham3119Mackennal St
Lyneham3127Archibald St
Lyneham3128 💡Cossington Smith Cr
Lyneham3129Cossington Smith Cr
Lyneham4550 💡Mouat St
Lyons2066Launceston St
Lyons2069Launceston St
Lyons Shops
Lyons2500Devonport St
Macgregor4327Southern Cross Dr
Macgregor4372Osburn Dr
Macgregor4374Osburn Dr
Macgregor Shops
Macquarie4494Bindubi St
Macquarie4503 💡Bennelong Cr
Macquarie4505Bennelong Cr
Macquarie4509Bennelong Cr
Macquarie4511Redfern St
Macquarie4513Redfern St
Macquarie4637Redfern St
Mawson2039Beasley St
Mawson2041Wilkins St
Mawson2042Heard St
Mawson2043Heard St
Mawson2295Ainsworth St
Mawson2297Ainsworth St
Mawson2480Ainsworth St
Mawson2609Athllon Dr
after Mawson Dr
McKellar4121William Webb Dr
McKellar4131Dumas St
Melba4255Kingsford Smith Dr
Melba4257Kingsford Smith Dr
Melba4259Verbrugghen St
Melba4265Verbrugghen St
Melba4266Verbrugghen St
Melba4839Kingsford Smith Dr
Mitchell4755 💡Sandford St
Mitchell4918Hoskins St
Mitchell4919Hoskins StFyshwick – Nyrang St – 2384
Mitchell4920 💡Hoskins St
Mitchell4934Hoskins St
Monash1442Cockcroft Ave
Monash1443Cockcroft Ave
Monash1444Cockcroft Ave
Monash1445Charleston St
Monash1446Charleston St
Monash1448Charleston St
Monash1461Harricks Cres
Moncrieff6112Crackajack Way
Narrabundah2333 💡Dalrymple St
Narrabundah2334Goyder St
Narrabundah2335Goyder St
Narrabundah2338Goyder St
Narrabundah2339Goyder St
Narrabundah2348Kootara CrYes
Narrabundah2350Kootara Cr
Narrabundah Shops
Narrabundah2583Tallara Pkwy
Narrabundah3044Matina St
Narrabundah3290Caley Cres
Narrabundah3292Caley Cres
Narrabundah3307Caley Cres
Narrabundah3309Caley Cres
Ngunnawal4700Unaipon St
Ngunnawal5170 💡Gungahlin DrRivett – Hindmarsh Dr – 2146
Nicholls5169Gungahlin DrYesGiralang – Baldwin Dr – 5016
O’Connor3190Brigalow St
O’Connor3109Miller St
O’Connor3107Miller St
O’Connor3115Miller St
O’Connor3311Miller St
O’Connor3186Hovea St
O’Connor4607Macpherson St
O’Connor4608Macpherson St
O’Connor4609 💡Macpherson St
O’Connor Shops
O’Connor4610 💡Macpherson St
Page4467Chewings St
Page4469Chewings St
Page4471Petterd St
Page4475Petterd St
Page Shops
Page4477Ogilby Cr
Page4892Belconnen Way
Page5021Belconnen Way
Parkes2243King George Tce
Pearce2078Hodgson Cr
Pearce2082Hodgson Cr
Pearce2398 💡Macfarland Cr
Phillip(2091)Launceston St
Phillip2603Hindmarsh Dr
Red Hill3272Golden Gr
Red Hill3278Golden Gr
Red Hill3280La Perouse St
Red Hill3282La Perouse St
Red Hill Shops
Red Hill3287La Perouse St
Red Hill PS
Reid3056Ainslie Ave
Reid4662Limestone Ave
Richardson1093Johnson Dr
Richardson1487Clift Cres
Richardson1489Clift Cres
Richardson1491Clift Cres
Richardson1439Clift Cres
Richardson1556Clift Cres
Rivett2148Darwinia Tce
Rivett2150Darwinia Tce
Rivett2152Darwinia Tce
Rivett2154Darwinia Tce
Rivett2429Bangalay Cres
Rivett2431Bangalay Cres
Rivett2433Carbeen St
Rivett2438Carbeen St
Scullin4349Wirraway Cres
Scullin4352Ross Smith Cres
Scullin Shops
Scullin4465McGinness St
Scullin5022Kingsford Smith Dr
Spence4090Kingsford Smith Dr
Spence4092Kingsford Smith Dr
Spence Shops
Spence4096Clarey Cr
Spence4247Kingsford Smith Dr
Stirling1252Fremantle Dr
Stirling2425Fremantle Dr
Stirling1259Namatjira Dr
Stirling2423Fremantle Dr
Stirling2490Streeton Dr
Stirling2522Streeton Dr
Symonston4962Narrabundah Ln
Symonston4965Jerrabomberra Av
Theodore1811Chippindall Cct
former Theodore Terminus
Throbsy6201Bettong AvO’Connor – Fairfax St – 4571/4572
Throsby6202Bettong AvO’Connor – Fairfax St – 4571/4572
Torrens2047Beasley St
Torrens2075Beasley St
Turner3103Boldrewood St
Wanniassa1170Sternberg Cr
Wanniassa1323Fincham Cr
Wanniassa1326Fincham Cr
Wanniassa1328Forlonge St
Wanniassa1369Langdon Ave
Wanniassa1377Sainsbury St
Wanniassa1464Mackinnon St
Wanniassa1467Wheeler Cres
Wanniassa1470Wheeler Cres
Wanniassa1481Gaunson Cres
Wanniassa1521Longmore Cres
Waramanga2183Badimara St
Waramanga2292Yambina Cres
Waramanga2415Nemarang St
Waramanga2417Nemarang St
Waramanga2419Yambina Cres
Watson3166 💡Windeyer St
Watson3168Knox St
Watson3170Knox St
Watson3176Antill St
Watson3195Antill St
Watson3250Knox St
Watson3345Aspinall StBruce – Leverrier St – 4544
Watson3391Knox St
Watson3428Aspinall St
Watson3475Aspinall StBruce – Leverrier St – 4543
Watson3476Aspinall StYes
Watson4596Phillip Ave
Watson4602Phillip Ave
Weetangera4438Shumack St
Weetangera4442Shumack St
Weetangera4444Gillespie St
Weston2114Heyson St
Weston2185McInnes St
Weston2187McInnes St
Weston2193McInnes St
Weston2200Namatjira Dr
Weston2202Namatjira Dr
Wright2847Opperman Av
Wright2848Opperman Av
Yarralumla2227Hopetoun Cct
Yarralumla2229Schlich St
Yarralumla2230Schlich St
Yarralumla2308Novar St
Yarralumla Shops
Yarralumla2450 💡Novar St
Yarralumla2452Schlich St

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