As of 1 September 2014, there are 3,211 active bus stops serviced by the ACTION Network. The following table details all current bus stops. Stops for school services only include the ‘SSO’ acronym in their name.

Not included in this list are a number of stops around Canberra that were not included in the territory-wide bus stop upgrade in 2013.

Using the stop ID, you can obtain timetable or real-time information via a number of methods:

  • Visiting the ACTION website
  • Visiting the NXTBUS website
  • Texting the stop number to 0432 131 710, or calling 13 17 10 and quoting the stop number.

The following table details:
Stop ID – The unique number assigned to this stop.
Stop Name – The name of the stop, usually named for the nearest intersection or landmark. Note that the names in the below table are the Google Transit stop names, and may not match the stop names used by the NXTBUS system.
Latitude – Actual position of the stop (latitude)
Longitude – Actual position of the stop (longitude)
Street Name – The street the stop is located on

1O’Halloran Cct Urambi PS SSO-35.3947149.064697OHALLORAN CCT
2Egglestone after Maclaurin-35.3531149.080521EGGLESTON CR
3City Bus Station-35.2785149.130447ALINGA ST
9Pearce Av Fairbairn Pk-35.3022149.20224PEARCE AV
13O’Halloran Cct Namadgi School Kambah-35.3926149.068207OHALLORAN CCT
31Arboretum Car Park-35.2875149.068329ARBORETUM CAR PARK
32Arboretum Stop 3-35.2919149.063995FOREST DR
33Longstay Caravan Park in Grounds SSO-35.3472149.152832NARRABUNDAH LONGSTAY PARK DRIVEWAY
40Clancy St after Kinkead St SSO-35.212149.074173CLANCY ST
44Dalley Cr after Gurner St-35.2194149.026962DALLEY CR
48Burkitt St opp Ridgecrest Village-35.2368149.054749BURKITT ST
49Copland Dr & Ashkanasy Cr SSO-35.2075149.066635COPLAND DR
50Ratcliffe Cr after Krefft St-35.2271149.051422RATCLIFFE CR
52Westfield Bus Stn-35.2388149.063797WESTFIELD BUS STATION
100Drumston St opp MacKillop CLG-35.4261149.091614DRUMSTON ST
200Fremantle Dr after McKail Cr-35.347149.047943FREMANTLE DR
201Donaldson St after Ainslie Primary School-35.2736149.140823DONALDSON ST
262Townsville St after Gladstone St-35.331149.183594TOWNSVILLE ST
263Canberra Av after Ipswich St-35.3304149.161118CANBERRA AV
300MacFarlane Burnet Av before DeGruchy Pl-35.216149.002853MACFARLANE BURNET AV
330La Perouse St 2nd after Bremer St-35.3315149.133926LA PEROUSE ST
401MacFarlane Burnet Av after Eccles Cct-35.2128149.004196MACFARLANE BURNET AV
402MacFarlane Burnet Av before Eccles Cct-35.2127149.004013MACFARLANE BURNET AV
403MacFarlane Burnet Av after Hallows Cct-35.2161149.003357MACFARLANE BURNET AV
404MacFarlane Burnet Av after Constance Stone St-35.2093149.00322MACFARLANE BURNET AV
405MacFarlane Burnet Av before Constance Stone St-35.2093149.002975MACFARLANE BURNET AV
406O’Hanlon Pl after Gold Creek Rd-35.1921149.085968OHANLON PL
600O’Hanlon Pl before Gold Creek Rd-35.1921149.086075OHANLON PL
601Tuggeranong Bus Station Platform 9-35.4151149.065643PITMAN ST
914Fairbairn Pk Service Rd-35.3053149.203583FAIRBAIRN AV SERVICE RD
915Fairbairn Av Fairbairn Pk-35.3036149.206497GLENORA DR
916Laverton Av after Glenbrook Ln-35.3017149.204102LAVERTON AV
918Cohen St Bus Stn Plt 6-35.2399149.060394COHEN ST
940Cohen St Bus Stn Plt 1-35.2395149.060181WESTERN TERMINUS
941Cohen St Bus Stn Plt 2-35.2396149.060059WESTERN TERMINUS
942Aikman Dr Belconnen East Layover-35.2408149.075104AIKMAN DR
950Cohen St Bus Stn Arrivals-35.2397149.060013WESTERN TERMINUS
956Cohen St Bus Stn-35.2399149.060211COHEN ST
959Himalayan Cedar Lookout-35.2865149.075272HIMALAYAN CEDAR RD
1001Drumston St MacKillop after Isabella Dr-35.426149.091705DRUMSTON ST
1002Hambidge Cr after Truganini Pl-35.419149.120026HAMBIDGE CR
1003Noorooma St opp Isabella Plains PS SSO-35.4289149.088165NOOROOMA ST
1005Ellerston Av opp Isabella Plains Shops-35.4279149.091034ELLERSTON AV
1007Ellerston Av Isabella Plains Shops-35.4275149.091415ELLERSTON AV
1008Ellerston Av after Drumston St-35.4257149.09549ELLERSTON AV
1009Ellerston Av 2nd after Collyburl Cr-35.4258149.095459ELLERSTON AV
1010Ellerston Av 2nd after Drumston St-35.4264149.098007ELLERSTON AV
1011Ellerston Av after Collyburl Cr-35.4266149.098114ELLERSTON AV
1012Ellerston Av after Abercorn Cr-35.4285149.100616ELLERSTON AV
1013Ellerston Av after Groveland Cr-35.4284149.100357ELLERSTON AV
1014Ellerston Av after 2nd Abercorn Cr-35.4288149.10289ELLERSTON AV
1015Ellerston Av after Ashley Dr-35.4289149.102844ELLERSTON AV
1016Webber Cr Calwell Shops-35.4351149.113739WEBBER CR
1017Boddington Cr after Bacchus Cct SSO-35.3794149.054886BODDINGTON CR
1018Casey Cr after Roope Cl-35.4367149.111282CASEY CR
1019Casey Cr after Downard St-35.4369149.11084CASEY CR
1020Downard St Calwell PS-35.4384149.107529DOWNARD ST
1021Downard St opp Calwell PS SSO-35.4383149.107574DOWNARD ST
1022Downard St after Denovan Cct-35.4397149.103622DOWNARD ST
1023Downard St after 2nd Parfitt Cr-35.4398149.103302DOWNARD ST
1024Downard St after Must Cct-35.4395149.101563DOWNARD ST
1025Downard St before Duggan St-35.4395149.101151DOWNARD ST
1026Duggan St after Downard St-35.4399149.098618DUGGAN ST
1027Duggan St after Beckett St-35.4398149.09848DUGGAN ST
1028Duggan St after Tharwa Dr-35.4416149.100906DUGGAN ST
1029Duggan St after Andrew Cr-35.4416149.10112DUGGAN ST
1030Tharwa Dr after Fidge St overpass-35.4448149.105713THARWA DR
1031Tharwa Dr after Fidge St overpass-35.4445149.103989THARWA DR
1032Lawrence Wackett Cr opp Theodore Primary School-35.4473149.124619LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1033Lawrence Wackett Cr Theodore PS-35.4473149.124481LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1034Lawrence Wackett Cr after Burdett Cr-35.4499149.122559LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1035Lawrence Wackett Cr after Latchford St-35.45149.122498LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1036Chippindall Cct after Louis Loder St-35.4508149.120102CHIPPINDALL CCT
1037Chippindall Cct after Latchford St-35.4507149.1203CHIPPINDALL CCT
1038Chippindall Cct Theodore Terminus-35.4531149.118744CHIPPINDALL CCT
1039Chippindall Cct after Dyett Cct-35.454149.115601CHIPPINDALL CCT
1040Chippindall Cct 2nd after Dyett Cct-35.4562149.116516CHIPPINDALL CCT
1041Chippindall Cct 3rd after Dyett Cct-35.455149.118576CHIPPINDALL CCT
1042Hurtle Av after Noarlunga Cr-35.4348149.086151HURTLE AV
1044Hurtle Av 2nd after Bardolph St-35.4347149.085968HURTLE AV
1045Barr Smith Av after Salas St-35.4267149.074173BARR SMITH AV
1046Barr Smith Av after Don Dunstan Dr-35.4269149.074188BARR SMITH AV
1047Coombe St after Barr Smith Av-35.4285149.075302COOMBE ST
1048Coombe St after Kneebone St-35.4285149.075333COOMBE ST
1049Kingscote Cr after Marquet Rt-35.4308149.077621KINGSCOTE CR
1050Kingscote Cr after Kneebone St-35.4308149.077652KINGSCOTE CR
1051Barr Smith Av after Kingscote Cr-35.4311149.080002BARR SMITH AV
1052Barr Smith Av after Hurtle St-35.4313149.080063BARR SMITH AV
1053Hurtle Av after Bardolph St-35.4344149.083588HURTLE AV
1054Hurtle Av after Ebenezer St-35.4339149.082886HURTLE AV
1055Hurtle Av opp Bonython Primary School-35.4321149.082306HURTLE AV
1056Hurtle Av Bonython Primary School-35.4314149.082291HURTLE AV
1057Soward Way Homeworld-35.4187149.067886SOWARD WAY
1059Boddington Cr after Drakeford Dr SSO-35.3795149.055115BODDINGTON CR
1060Soward Way after Anketell St-35.4173149.070694SOWARD WAY
1061Soward Way after Drakeford Dr-35.4174149.07074SOWARD WAY
1062Scollay St Tuggeranong Bus Depot-35.4227149.069733SCOLLAY ST
1063Scollay St after Reed St-35.4218149.069229SCOLLAY ST
1064Anketell St Bunnings Tuggeranong-35.4227149.072906ANKETELL ST
1065Anketell St opp Actew AGL-35.4225149.072922ANKETELL ST
1066Anketell St opp Tuggeranong Square-35.4198149.070847ANKETELL ST
1067Anketell St after Bunnings Warehouse-35.42149.070831ANKETELL ST
1068Ellerston Av 2nd after Keverstone Cct-35.4304149.088165ELLERSTON AV
1069Ellerston Av 2nd after Isabella Plains Shops-35.4301149.088257ELLERSTON AV
1070Ellerston Av after Keverstone Cct-35.4316149.088806ELLERSTON AV
1071Ellerston Av before Kadina St-35.4316149.088898ELLERSTON AV
1072Ellerston Av after Jasper Cl-35.4319149.092377ELLERSTON AV
1073Ellerston Av after Kadina St-35.4317149.092056ELLERSTON AV
1074Ellerston Av after Johnston Dr-35.434149.094666ELLERSTON AV
1075Ellerston Av after 2nd Galloway St-35.4338149.09465ELLERSTON AV
1076Outtrim Av 2nd after Gurr St-35.4358149.098663OUTTRIM AV
1077Outtrim Av after Johnson Dr-35.4357149.098404OUTTRIM AV
1078Outtrim Av after Carter Cr-35.4359149.10202OUTTRIM AV
1079Outtrim Av after Gurr St-35.436149.101944OUTTRIM AV
1080Outtrim Av after 2nd Carter Cr-35.4361149.104675OUTTRIM AV
1081Outtrim Av 2nd after Mountain Cct-35.4361149.104828OUTTRIM AV
1082Outtrim Av after Costello Cct-35.4356149.109482OUTTRIM AV
1083Outtrim Av after Mountain Cct-35.4357149.109482OUTTRIM AV
1084Casey Cr after Dougharty Pl-35.4387149.110352CASEY CR
1085Casey Cr after Carpenter Cl-35.4386149.110413CASEY CR
1086Barraclough Cr after Cowdery Pl-35.4172149.100647BARRACLOUGH CR
1087Barraclough Cr after Ashley Dr-35.4172149.100372BARRACLOUGH CR
1088Casey Cr after O’Connor Cct-35.44149.113144CASEY CR
1089Casey Cr after Loader Cr-35.44149.113235CASEY CR
1090Johnson Dr Calwell Park and Ride-35.4335149.111282JOHNSON DR
1091Casey Cr 3rd after Were St-35.4411149.115921CASEY CR
1092Johnson Dr Opp Calwell Park and Ride-35.4332149.112595JOHNSON DR
1093Casey Cr after Were St-35.4411149.118881CASEY CR
1094Were St Netball Courts-35.4404149.120712WERE ST
1095Were St after Tharwa Dr-35.4405149.120682WERE ST
1096Scantlebury Cr after Porteous Cr-35.4418149.123474SCANTLEBURY CR
1097Scantlebury Cr after Tewksbury Cct-35.4419149.123367SCANTLEBURY CR
1098Scantlebury Cr after Lienhop St-35.443149.126251SCANTLEBURY CR
1099Scantlebury Cr 2nd after Kelso St-35.443149.126144SCANTLEBURY CR
1100Scantlebury Cr after Kelso St-35.4449149.126556SCANTLEBURY CR
1101Scantlebury Cr after Freda Gibson Cct-35.4454149.125702SCANTLEBURY CR
1102Lawrence Wackett Cr opp Theodore Shops SSO-35.4489149.12085LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1103Lawrence Wackett Cr Theodore Shops SSO-35.4488149.120956LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1104Lawrence Wackett Cr after 2nd Ern Florence Cr SSO-35.4468149.119888LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1105Lawrence Wackett Cr 2nd after Chippindall Cct-35.4467149.11972LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1106Lawrence Wackett Cr after Ern Florence Cr SSO-35.4455149.117996LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1107Lawrence Wackett Cr 3rd after Chippindall Cct SSO-35.4458149.118439LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1108Louis Loder St after Lawrence Wackett Cr-35.4456149.116776LOUIS LODER ST
1109Louis Loder St after Hartung Cr-35.4456149.116669LOUIS LODER ST
1110Louis Loder St after 2nd Mehaffey Cr-35.4465149.114517LOUIS LODER ST
1111Louis Loder St after Vonwiller Cr-35.4465149.114883LOUIS LODER ST
1112Louis Loder St after Cochrane Cr-35.448149.115219LOUIS LODER ST
1113Louis Loder St after 2nd Conlon Cr-35.4481149.115265LOUIS LODER ST
1114Louis Loder St after 2nd Cochrane Cr-35.4505149.117416LOUIS LODER ST
1115Louis Loder St after Conlon Cr-35.4506149.117264LOUIS LODER ST
1116Clift Cr before Johnson Dr-35.4333149.118423CLIFT CR
1117Clift Cr after Johnson Dr-35.4331149.118225CLIFT CR
1118Clift Cr after 2nd Chauncy Cr-35.4312149.119171CLIFT CR
1119Clift Cr after Fullerton Cr-35.4311149.119354CLIFT CR
1120Deamer Cr after Clift Cr-35.4292149.121445DEAMER CR
1121Deamer Cr after Meeson St-35.4294149.120941DEAMER CR
1122Deamer Cr after Twamley Cr-35.4308149.123535DEAMER CR
1123Deamer Cr after Mary MacKillop Pl-35.4309149.123428DEAMER CR
1124Deamer Cr after 2nd Twamley Cr-35.4315149.12706DEAMER CR
1125Deamer Cr before Mary MacKillop Pl-35.4317149.126984DEAMER CR
1126Deamer Cr before Nina Jones Cr-35.4294149.128799DEAMER CR
1127Deamer Cr after 2nd Nina Jones Cr-35.4298149.128677DEAMER CR
1128Deamer Cr after Heagney Cr-35.4273149.129807DEAMER CR
1129Deamer Cr before Heagney Cr-35.4272149.129608DEAMER CR
1130Heagney Cr after Rose Scott Cr-35.4265149.130997HEAGNEY CR
1131Heagney Cr after Deamer Cr-35.4266149.130249HEAGNEY CR
1132Heagney Cr after Couchman Cr-35.4246149.133209HEAGNEY CR
1133Heagney Cr after Hawton Pl-35.4247149.133026HEAGNEY CR
1134Heagney Cr before Couchman Cr North Entry-35.423149.134918HEAGNEY CR
1135Heagney Cr after 2nd Couchman Cr-35.423149.134537HEAGNEY CR
1136Heagney Cr after Henry Melville Cr-35.4214149.135986HEAGNEY CR
1137Heagney Cr after Emily Bulcock Cr-35.4209149.136017HEAGNEY CR
1138Heagney Cr after Louisa Lawson Cr South Entry-35.4192149.136093HEAGNEY CR
1139Heagney Cr after 2nd Henry Melville Cr-35.4191149.135986HEAGNEY CR
1140Heagney Cr before 2nd Louisa Lawson Cr-35.4169149.135468HEAGNEY CR
1141Heagney Cr 3rd after Emily Bullock Cr-35.4168149.135056HEAGNEY CR
1142Proctor St after Sweet Pl-35.4152149.125153PROCTOR ST
1143Proctor St after Maclean St-35.4153149.125259PROCTOR ST
1144Heagney Cr after Louisa Lawson Cr North Entry-35.4149149.132904HEAGNEY CR
1145Heagney Cr before Hambidge Cr-35.415149.132813HEAGNEY CR
1146Benham St Chisholm Shops-35.4144149.129059BENHAM ST
1147Benham St opp Chisholm Shops-35.4145149.129227BENHAM ST
1148Coyne St after Jackie Howe Cr-35.409149.12796COYNE ST
1149Coyne St after Isabella Dr-35.4092149.127777COYNE ST BDGE
1150Coyne St after Bugden Av-35.4092149.123108COYNE ST
1151Coyne St before Fihelly St-35.4092149.122726COYNE ST
1152Bugden Av after Coyne St-35.407149.120438BUGDEN AV
1153Bugden Av after Larcombe Cr-35.4068149.120468BUGDEN AV
1154Bugden Av before Demaine Cr-35.4042149.122452BUGDEN AV
1155Bugden Av after Fihelly St-35.4044149.121964BUGDEN AV
1156Bugden Av after 2nd Demaine Cr-35.4024149.12413BUGDEN AV
1157Bugden Av after Mullan St-35.4013149.12355BUGDEN AV
1158Bugden Av after 2nd Mullan St-35.3985149.122116BUGDEN AV
1159Bugden Av after Courtice Cl-35.3985149.122192BUGDEN AV
1160Bugden Av after Dash Cr-35.4002149.115692BUGDEN AV
1161Bugden Av after Partridge St-35.4014149.114273BUGDEN AV
1162Bugden Av 2nd after Appel Cr-35.4013149.112762BUGDEN AV
1163Bugden Av after Maughan Cr-35.4018149.110306BUGDEN AV
1164Bugden Av after Appel Cr-35.4017149.110016BUGDEN AV
1165Bugden Av after Sternberg Cr-35.4026149.107483BUGDEN AV
1166Bugden Av before Sternberg Cr-35.4027149.107559BUGDEN AV
1167Bugden Av after 2nd Dash Cr-35.3995149.115829BUGDEN AV
1168Longmore Cr after Angliss Pl-35.3989149.099472LONGMORE CR
1169Sternberg Cr after Erindale Dr-35.4023149.103287STERNBERG CR
1170Sternberg Cr after Ashley Dr-35.4019149.100571STERNBERG CR
1171Comrie St Erindale Centre Plt 1-35.4036149.099167COMRIE ST
1172Comrie St opp Erindale Centre Plt 2-35.4038149.099335COMRIE ST
1173Sternberg Cr before Erindale Dr-35.402149.102753STERNBERG CR
1174Amsinck St after McBryde Cr-35.4056149.093552AMSINCK ST
1178Amsinck St after Erindale Dr-35.4056149.093292AMSINCK ST
1179MacKillop CLG McBryde Cr-35.4061149.090576MCBRYDE CR
1180McBryde Cr opp MacKillop CLG-35.4063149.090561MCBRYDE CR
1181Woodcock Dr after Covenant CLG-35.4419149.086182WOODCOCK DR
1182Woodcock Dr before Drakeford Dr-35.4417149.086151WOODCOCK DR
1183Clare Dennis Av after Woodcock Dr-35.443149.085968CLARE DENNIS AV
1184Clare Dennis Av after Churchill Wy-35.4452149.087799CLARE DENNIS AV
1185Clare Dennis Av after Fred Lane Cr-35.4468149.086075CLARE DENNIS AV
1186Clare Dennis Av after 2nd Fred Lane Cr-35.4471149.083847CLARE DENNIS AV
1187Lewis Luxton Av after Preddy Wy-35.4484149.086121LEWIS LUXTON AV
1188Lewis Luxton Av after Flegg Cr-35.4504149.089096LEWIS LUXTON AV
1189Lewis Luxton Av after Sid Barnes Cr-35.4529149.087967LEWIS LUXTON AV
1190Knoke Av opp Gordon Primary School-35.4581149.086121KNOKE AV
1191Knoke Av 2nd after Jim Pike Av-35.4606149.085663KNOKE AV
1192Knoke Av after Jim Pike Av-35.4623149.083206KNOKE AV
1193Jim Pike Av after Knoke St-35.462149.07991JIM PIKE AV
1194Callaway Cr after 2nd Wootton Cr-35.4591149.080048CALLAWAY CR
1195Callaway Cr after Myles Connell Cr-35.46149.081741CALLAWAY CR
1196Bugden Av after Chataway Cr-35.3986149.117569BUGDEN AV
1197Bugden Av after Nicklin Cr-35.398149.118256BUGDEN AV
1198Knoke Av after Clem Hill St-35.4648149.084183KNOKE AV
1199Knoke Av after 2nd Harry Hopman Cct-35.4673149.087646KNOKE AV
1200Knoke Av after Harry Hopman Cct-35.4728149.089279KNOKE AV
1201Pockett Av after Bellchambers Cr-35.4741149.09317POCKETT AV
1202Pockett Av after Wilson Cr-35.4717149.096924POCKETT AV
1203Pockett Av after 2nd Ironbark Cr-35.4695149.097641POCKETT AV
1204Pockett Av after Perrin Cct-35.4676149.095367POCKETT AV
1205Pockett Av after Box Hill Av-35.4653149.094101POCKETT AV
1206Tom Roberts Av before Box Hill-35.4638149.096497TOM ROBERTS AV
1207Tom Roberts Av opp Conder PS-35.4653149.098404TOM ROBERTS AV
1208Tom Roberts Av after Brittlebank Cct-35.467149.101654TOM ROBERTS AV
1209Tom Roberts Av Jane Sutherland St-35.4663149.105606TOM ROBERTS AV
1210Tom Roberts Av after Chartersville Av-35.4622149.105194TOM ROBERTS AV
1211Tom Roberts Av 2nd after Box Hill Av-35.4612149.102203TOM ROBERTS AV
1212Tom Roberts Av after Box Hill Av-35.4604149.099258TOM ROBERTS AV
1213Tom Roberts Av after Beaumaris St-35.4664149.100418TOM ROBERTS AV
1214Box Hill Av opp Lanyon Marketplace-35.4562149.092499BOX HILL AV
1215Box Hill Av opp St. Clare of Assisi PS-35.4577149.097366BOX HILL AV
1216Box Hill Av Lanyon Marketplace-35.4564149.092468BOX HILL AV
1217Box Hill Av St. Clare of Assisi PS-35.458149.097458BOX HILL AV
1218Tom Roberts Av before Box Hill Av-35.4605149.099014TOM ROBERTS AV
1219Tom Roberts Av after John Russell Cct-35.4613149.101807TOM ROBERTS AV
1220Tom Roberts Av before Lethbridge St-35.4622149.10498TOM ROBERTS AV
1221Tom Roberts Av opp Angell Pl-35.4671149.103699TOM ROBERTS AV
1222Tom Roberts Av Conder PS-35.4649149.097977TOM ROBERTS AV
1223Pockett Av after Bastow Cct-35.465149.093948POCKETT AV
1224Pockett Av after Tregellas Cr-35.4676149.095276POCKETT AV
1225Pockett Av 2nd after Brockway Cct-35.4704149.097656POCKETT AV
1226Pockett Av Banks Shops-35.4724149.095947POCKETT AV
1227Pockett Av after Tharwa Dr-35.4735149.091736POCKETT AV
1228Knoke Av after Coventry Cl-35.4729149.089447KNOKE AV
1229Knoke Av after Minnett Cl-35.4708149.088898KNOKE AV
1230Knoke Av 2nd after Harry Hopman Cct-35.4709149.088791KNOKE AV
1231Knoke Av after Matson St-35.4672149.087677KNOKE AV
1232Knoke Av after Travers St-35.4657149.085587KNOKE AV
1233Knoke Av after Cornforth St-35.462149.083649KNOKE AV
1234Knoke Av after Midge St-35.4607149.085724KNOKE AV
1235Knoke Av Gordon PS Inside school grounds-35.4565149.086334Gordon PS Driveway KNOKE AV
1236Lewis Luxton Av after Woodcock Dr-35.453149.087341LEWIS LUXTON AV
1237Lewis Luxton Av after 2nd Cerutty Cr-35.4509149.08934LEWIS LUXTON AV
1238Lewis Luxton Av after Mackney Pl-35.4487149.087143LEWIS LUXTON AV
1239Preddy Wy after Lewis Luxton Av-35.4482149.084198PREDDEY WAY
1240Clare Dennis Av after Noel Ryan Gdn-35.4465149.085449CLARE DENNIS AV
1241Clare Dennis Av after 2nd Noel Ryan Gdn-35.4446149.087173CLARE DENNIS AV
1242Clare Dennis Av after Woodfull Lp-35.4431149.085846CLARE DENNIS AV
1243Barr Smith Av before Drakeford Dr-35.4288149.082199BARR SMITH AV
1244Barr Smith Av after Drakeford Dr-35.4288149.082367BARR SMITH AV
1245Brierly St Cooleman Ct Plt1-35.3408149.052338BRIERLY ST
1246Streeton Dr before Hindmarsh Dr-35.341149.050278STREETON DR
1247Streeton Dr after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3447149.047089STREETON DR
1248Streeton Dr South of Hindmarsh Dr-35.3446149.047043STREETON DR
1249Fremantle Dr after Streeton Dr-35.3464149.046936FREMANTLE DR
1250Fremantle Dr before Streeton Dr-35.3466149.047043FREMANTLE DR
1251Fremantle Dr after 2nd McKail Cr-35.3483149.04924FREMANTLE DR
1252Fremantle Dr 3rd after Crowder Cct-35.3474149.048187FREMANTLE DR
1253Bunbury St after 2nd Shenton Cr-35.348149.051422BUNBURY ST
1254Bunbury St after Fremantle Dr-35.3479149.051544BUNBURY ST
1255Bunbury St after Namatjira Dr-35.3477149.054886BUNBURY ST
1256Bunbury St after Kirwan Cct-35.3477149.055252BUNBURY ST
1257Namatjira Dr opp St John Vianney-35.3521149.053757NAMATJIRA DR
1258Namatjira Dr Northbound after Streeton Dr-35.3552149.050491NAMATJIRA DR
1259Namatjira Dr St John Vianney-35.3519149.054153NAMATJIRA DR
1260Tom Roberts before McLuckie Cr-35.4666149.10051TOM ROBERTS AV
1261Wiburd St before Pockett Av-35.4699149.098663WIBURD ST
1262Namatjira Dr after Badimara St-35.3551149.050797NAMATJIRA DR
1263Namatjira Dr Southbound after Streeton Dr-35.3585149.047928NAMATJIRA DR
1264Namatjira Dr before Kapunda St-35.3606149.047806NAMATJIRA DR
1265Namatjira Dr after Kapunda St-35.3635149.049713NAMATJIRA DR
1266Namatjira Dr 2nd after Kapunda St-35.3661149.051514NAMATJIRA DR
1267Namatjira Dr 2nd before Drakeford Dr-35.366149.051361NAMATJIRA DR
1268Namatjira Dr after Perry Dr-35.3582149.047882NAMATJIRA DR
1269Namatjira Dr after Kapunda St-35.3604149.047653NAMATJIRA DR
1270Namatjira Dr 3rd from Drakeford Dr-35.3636149.049606NAMATJIRA DR
1271Kambah Pool Rd after Namatjira Dr-35.3751149.048965KAMBAH POOL RD
1272Kambah Pool Rd after Barritt St-35.3753149.048615KAMBAH POOL RD
1273Barritt St after Kambah Pool Rd-35.378149.04837BARRITT ST
1274Barritt St before Kambah Pool Rd-35.3781149.048294BARRITT ST
1275Barritt St after Bacchus Cct-35.3802149.051865BARRITT ST
1276Barritt St after Boddington Cr-35.3799149.051193BARRITT ST
1277Boddington Cr 2nd after Carleton St-35.3812149.051773BODDINGTON CR BDGE
1278Boddington Cr after Carleton St-35.3821149.051147BODDINGTON CR
1279Boddington Cr after Barritt St-35.3821149.051285BODDINGTON CR
1280Boddington Cr before Castley Cct-35.385149.050568BODDINGTON CR
1281Boddington Cr after 2nd Crozier Cct-35.3858149.050415BODDINGTON CR
1282Boddington Cr after 2nd Castley Cct-35.3893149.051636BODDINGTON CR
1283Boddington Cr after Bateman St-35.3892149.051361BODDINGTON CR BDGE
1284Boddington Cr before McLeod Pl-35.39149.05365BODDINGTON CR
1285Boddington Cr before O’Halloran Cct-35.3892149.056656BODDINGTON CR
1286Boddington Cr after McLeod Pl-35.3903149.053802BODDINGTON CR
1287Boddington Cr after O’Halloran Cct-35.3894149.057159BODDINGTON CR
1288O’Halloran Cct after Springbett St-35.3904149.059036OHALLORAN CCT
1289O’Halloran Cct after 2nd McKillop Cct-35.3904149.058853OHALLORAN CCT
1290O’Halloran Cct after 2nd Springbett St-35.3929149.058197OHALLORAN CCT
1291O’Halloran Cct after 1st McKillop Cct-35.3931149.058014OHALLORAN CCT
1292O’Halloran Cct before Snodgrass Cr-35.3956149.05925OHALLORAN CCT
1293O’Halloran Cct 2nd after Vansittart Cr-35.3958149.05928OHALLORAN CCT
1294O’Halloran Cct after Snodgrass Cr-35.3958149.062881OHALLORAN CCT
1295O’Halloran Cct after Vansittart Cr-35.3959149.062897OHALLORAN CCT
1296O’Halloran Cct after 2nd Jenke Cct-35.3941149.065918OHALLORAN CCT
1297O’Halloran Cct after 2nd Snodgrass Cr-35.394149.065796OHALLORAN CCT
1298O’Halloran Cct opp. Namadgi School-35.3931149.067673OHALLORAN CCT
1299Tuggeranong Stn Arrivals-35.4149149.066025TUGGERANONG INTERCHANGE
1300Summerland Cct after Vanzetti Cr-35.3911149.071579SUMMERLAND CCT
1301Summerland Cct before Kingsmill St-35.391149.071503SUMMERLAND CCT
1302Summerland Cct after Kingsmill St-35.39149.073547SUMMERLAND CCT
1303Summerland Cct after Livingston Av-35.3902149.073486SUMMERLAND CCT
1304Livingston Av after Summerland Cct SSO-35.3898149.075546LIVINGSTON AV
1305Livingston Av after Vanzenetti Cr SSO-35.39149.075668LIVINGSTON AV
1306Livingston Av after Vosper St SSO-35.3904149.077805LIVINGSTON AV
1307Livingston Av before Vosper St SSO-35.3903149.077896LIVINGSTON AV
1308Livingston Av after Cutbush St-35.3896149.079208LIVINGSTON AV
1309Livingston Av after Shops-35.3893149.079285LIVINGSTON AV
1310Livingston Av after Maxworthy St-35.3881149.081116LIVINGSTON AV
1311Livingston Av before Maxworthy St-35.388149.081268LIVINGSTON AV
1312Livingston Av after Symers St-35.3877149.083832LIVINGSTON AV
1313Livingston Av after Atkins St-35.3878149.084122LIVINGSTON AV
1314Atkins St after Athllon Dr-35.3882149.085724ATKINS ST
1315Atkins St after Livingston Av-35.3882149.085892ATKINS ST
1316Garratt St opp Wanniassa Shops-35.3924149.08667GARRATT ST
1317Garratt St Wanniassa Shops-35.3926149.086533GARRATT ST
1318Wheeler Cr after Hyland Pl-35.3942149.084366WHEELER CR BDGE
1319Wheeler Cr St Anthonys SSO-35.3949149.080017WHEELER CR
1320Wheeler Cr after Wanniassa HS-35.3943149.084976WHEELER CR
1321Wheeler Cr opp St Anthonys SSO-35.395149.079941WHEELER CR
1322Fincham Cr after Morrissey St-35.3962149.078903FINCHAM CR
1323Fincham Cr after Wheeler Cr-35.3963149.079132FINCHAM CR
1324Fincham Cr 2nd after Wheeler Cr-35.3986149.080307FINCHAM CR
1325Fincham Cr after DeGraves Cr-35.3989149.080521FINCHAM CR
1326Forlonge St after Fincham Cr-35.4011149.081268FORLONGE ST
1327Forlonge St after Wheeler Cr-35.4014149.080933FORLONGE ST
1328Wheeler Cr after Annand Pl-35.4041149.081818WHEELER CR
1329Wheeler Cr after Derham Cct-35.404149.081787WHEELER CR
1330Wheeler Cr after Riddell Ct-35.404149.084915WHEELER CR
1331Wheeler Cr after Curtain Pl-35.4042149.084351WHEELER CR
1332Sternberg Cr after Mackinnon St-35.4037149.088928STERNBERG CR
1333Sternberg Cr after Sitwell St-35.4035149.088531STERNBERG CR
1334Sternberg Cr back of MacKillop CLG-35.4024149.092804STERNBERG CR
1335Sternberg Cr before Wynne St-35.4012149.094986STERNBERG CR
1336Sternberg Cr after Wheeler Cr-35.4024149.092728STERNBERG CR
1337Sternberg Cr after Whiteman St-35.401149.0952STERNBERG CR
1338Sternberg Cr after Langdon Av-35.4015149.098862STERNBERG CR
1339Sternberg Cr Erindale Centre-35.4015149.097214STERNBERG CR
1340Drakeford Dr after Boddington Cr-35.3773149.056198DRAKEFORD DR
1341Drakeford Dr after Sulwood Dr-35.3759149.056793DRAKEFORD DR
1342Marconi Cr opp Kambah Village-35.3789149.057632MARCONI CR
1343Marconi Cr Kambah Village-35.3791149.05777MARCONI CR
1344Marconi Cr after Harrington Cct-35.3778149.060638MARCONI CR
1345Marconi Cr after Wyselaskie Cct-35.3783149.060104MARCONI CR
1346Marconi Cr opp Taylor PS after Sinclair St-35.3776149.064026MARCONI CR
1347Marconi Cr Taylor PS-35.3777149.064056MARCONI CR
1348Marconi Cr Taylor PS-35.3787149.065353MARCONI CR
1349Marconi Cr opp Taylor PS-35.3787149.065491MARCONI CR
1350Marconi Cr after Lascelles Cct-35.3817149.065308MARCONI CR
1351Marconi Cr after Hutchison Cr-35.3814149.065582MARCONI CR
1352Summerland Cct after Marconi Cr-35.3834149.067474SUMMERLAND CCT
1353Summerland Cct after Gallagher St-35.3835149.06749SUMMERLAND CCT
1354Summerland Cct after Hutchison Cr-35.3849149.070892SUMMERLAND CCT
1355Summerland Cct 2nd after Mason St-35.385149.071136SUMMERLAND CCT
1356Summerland Cct after Lee Steere Cr-35.3876149.075043SUMMERLAND CCT
1357Summerland Cct after 2nd Kingsmill St-35.3875149.074921SUMMERLAND CCT
1358Langdon Av after Dyer Pl-35.3924149.089645LANGDON AV
1359Langdon Av after Garrett St-35.3923149.089325LANGDON AV
1360Langdon Av after Shackell Pl-35.3926149.093018LANGDON AV
1361Langdon Av after Sainsbury St-35.3922149.093689LANGDON AV
1362Langdon Av Wanniassa Hills PS-35.3922149.095779LANGDON AV BDGE
1363Langdon Av opp Wanniassa Hills PS-35.3929149.096558LANGDON AV
1364Langdon Av after Gaunson Cr-35.3963149.09639LANGDON AV
1365Langdon Av after Kirkton St-35.3961149.096237LANGDON AV
1366Langdon Av after Brunton St-35.3979149.097412LANGDON AV
1367Langdon Av 2nd after Gaunson Cr-35.3978149.097412LANGDON AV
1368Langdon Av after Sternberg Cr-35.4004149.097397LANGDON AV
1369Langdon Av after Longmore Cr-35.4149.097733LANGDON AV
1370Drakeford Dr after Mortimer Lewis Dr-35.4026149.074417DRAKEFORD DR
1371Drakeford Dr before Taverner St-35.4012149.07457DRAKEFORD DR
1372Drakeford Dr after Taverner St-35.408149.073532DRAKEFORD DR
1373Drakeford Dr after Erindale Dr-35.4083149.073074DRAKEFORD DR
1374Athllon Dr after Pitman St-35.4182149.064407ATHLLON DR
1375Hindmarsh Dr after Ball St-35.3487149.08783HINDMARSH DR
1376Sainsbury St before Sullwood Dr-35.3871149.097443SAINSBURY ST
1377Sainsbury St after Sulwood Dr-35.3872149.09761SAINSBURY ST
1378Longmore Cr after Toohey Pl-35.3872149.096085LONGMORE CR
1379Longmore Cr after Bosisto Pl-35.3873149.096298LONGMORE CR
1380Longmore Cr after Methven Pl-35.3876149.093674LONGMORE CR
1381Longmore Cr 2nd after Sainsbury St-35.3878149.093521LONGMORE CR
1382Longmore Cr after Wilkie Pl-35.389149.091156LONGMORE CR
1383Longmore Cr after Strachan Pl-35.3892149.09079LONGMORE CR
1384Longmore Cr after Lobb Pl-35.3898149.087982LONGMORE CR
1385Longmore Cr after Langdon Av-35.3896149.088104LONGMORE CR
1386Vosper St after Livingston Av-35.3911149.078705VOSPER ST
1387Vosper St after Athllon Dr-35.3911149.078506VOSPER ST
1388McBryde Cr after Wheeler Cr-35.406149.084396MCBRYDE CR
1389McBryde Cr after Laurens St-35.4058149.084167MCBRYDE CR
1390Newman-Morris Cct after McIlveen Pl-35.4119149.081741NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1391Newman-Morris Cct after 2nd Cuthbertson Cr-35.4118149.081741NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1392Newman-Morris Cct after Raphael Cl-35.4102149.083603NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1393Newman-Morris Cct after 2nd Nunan Cr-35.4097149.082947NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1394Newman-Morris Cct after Farrelly Cl-35.4083149.082199NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1395Newman-Morris Cct after Clutterbuck Cr-35.4073149.081192NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1396Newman-Morris Cct 2nd before Farrelly Cl-35.4067149.079575NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1397Newman-Morris Cct after 2nd Clutterbuck Cr-35.4068149.077591NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1398Newman-Morris Cct after Forlonge St-35.4067149.07753NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1399Newman-Morris Cct 2nd after Taverner St-35.4075149.075668NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1400Newman-Morris Cct after 2nd Singleton Cr-35.4072149.075684NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1401Newman-Morris Cct after Dalgarno Cl-35.4109149.075058NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1402Newman-Morris Cct before Cuthbertson Cr-35.411149.075165NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1403Newman-Morris Cct after Collocott Cr-35.4135149.076065NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1404Newman-Morris Cct 3rd before Cuthbertson Cr-35.4135149.07634NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1405Newman-Morris Cct after Cuthbertson Cr-35.4128149.079376NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1406Newman-Morris Cct after Maconochie Cr-35.4133149.078629NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1407Anketell St Tuggeranong Pool-35.4122149.063187ANKETELL ST
1408Learmonth Dr after Vansittart Cr-35.402149.060867LEARMONTH DR
1409Learmonth Dr 2nd after Athllon Dr-35.4021149.060776LEARMONTH DR
1410Vansittart Cr after Stieglitz Cct-35.4002149.062607VANSITTART CR
1411Vansittart Cr after Ragless Cct-35.4001149.062469VANSITTART CR
1412Learmonth Dr after Athllon Dr-35.4032149.063354LEARMONTH DR
1413Learmonth Dr 2nd after Vansittart Cr-35.4031149.063522LEARMONTH DR
1414Vansittart Cr after 2nd Ragless Cct-35.3972149.064056VANSITTART CR
1415Vansittart Cr after O’Halloran Cr-35.3975149.064255VANSITTART CR
1416Tuggeranong Pky after Sulwood Dr-35.373149.056885TUGGERANONG PWY
1417Tuggeranong Pky before Sulwood Dr-35.3726149.057404TUGGERANONG PWY
1418Townshend St after Colbee Ct South-35.3523149.08815TOWNSHEND ST
1419Townshend St after Colbee Ct North-35.3523149.087967TOWNSHEND ST
1420Townshend St after Dundas Ct South-35.3542149.088821TOWNSHEND ST
1421Townshend St after Dundas Ct North-35.3541149.088608TOWNSHEND ST
1422Parramatta St after Salamander Ct-35.3557149.087845PARRAMATTA ST
1423Parramatta St after Bellona Ct-35.3555149.087997PARRAMATTA ST
1424Sainsbury St after Longmore Cr-35.3884149.096497SAINSBURY ST
1425Sainsbury St after Spensley Pl-35.3887149.096252SAINSBURY ST
1426Sainsbury St after Gibb Pl-35.3905149.09549SAINSBURY ST
1427Sainsbury St after Langdon Av-35.3909149.095291SAINSBURY ST
1428Sternberg Cr & Crews Pl-35.3963149.082062STERNBERG CR
1429Sternberg Cr opp Crews Pl-35.3963149.082153STERNBERG CR
1430Sternberg Cr opp Playing Fields-35.3979149.084381STERNBERG CR BDGE
1431Sternberg Cr Wanniassa PS-35.3981149.084702STERNBERG CR
1432Sternberg Cr Wanniassa Shops-35.4011149.086166STERNBERG CR
1433Sternberg Cr after Jenner Cct-35.402149.0867STERNBERG CR
1434Clive Steele Av before Priddle St-35.4107149.100693CLIVE STEELE AV
1435Clive Steele Av after Ashley Dr-35.4109149.100723CLIVE STEELE AV
1436Clive Steele Av after Brain St-35.4124149.100021CLIVE STEELE AV
1437Clive Steele Av between Brain St-35.4129149.099365CLIVE STEELE AV
1438Clive Steele Av after Fraenkel St-35.4141149.097046CLIVE STEELE AV
1439Clive Steele Av after Coode St-35.4144149.096741CLIVE STEELE AV
1440Cockcroft Av after Barraclough Cr-35.4171149.098236COCKCROFT AV
1441Cockcroft Av before Barraclough Cr-35.4167149.098206COCKCROFT AV
1442Cockcroft Av before Kneeshaw St-35.4199149.097305COCKCROFT AV
1443Cockcroft Av after Isabella Dr-35.4198149.097046COCKCROFT AV
1444Charleston St after William Hudson Cr-35.4163149.079178CHARLESTON ST
1445Charleston St after Blakey Cl-35.4163149.079361CHARLESTON ST
1446Charleston St after Clive Steele Av-35.4182149.082443CHARLESTON ST
1447Charleston St after Hallstrom Cct-35.4181149.082413CHARLESTON ST
1448Clive Steele Av after Charleston St-35.4167149.086212CLIVE STEELE AV
1449Clive Steele Av after Harkness St-35.4166149.086533CLIVE STEELE AV
1450Clive Steele Av after Balsillie Cr-35.4162149.088013CLIVE STEELE AV
1451Clive Steele Av before Harkness St-35.4163149.088364CLIVE STEELE AV
1452Corlette Cr Monash Primary-35.4153149.089569CORLETTE CR
1453Corlette Cr after Hebblewhite St-35.4142149.08757CORLETTE CR
1454Hambidge Cr after Goldstein Cr-35.4189149.11998HAMBIDGE CR
1455Corlette Cr opp Monash Primary-35.4148149.088974CORLETTE CR
1456Corlette Cr before Hebblewhite St-35.4142149.087265CORLETTE CR
1457Hebblewhite St after Forwood St-35.412149.087662HEBBLEWHITE ST
1458Hebblewhite St after Twine Pl-35.4121149.087402HEBBLEWHITE ST
1459Harricks Cr after Michell St-35.4107149.091171HARRICKS CR
1460Harricks Cr after Beirne St-35.4108149.090881HARRICKS CR
1461Harricks Cr after Cracknell St-35.4088149.092682HARRICKS CR
1462Harricks Cr 2nd after Beirne St-35.4089149.092453HARRICKS CR
1463MacKinnon St opp MacKillop CLG-35.4054149.089508MACKINNON ST
1464MacKinnon St MacKillop CLG-35.4053149.089645MACKINNON ST
1465Wheeler Cr after Sternberg Cr-35.4023149.091782WHEELER CR
1466Wheeler Cr after Keys Cr-35.4005149.089233WHEELER CR
1467Wheeler Cr before Sternberg Cr-35.4021149.091797WHEELER CR
1468Wheeler Cr after Halfrey Cct-35.4004149.089294WHEELER CR
1469Wheeler Cr after Guthridge Cr-35.3982149.088379WHEELER CR
1470Wheeler Cr after Kirkton St-35.3981149.088486WHEELER CR
1471Wheeler Cr Wanniassa HS-35.3948149.086685WHEELER CR
1472Wheeler Cr after Garratt St-35.3947149.086594WHEELER CR
1473Kirkton St after Wheeler Cr-35.3975149.089951KIRKTON ST
1474Kirkton St after Balfour Cr-35.3975149.090164KIRKTON ST
1475Kirkton St after Holden Cr-35.3973149.094788KIRKTON ST
1476Kirkton St after Embling St-35.3973149.094193KIRKTON ST
1477Gaunson Cr before Harrison Cr-35.3952149.098434GAUNSON CR
1478Gaunson Cr after Langdon Av-35.3951149.098495GAUNSON CR
1479Gaunson Cr after Sullivan Cr-35.3933149.099625GAUNSON CR
1480Gaunson Cr after 2nd Sullivan Cr-35.3927149.099365GAUNSON CR
1481Gaunson Cr after Longmore Cr-35.3906149.098877GAUNSON CR
1482Gaunson Cr after Adamson Cr-35.3904149.098846GAUNSON CR
1483Longmore Cr after Sainsbury St-35.3881149.097977LONGMORE CR
1484Longmore Cr North of Gaunson Cr-35.3885149.098297LONGMORE CR
1485Clift Cr after Ashley Dr-35.4247149.104019CLIFT CR
1486Clift Cr 3rd after Rohan St-35.4249149.10405CLIFT CR
1487Clift Cr after Kiddle Cr-35.4263149.107056CLIFT CR
1488Clift Cr 2nd after Rohan St-35.4264149.10704CLIFT CR
1489Clift Cr 2nd after Kiddle Cr-35.4276149.109589CLIFT CR
1490Clift Cr after Rohan St-35.4276149.109787CLIFT CR
1491Clift Cr before Heagney Cr-35.4263149.112289CLIFT CR
1492Clift Cr after Heagney Cr-35.4263149.112473CLIFT CR
1493Heagney Cr after Clift Cr-35.4254149.114075HEAGNEY CR
1494Heagney Cr after McLorinan St-35.4252149.114288HEAGNEY CR
1495Beattie Cr after McBurney Cr-35.4228149.112015BEATTIE CR
1496Beattie Cr before Swanton St-35.4231149.112183BEATTIE CR
1497Beattie Cr after Hemmings Cr-35.421149.113617BEATTIE CR
1498Beattie Cr after Gibbons St-35.421149.113861BEATTIE CR BDGE
1499Beattie Cr after Goldstein Cr-35.4183149.11557BEATTIE CR
1500Beattie Cr after Longman St-35.4186149.115219BEATTIE CR
1501Bugden Av after Kellett St-35.4147149.112503BUGDEN AV
1502Bugden Av after Castleton Cr-35.4145149.112869BUGDEN AV
1503Castleton Cr Gowrie Shops-35.4139149.109329CASTLETON CR
1504Castleton Cr opp Gowrie Shops-35.414149.10939CASTLETON CR
1505Castleton Cr after 2nd Wheatley St-35.4121149.105804CASTLETON CR
1506Castleton Cr after Coningham St-35.412149.10556CASTLETON CR
1507Castleton Cr after 2nd Coningham St-35.41149.104889CASTLETON CR
1508Castleton Cr after Wheatley St-35.4101149.104965CASTLETON CR
1509Castleton Cr after Farcomb Pl-35.4073149.106461CASTLETON CR
1510Castleton Cr after Middleton Cct-35.4072149.106506CASTLETON CR
1511Castleton Cr after Peeler Pl-35.4061149.111053CASTLETON CR
1512Castleton Cr after Partridge St-35.4062149.111206CASTLETON CR
1513Partridge St after Castleton Cr-35.4057149.113739PARTRIDGE ST
1514Partridge St after Garrick St-35.4058149.113815PARTRIDGE ST
1515Partridge St after Airey Cr-35.4032149.115829PARTRIDGE ST
1516Partridge St after Bulcock Pl-35.4027149.116074PARTRIDGE ST
1517Longmore Cr after Cruikshank St-35.3988149.09935LONGMORE CR
1518Longmore Cr after Petit Pl-35.3988149.102921LONGMORE CR
1519Longmore Cr before Pettit Pl-35.3989149.102814LONGMORE CR
1520Longmore Cr after Harker Pl-35.3969149.104095LONGMORE CR
1521Longmore Cr 4th after Gaunson St-35.3973149.104156LONGMORE CR
1522Longmore Cr & McKenna St-35.395149.10347LONGMORE CR
1523Longmore Cr Backing Sulwood Dr-35.3954149.103745LONGMORE CR
1524Longmore Cr after McKenna St-35.3929149.101974LONGMORE CR
1525Longmore Cr 2nd from Gaunson Cr-35.393149.102097LONGMORE CR
1526Longmore Cr after Bindon Pl-35.3908149.100647LONGMORE CR
1527Longmore Cr South of Gaunson Cr-35.3907149.100693LONGMORE CR
1528Bugden Av after Ashley Dv-35.4145149.104538BUGDEN AV
1529Bugden Av after Herington St-35.4147149.104599BUGDEN AV
1530Bugden Av after Dalziel St-35.4171149.104858BUGDEN AV
1531Bugden Av after Stacey St-35.4169149.104782BUGDEN AV
1532Bugden Av after 2nd Dalziel St-35.4181149.107391BUGDEN AV
1533Bugden Av after 2nd Galleghan Cct-35.418149.107849BUGDEN AV
1534Bugden Av after Beardsmore Pl-35.4158149.109833BUGDEN AV
1535Bugden Av after Galleghan Cct-35.4157149.110046BUGDEN AV
1536Norriss St after 1st Woodburn St-35.4169149.117767NORRISS ST
1537Norriss St after Woodburn St-35.4169149.117966NORRISS ST
1538Norriss St after 2nd Woodburn St-35.4164149.121033NORRISS ST
1539Norriss St after Kirkcaldie Cct-35.4166149.120834NORRISS ST
1540Newman-Morris Cct before Farrelly Cl-35.4071149.081039NEWMAN MORRIS CCT
1541Hambidge Cr before Proctor St-35.416149.130188HAMBIDGE CR
1542Hambidge Cr before Baskerville St-35.4183149.127213HAMBIDGE CR
1543Hambidge Cr after Baskerville St-35.4181149.127335HAMBIDGE CR
1544Hambidge Cr after Alice Jackson Cr-35.4166149.129852HAMBIDGE CR
1545Baskerville St after Hambidge Cr-35.4195149.125427BASKERVILLE ST
1546Baskerville St after Lucy Gullett Cct-35.4196149.125336BASKERVILLE ST
1547Baskerville St after Heagney Cr-35.4221149.12439BASKERVILLE ST
1548Baskerville St after Purbrick St-35.422149.124527BASKERVILLE ST
1549Heagney Cr after Alston St-35.4243149.123474HEAGNEY CR
1550Heagney Cr after Muntz St-35.4244149.123688HEAGNEY CR
1551Heagney Cr after Goldstein Cr-35.4243149.121338HEAGNEY CR
1552Heagney Cr after 2nd Muntz St-35.4243149.121262HEAGNEY CR
1553Heagney Cr after 2nd Mofflin St-35.4243149.117447HEAGNEY CR
1554Heagney Cr after 2nd McLorinan St-35.4242149.117203HEAGNEY CR
1555Clift Cr Richardson Shops-35.4273149.115799CLIFT CR
1556Clift Cr after Deamer Cr-35.4287149.1185CLIFT CR
1557Clift Cr before Meeson St-35.4286149.118576CLIFT CR
1558Clift Cr opp Richardson Shops-35.4273149.115997CLIFT CR
1559Louisa Lawson Cr before Gellatly Pl-35.4177149.137222LOUISA LAWSON CR
1560Louisa Lawson Cr after May Maxwell Cr-35.4176149.137253LOUISA LAWSON CR
1561Louisa Lawson Cr after Fenston Pl-35.4161149.139435LOUISA LAWSON CR
1562Louisa Lawson Cr before Fenston Pl-35.4161149.139359LOUISA LAWSON CR
1563Louisa Lawson Cr before Aronson Cr-35.4123149.137512LOUISA LAWSON CR
1564Louisa Lawson Cr after 2nd Willoughby Cr-35.4123149.137405LOUISA LAWSON CR
1565Louisa Lawson Cr after Willoughby Cr-35.4125149.135269LOUISA LAWSON CR
1566Louisa Lawson Cr after Aronson Cr-35.4126149.135101LOUISA LAWSON CR
1567Louisa Lawson Cr before 2nd Aronson Cr-35.4139149.132996LOUISA LAWSON CR
1568Louisa Lawson Cr after Heagney Cr-35.4139149.132904LOUISA LAWSON CR
1569Goldstein Cr after Dalyell St SSO-35.4232149.119415GOLDSTEIN CR
1570Goldstein Cr after Alston St SSO-35.4233149.119583GOLDSTEIN CR
1571Goldstein Cr after Wolstenholme St SSO-35.4203149.118652GOLDSTEIN CR
1572Goldstein Cr after Hambidge Cr SSO-35.4206149.11879GOLDSTEIN CR
1573Goldstein Cr after Norriss St-35.4182149.116928GOLDSTEIN CR
1574Goldstein Cr 2nd after Wolstenholme St-35.4182149.116669GOLDSTEIN CR
1575Duggan St after Outtrim Av-35.4365149.097748DUGGAN ST
1576Duggan St after Pennington Cr-35.4365149.09761DUGGAN ST
1577Heagney Cr after Turriff St SSO-35.4249149.125046HEAGNEY CR
1578Heagney Cr after Baskerville St SSO-35.4248149.125031HEAGNEY CR
1579Heagney Cr after Goodsir Pl SSO-35.426149.126892HEAGNEY CR
1580Heagney Cr after Chant St SSO-35.4258149.126862HEAGNEY CR
1581Bramston St after Partridge St-35.4045149.117142BRAMSTON ST
1582Bramston St after 2nd Foxton Cr-35.4043149.116898BRAMSTON ST
1583Bramston St after Bugden Av-35.4054149.118912BRAMSTON ST
1584Bramston St Fadden Shops-35.4053149.118866BRAMSTON ST
1585Sternberg Cr after Castleton Cr SSO-35.4048149.108383STERNBERG CR
1586Sternberg Cr after Bugden Av SSO-35.4047149.108444STERNBERG CR
1587Clive Steele Av after Alabaster St-35.415149.093903CLIVE STEELE AV
1590Clive Steele Av after Barraclough Cr-35.415149.094131CLIVE STEELE AV
1591Clive Steele Av after Haigh Pl-35.4155149.091385CLIVE STEELE AV
1592Clive Steele Av before Kenyon Cct-35.4157149.091202CLIVE STEELE AV
1593Harricks Cr after Hebblewhite St SSO-35.4109149.087631HARRICKS CR
1594Harricks Cr after Erindale Dr SSO-35.4108149.087921HARRICKS CR
1595Newman-Morris Cct before Taverner St-35.4042149.077484FORLONGE ST
1596Newman-Morris Cct after Taverner St-35.4043149.077606FORLONGE ST
1597McBryde Cr after Bromley St-35.4074149.087082MCBRYDE CR
1599McBryde Cr Trinity Christian School-35.4075149.086838MCBRYDE CR
1600Ashley Dr after McBryde Cr SSO-35.4035149.101639ASHLEY DR
1601Ashley Dr after Sternberg Cr SSO-35.4035149.101822ASHLEY DR
1602Heidelberg St Lanyon High School SSO-35.4606149.094421HEIDELBERG ST
1604Heidelberg St St Clare of Assisi PS SSO-35.4584149.096054HEIDELBERG ST
1605Casey Cr Calwell High School-35.4412149.116882CASEY CR
1606Hambidge Cr Caroline Chisholm School SSO-35.4184149.121689HAMBIDGE CR
1607McMillan Cr St Clares CLG SSO-35.3232149.146179MCMILLAN CR
1608McMillan Cr St Edmunds CLG SSO-35.3232149.146027MCMILLAN CR
1609Garran PS GROUNDS SSO-35.3438149.101807GILMORE CR
1611Hanlon Cr Fadden PS-35.4046149.117813HANLON CR
1612Marr St Marist College SSO-35.3599149.088379MARIST DRIVEWAY
1613Marr St Melrose HS SSO-35.3633149.088257MARR ST
1614Castleton Cr Holy Family PS SSO-35.411149.115707CASTLETON CR
1615Boddington Cr St Thomas the Apostle PS SSO-35.3806149.053101ST THOMAS APOSTLE DRIVEWAY
1617Casey Cr St Francis Assisi PS-35.4411149.118805CASEY CR
1619St Anthony’s PS grounds SSO-35.3942149.080475ST ANTHONYS PS GROUNDS
1620Hurtle Av Bonython Primary School-35.4315149.082306HURTLE AV
1621Laurens St after Taverner St-35.4067149.08429LAURENS ST
1630Laurens St Trinity Christian PS-35.4069149.08432LAURENS ST
1631Hindmarsh Dr Weston Creek Terminus-35.3439149.027664HINDMARSH DR
1637Forsythe St before Pockett Av-35.4745149.094711FORSYTHE ST
1638Forsythe St after Pockett Av-35.4745149.094925FORSYTHE ST
1639Mt Vernon Dr Gleneagles-35.389149.032486MT VERNON DR
1640Barraclough Cr opp Retirement Village-35.4163149.096252BARRACLOUGH CR
1642Noarlunga Cr SSO-35.4349149.087143NOARLUNGA CR
1645Noarlunga Cr SSO-35.4367149.088928NOARLUNGA CR
1646Noarlunga Cr after Bagshaw Pl SSO-35.4383149.086578NOARLUNGA CR
1647Noarlunga Cr after Western Hill SSO-35.436149.085007NOARLUNGA CR
1648Lawrence Wackett Cr before Tharwa Dr SSO-35.4426149.122635LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1649Lawrence Wackett Cr after Scantlebury Cr-35.4427149.122787LAWRENCE WACKETT CR
1650Barraclough Cr Retirement Village-35.4163149.095901BARRACLOUGH CR
1651Isabella Dr & Hambidge Cr SSO-35.4124149.130264HAMBIDGE CR
1657Barr Smith Av after Derrington Cr-35.4322149.076645BARR SMITH AV
1660Barr Smith Av 2nd after Derrington Cr-35.431149.074844BARR SMITH AV
1661Sulwood Dr Kambah Fire Station-35.3734149.054825SULWOOD DR
1662Sulwood Dr opp Kambah Fire Station-35.3734149.054672SULWOOD DR
1663Livingston Av after McTaggart Cr SSO-35.3859149.086075LIVINGSTON AV
1664Livingston Av before Sulwood Dr SSO-35.3855149.085861LIVINGSTON AV
1665Knoke Av Gordon Primary School-35.4582149.086243KNOKE AV
1666Duggan St 2nd after Outtrim Av-35.439149.098282DUGGAN ST
1667Duggan St 2nd after Beckett St-35.4391149.098206DUGGAN ST
1668Clive Steele Av 2nd after Isabella Dr-35.4199149.085648CLIVE STEELE AV
1669Clive Steele Av after Charleston St-35.42149.085861CLIVE STEELE AV
1670Clive Steele Av after Isabella Dr-35.4214149.088593CLIVE STEELE AV
1671Clive Steele Av after Falconer St-35.4214149.088745CLIVE STEELE AV
1672Forsythe St after Bellchambers Cr-35.4751149.097626FORSYTHE ST
1675Forsythe St after Smeaton Cct North Entry-35.4749149.097153FORSYTHE ST
1676Forsythe St after Olive Pink Cr-35.4766149.099792FORSYTHE ST
1677Forsythe St after Smeaton Cct South Entry-35.4764149.099808FORSYTHE ST
1678Forsythe St after 2nd Alison Ashby Cr-35.4752149.101074FORSYTHE ST
1679Forsythe St 2nd after Smeaton Cct-35.475149.100906FORSYTHE ST
1680Paperbark St after Galbraith Cl-35.4724149.10321PAPERBARK ST
1681Paperbark St after Troughton St-35.4724149.103104PAPERBARK ST
1682Paperbark St before 2nd Kettlewell Cr-35.4692149.104675PAPERBARK ST
1683Paperbark St 2nd after Troughton St-35.4699149.104431PAPERBARK ST
1684Paperbark St after Kettlewell Cr-35.4683149.105682PAPERBARK ST
1685Paperbark St before Jane Sutherland St-35.4682149.105988PAPERBARK ST
1686Templestowe Av after Eaglemont Rt-35.4639149.111343TEMPLESTOWE AV
1687Templestowe Av after Morison St-35.4638149.111206TEMPLESTOWE AV
1688Templestowe Av 2nd after Barringer St-35.4626149.109787TEMPLESTOWE AV
1689Templestowe Av 2nd after Jane Sutherland St-35.4627149.109497TEMPLESTOWE AV
1690Templestowe Av after Barringer St-35.4625149.107925TEMPLESTOWE AV
1691Templestowe Av 3rd after Jane Sutherland St-35.4622149.107193TEMPLESTOWE AV
1692Barr Smith Av before Kingscote Cr-35.4322149.076797BARR SMITH AV
1696Barr Smith Av 2nd after Coombe St-35.431149.075073BARR SMITH AV
1697Bugden Av opp Holy Family PS-35.41149.118393BUGDEN AV
1698Bugden Av Holy Family PS-35.41149.118271BUGDEN AV
1699Chippindall Cct opp Theodore Terminus-35.4533149.119019CHIPPINDALL CCT
1700City Bus Station-35.278149.130814MORT ST
1708City Bus Station-35.278149.130676MORT ST
1709City Bus Station-35.2786149.130386ALINGA ST
1719City Bus Station Arrive Platform 3 Set down only.-35.2793149.130417EAST ROW
1721City Bus Station-35.2784149.129669ALINGA ST
1722City Bus Stn Arrivals-35.2786149.1306EAST ROW
1723City Bus Station-35.2785149.129974ALINGA ST
1724City West Platform 4-35.2795149.125351CITY WEST PLATFORMS
1725City West Platform 3-35.2792149.125488CITY WEST PLATFORMS
1727St Monicas PS Grounds SSO-35.2132149.062119ST MONICAS PRIMARY DRIVEWAY
1730Palmer St after Bateson St-35.348149.102814PALMER ST
1733Canberra Hospital after Gilmore Cr-35.346149.101944HOSPITAL RD
1734Barrier St after Pirie St-35.3262149.167511BARRIER ST
1766Barrier St after Isa St-35.3277149.170227BARRIER ST
1768Coranderrk St opposite CIT-35.285149.135498CORANDERRK ST
1769Barrier St before Pirie St-35.3264149.168198BARRIER ST
1770Barrier St before Isa St-35.3278149.170609BARRIER ST
1771Newcastle St after Isa St-35.3254149.172592NEWCASTLE ST
1772Battye St after Braybrooke St-35.2472149.098236BATTYE ST
1773Battye St after Masterman St-35.2473149.098007BATTYE ST
1774Battye St after Watkins-35.2464149.096985BATTYE ST
1776Langton Cr Car Park-35.2981149.12738LANGTON ST
1777Langton Cr Treasury-35.2982149.127594LANGTON ST
1778Hickey Court Orana PS SSO-35.3257149.058212HICKEY CT
1779Anthony Rolfe Av after Gundaroo Rd-35.1827149.130432ANTHONY ROLFE AV
1790Summerland Cct after Mannheim St-35.3854149.073318SUMMERLAND CCT
1791Summerland Cct Village Creek Primary-35.3854149.073242SUMMERLAND CCT
1792Kingscote Cr after Milne Cove SSO-35.4277149.077972KINGSCOTE CR
1799Kingscote Cr after 1st Helen Mayo Cr SSO-35.4277149.080032KINGSCOTE CR
1800Molonglo Park & Ride-35.3217149.058289COTTER RD
1802Tuggeranong Stn Plt 3-35.4148149.065887TUGGERANONG INTERCHANGE
1803Tuggeranong Stn Plt 4-35.4144149.065613TUGGERANONG INTERCHANGE
1804Tuggeranong Stn Plt 7-35.4148149.066177PITMAN ST
1807Tuggeranong Stn Plt 8-35.4148149.066177PITMAN ST
1808Opposite Molonglo Park & Ride-35.3226149.057617COTTER RD
1809Anketell St opp Tuggeranong Pool-35.4123149.063309ANKETELL ST
1810Chippindall Cct Theodore Terminus Off Street-35.4531149.118561CHIPPINDALL CCT
1811Box Hill Av Lanyon Market Loop Services-35.4563149.092422BOX HILL AV
1812Comrie St Erindale Centre Platform 2-35.4036149.099213COMRIE ST
1813Comrie St opp Erindale Centre Platform 1-35.4037149.099335COMRIE ST
1814Barr Smith Av before Burgoyne Cr-35.429149.074585BARR SMITH AV
1815Barr Smith Av after Coombe St-35.4288149.074738BARR SMITH AV
1816City West Platform 1-35.2791149.12558CITY WEST PLATFORMS
1821Chippindall Cct after Weavers Cr-35.4543149.115356CHIPPINDALL CCT
1826Chippindall Cct after Callister Cr-35.4562149.11618CHIPPINDALL CCT
1827Chippindall Cct after Fairley Cr-35.455149.118668CHIPPINDALL CCT
1828Nicklin Cr after Stopford St SSO-35.3976149.115814NICKLIN CR
1830Nicklin Cr after Hilton Cl SSO-35.3975149.116058NICKLIN CR
1831Nicklin Cr after Richter Cl SSO-35.3959149.119385NICKLIN CR
1832Nicklin Cr after Bugden Av SSO-35.3962149.119308NICKLIN CR
1833Hicks St St Bedes PS SSO-35.3391149.129745HICKS ST
1834O’Halloran Cct Namadgi School Grounds SSO-35.3923149.06813NAMADGI SCHOOL DRIVEWAY
1835Burnie St before Launceston-35.3462149.074615BURNIE ST
1901Callaway Cr after 2nd Myles Connell Cr-35.4619149.08223CALLAWAY CR
1903Knoke Av after Mina Wylie Cr-35.4639149.083176KNOKE AV
1904Langdon Av Wanniassa Shops-35.3911149.086777LANGDON AV
1905Langdon Av opp Wanniassa Shops-35.3911149.086945LANGDON AV
1906Athllon Dr after Learmonth Dr-35.4026149.064743ATHLLON DR
2000Launceston St after Worgan St-35.3408149.084457LAUNCESTON ST
2002Theodore St before James St-35.3357149.081253THEODORE ST
2003Theodore St before 2nd James St-35.3335149.079742THEODORE ST
2004Carruthers St after Theodore St-35.3305149.077728CARRUTHERS ST
2005Carruthers St after 2nd McCormack St-35.3277149.075592CARRUTHERS ST
2006Carruthers St after Jennings St-35.3246149.075577CARRUTHERS ST
2007Throssell St after Kennerley St-35.323149.074814THROSSELL ST
2008Throssell St after Jennings St-35.3212149.074921THROSSELL ST
2009Throssell St after O’Shanassy St-35.3194149.077042THROSSELL ST
2010Dunstan St after Throssell St-35.3187149.080246DUNSTAN ST
2011McCulloch St after Morgan Cr-35.3216149.081955MCCULLOCH ST
2012McCulloch St after 2nd Morgan Cr-35.3232149.082581MCCULLOCH ST
2013Carruthers St opp Curtin Shops-35.3246149.082779CARRUTHERS ST
2014Carruthers St after Allan St-35.3255149.085022CARRUTHERS ST
2015Carruthers St before Groom St-35.3269149.090012CARRUTHERS ST
2016Carruthers St after Yarra Glen-35.3258149.085236CARRUTHERS ST
2017Carruthers St Curtin Shops-35.325149.083008CARRUTHERS ST
2018McCulloch St after Carruthers St-35.3233149.082397MCCULLOCH ST
2019McCulloch St after Reynolds St-35.3209149.081589MCCULLOCH ST
2020Dunstan St after McCulloch St-35.3189149.080231DUNSTAN ST
2021Throssell St after Dunstan St-35.3195149.076981THROSSELL ST
2022Throssell St after 2nd Robertson St-35.3215149.074951THROSSELL ST
2023Throssell St after Storey St-35.323149.074951THROSSELL ST
2024Carruthers St after Throssell St-35.3247149.075653CARRUTHERS ST
2025Carruthers St after Nelson Pl-35.3278149.07579CARRUTHERS ST
2026Carruthers St before Curtin Primary School-35.3303149.077682CARRUTHERS ST
2027Theodore St after roundabout-35.3337149.07988THEODORE ST
2028Theodore St before Holman St South Entry-35.3356149.081253THEODORE ST
2029Marrawah St after Theodore St-35.3386149.082031MARRAWAH ST
2030Launceston St after Irving St-35.3407149.084717LAUNCESTON ST
2031Melrose Drive opp Phillip Pool-35.3391149.082809MELROSE DR
2032Melrose Drive Phillip Pool-35.3392149.083115MELROSE DR
2033Beasley St after Gouger St-35.3722149.089798BEASLEY ST
2034Beasley St Torrens PS-35.3719149.090668BEASLEY ST
2035Beasley St after Lambrigg St-35.3719149.095474BEASLEY ST
2036Beasley St after Athllon Dr-35.3719149.09549BEASLEY ST
2037Badimara St after Yambina St-35.3585149.06012BADIMARA ST
2038Beasley St before Wilkins St-35.3717149.098129BEASLEY ST
2039Wilkins St after Hoadley St-35.3706149.099625WILKINS ST
2040Wilkins St after Beasley St-35.3705149.099426WILKINS ST
2041Heard St after Wilkins St-35.3682149.097687HEARD ST
2042Heard St before Wilkins St-35.368149.09758HEARD ST
2043Heard St opp Southlands Shops-35.3656149.095428HEARD ST
2044Heard St Southlands Shops-35.3655149.095322HEARD ST
2045Beasley St after Pethebridge St-35.3657149.088669BEASLEY ST
2046Beasley St after Batchelor St-35.3658149.088531BEASLEY ST
2047Beasley St Sacred Heart PS-35.3666149.084946BEASLEY ST
2048Beasley St after Parkin St-35.3665149.085434BEASLEY ST
2049Macfarland Cr Pearce Shops-35.363149.081436MACFARLAND CR
2050Beasley St SSO-35.369149.106598BEASLEY ST
2051Nemarang Cr after Larakia St-35.3519149.063904NEMARANG CR
2052Hodgson Cr after Murphy Cr-35.3663149.08252HODGSON CR
2053Hodgson Cr after Brinsmead St-35.3663149.082321HODGSON CR
2054Macfarland Cr 2nd after Threlfall St-35.3582149.075668MACFARLAND CR
2055Macfarland Cr after Wilsmore Cr-35.3581149.0755MACFARLAND CR
2056Macfarland Cr after Collings St-35.3613149.077988MACFARLAND CR
2057Macfarland Cr after Parkhill St-35.3615149.078049MACFARLAND CR
2058Macfarland Cr after Waldock St-35.3556149.075241MACFARLAND CR
2059Macfarland Cr after 1st Threlfall St-35.3557149.075333MACFARLAND CR
2060Eggleston Cr Chifley Shops-35.3525149.075531EGGLESTON CR
2061Eggleston Cr opp Chifley Shops-35.3522149.075302EGGLESTON CR
2062Eggleston Cr after MacDonald St-35.3496149.076141EGGLESTON CR
2063Eggleston Cr after Plunkett St-35.3497149.076187EGGLESTON CR
2064Launceston St after 2nd Burnie St-35.3467149.074127LAUNCESTON ST
2065Launceston St after Dennes Pl-35.3467149.074036LAUNCESTON ST
2066Launceston St after Tarraleah Cr-35.3434149.074524LAUNCESTON ST
2067Launceston St after Port Arthur St-35.3429149.074677LAUNCESTON ST
2068Launceston St Lyons Shops-35.3397149.076981LAUNCESTON ST
2069Launceston St Lyons PS-35.3404149.076477LAUNCESTON ST
2070Launceston St after Glenorchy St-35.3395149.079971LAUNCESTON ST
2071Launceston St after Burnie St-35.3396149.079834LAUNCESTON ST
2072Beasley St after Hodgson Cr-35.3686149.084702BEASLEY ST
2073Beasley St before Torrens Pl-35.3731149.086624BEASLEY ST
2074Beasley St 2nd after Basedow St-35.3708149.085236BEASLEY ST
2075Beasley St 2nd after Hodgson Cr-35.3707149.085358BEASLEY ST
2076Beasley St after Hawker St-35.3685149.084473BEASLEY ST
2077Hodgson Cr Pearce Shops-35.3625149.082214HODGSON CR
2078Hodgson Cr opp Pearce Shops-35.363149.082047HODGSON CR
2079Hodgson Cr after Pethebrigde St-35.3605149.084686HODGSON CR
2080Hodgson Cr after Shepherd St-35.3605149.084473HODGSON CR
2081Hodgson Cr after Collings St-35.3579149.086716HODGSON CR
2082Hodgson Cr after Marr St-35.358149.086884HODGSON CR
2083Melrose Dr 2nd after Botany St-35.355149.086502MELROSE DR
2084Melrose Dr after Hodgson Cr-35.3552149.086243MELROSE DR
2085Melrose Dr after Botany St-35.3528149.085724MELROSE DR
2086Melrose Dr 2nd after Hodgson Cr-35.3528149.085434MELROSE DR
2087Botany St after Devine Ct-35.3509149.086395BOTANY ST
2088Botany St after Townshend St-35.351149.0867BOTANY ST
2089Badimara St after Kalgoorlie Cr-35.3586149.060181BADIMARA ST
2090Launceston St after Callam St-35.3411149.088577LAUNCESTON ST
2091Launceston St after Yamba Dr-35.3403149.090332LAUNCESTON ST
2092Yamba Dr after Justinian St-35.3405149.093521YAMBA DR
2093Yamba Dr after Kitchener St-35.3425149.09639YAMBA DR
2094Yamba Dr opp Canberra Hospital-35.3467149.099579YAMBA DR
2095Tyagarah St after Wallangara St-35.3501149.106445TYAGARAH ST
2096Culgoa Cct after 2nd Jindalee Cr-35.3522149.104385CULGOA CCT
2097Culgoa Cct after Tyagarah St-35.3523149.104553CULGOA CCT
2098Culgoa Cct after Jindalee Cr-35.3544149.104996CULGOA CCT
2099Culgoa Cct after Bulwarra Cl-35.3543149.105103CULGOA CCT
2100Kareelah Vst after Mialli Pl-35.3555149.107269KAREELAH VSTA
2101Kareelah Vst after Gerogery Pl-35.3555149.107132KAREELAH VSTA
2102Kareelah Vst after Pindari Cr-35.3574149.107681KAREELAH VSTA
2103Kareelah Vst after Taronga Pl-35.3578149.108383KAREELAH VSTA
2104Ngunawal Dr after Cobbadah St-35.3594149.109039NGUNAWAL DR
2105Ngunawal Dr after Kareelah Vsta-35.3596149.109085NGUNAWAL DR
2106Bromby St 2nd after Julia Flynn Av-35.3621149.106949BROMBY ST
2107Bromby St after Ngunawal Dr-35.3621149.107132BROMBY ST
2108Bromby St after William Wilkins Cr-35.3636149.107773BROMBY ST
2109Bromby St after Julia Flynn Av-35.3636149.107651BROMBY ST
2110Julia Flynn Av after Adkinson Cl-35.3642149.11055JULIA FLYNN AV
2111Mulley St St Judes Primary School-35.3355149.051086MULLEY ST
2112Mulley St opp St. Judes PS-35.3356149.051041MULLEY ST
2113Heysen St after Police CLG-35.3311149.058609HEYSEN ST
2114Heysen St before Gruner St-35.3313149.058792HEYSEN ST
2115Heysen St before Parkway overpass-35.3334149.060898HEYSEN ST
2116Heysen St after Bunny St-35.3333149.060684HEYSEN ST
2117Dixon Dr after Twynam St-35.3296149.046432DIXON DR
2118Dixon Dr 3rd after Warragamba Av-35.3295149.046265DIXON DR
2119Dixon Dr 2nd after Warragamba Av-35.3297149.043854DIXON DR
2120Dixon Dr after Hyndes Cr-35.3298149.043869DIXON DR
2121Dixon Dr 2nd after Hyndes Cr-35.33149.041992DIXON DR
2122Dixon Dr after Warragamba Av-35.3299149.041885DIXON DR
2123Warragamba Av 2nd after Jindabyne St-35.3302149.038162WARRAGAMBA AV
2124Warragamba Av after Dixon Dr-35.3303149.038177WARRAGAMBA AV
2125Jindabyne St after Eppalock St-35.3321149.032608JINDABYNE ST
2126Jindabyne St after Somerset St-35.332149.032501JINDABYNE ST
2127Burrinjuck Cr opp Duffy Primary School-35.3342149.032272BURRINJUCK CR
2128Burrinjuck Cr Duffy Primary School-35.3348149.031891BURRINJUCK CR
2129Burrinjuck Cr before Serpentine St-35.3335149.03479BURRINJUCK CR
2130Burrinjuck Cr between Blowering St-35.3336149.034653BURRINJUCK CR
2131Burrinjuck Cr after Blowering St-35.333149.037216BURRINJUCK CR
2132Burrinjuck Cr Duffy Shops-35.3368149.031754BURRINJUCK CR
2133Burrinjuck Cr opp Duffy Shops-35.337149.031586BURRINJUCK CR
2134Renmark St after Jemalong St-35.3384149.030273RENMARK ST
2135Renmark St after Eungella St-35.3385149.030457RENMARK ST
2136Eucumbene Dr after Hindmarsh Dr-35.341149.027527EUCUMBENE DR
2137Eucumbene Dr after Renmark St-35.3412149.027542EUCUMBENE DR
2138Hindmarsh Dr opp Weston Creek Terminus-35.3438149.027817HINDMARSH DR
2139Hindmarsh Dr 2nd after Eucumbene Dr-35.3438149.030121HINDMARSH DR
2140Wyangala St after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3425149.032166WYANGALA ST
2141Wyangala St after 2nd Burdekin St-35.3414149.033081WYANGALA ST
2142Wyangala St after Tullaroop St-35.3408149.033722WYANGALA ST
2143Hindmarsh Dr after Dixon Dr-35.3421149.04245HINDMARSH DR
2144Hindmarsh Dr after Carbeen St-35.3422149.042572HINDMARSH DR
2145Hindmarsh Dr after Bangalay Cr-35.3422149.036819HINDMARSH DR
2146Hindmarsh Dr before Darwinia Tce-35.3439149.030304HINDMARSH DR
2147Darwinia Tce after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3466149.028717DARWINIA TCE
2148Darwinia Tce after Kathner St-35.3463149.02861DARWINIA TCE
2149Darwinia Tce after Angophora St-35.35149.030106DARWINIA TCE
2150Darwinia Tce after Rafferty St-35.3502149.030197DARWINIA TCE
2151Darwinia Tce 2nd after Angophora St-35.3514149.032166DARWINIA TCE
2152Darwinia Tce 2nd after Perry Dr-35.3514149.031967DARWINIA TCE
2153Darwinia Tce after Casuarina St-35.3523149.034149DARWINIA TCE
2154Darwinia Tce after Perry Dr-35.3524149.034241DARWINIA TCE
2155Perry Dr after Darwinia Tce-35.3547149.034561PERRY DR
2156Perry Dr after Sidaway St-35.3546149.034454PERRY DR
2157Perry Dr after Rene St-35.3569149.036438PERRY DR
2158Perry Dr after Lipman St-35.357149.036865PERRY DR
2159Perry Dr opp Chapman Shops-35.3562149.040115PERRY DR
2160Perry Dr Chapman Shops-35.3561149.04039PERRY DR
2161Perry Dr opp Chapman Primary School-35.3569149.042435PERRY DR
2162Perry Dr Chapman Primary School-35.3568149.042603PERRY DR
2163Perry Dr after Namatjira Dr-35.3595149.04454PERRY DR
2164Perry Dr after Tauchert St-35.3593149.044373PERRY DR
2165Kalgoorlie Cr 2nd after Badimara St-35.3602149.053146KALGOORLIE CR
2166Kalgoorlie Cr after Eleanora St-35.3602149.052933KALGOORLIE CR
2167Kalgoorlie Cr Fisher Shops-35.362149.056641KALGOORLIE CR
2168Kalgoorlie Cr opp Fisher Shops-35.3621149.056473KALGOORLIE CR
2169Kalgoorlie Cr after Kambalda Cr-35.3629149.058945KALGOORLIE CR
2170Kalgoorlie Cr after Fisher Shops-35.3628149.05867KALGOORLIE CR
2171Kalgoorlie Cr after Jarrahdale St-35.3604149.060883KALGOORLIE CR
2172Kalgoorlie Cr after Pandanus St-35.3601149.061203KALGOORLIE CR
2173Badimara St 3rd after 2nd Nemarang Cr SSO-35.3589149.063736BADIMARA ST
2174Badimara St 2nd after 2nd Nemarang Cr SSO-35.3589149.065735BADIMARA ST
2175Badimara St after 2nd Nemarang Cr SSO-35.3575149.068146BADIMARA ST
2176Badimara St after South Entry Nemarang Cr-35.3564149.068344BADIMARA ST
2177Badimara St between Nemarang Cr West Side-35.355149.068634BADIMARA ST
2178Badimara St between Nemarang Cr East Side-35.3552149.068802BADIMARA ST
2179Badimara St 3rd after Nemarang Cr-35.3528149.068604BADIMARA ST
2180Badimara St after North Entry Nemarang Cr-35.3527149.06868BADIMARA ST
2181Badimara St after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3499149.068161BADIMARA ST
2182Badimara St before Hindmarsh Dr-35.3498149.067993BADIMARA ST
2183McInnes St after Hindmarsh Dr-35.346149.06279MCINNES ST
2184McInnes St after 2nd Buvelot St-35.3459149.062988MCINNES ST
2185McInnes St after 1st Chevalier St-35.3439149.061462MCINNES ST
2186McInnes St 2nd after Buvelot St-35.3439149.061493MCINNES ST
2187McInnes St after 2nd Chevalier St-35.3432149.059143MCINNES ST
2188McInnes St after Buvelot St-35.3426149.05864MCINNES ST
2189McInnes St after Ironside St-35.3409149.058411MCINNES ST
2190McInnes St after Conder St-35.3409149.058197MCINNES ST
2191McInnes St after Mather St-35.3385149.059433MCINNES ST
2192McInnes St after Hilder St-35.3384149.059525MCINNES ST
2193Hilder St after McInnes St-35.3369149.057922HILDER ST
2194Hilder St 2nd after Lycett St-35.3368149.057816HILDER ST
2195Hilder St after Lycett St-35.3368149.056137HILDER ST
2196Hilder St after Gritten St-35.3368149.055649HILDER ST
2197Hilder St after Streeton Dr-35.3356149.053864HILDER ST
2198Hilder St 2nd after Gritten St-35.3356149.053757HILDER ST
2199Namatjira Dr after MacNally St-35.3393149.05455NAMATJIRA DR
2200Namatjira Dr after Mather St-35.3406149.056595NAMATJIRA DR
2201Namatjira Dr after Conder St-35.3423149.057266NAMATJIRA DR
2202Parkinson St after 2nd Whitney Pl-35.3433149.055771PARKINSON ST
2203Parkinson St after Evergood Cl-35.3434149.055771PARKINSON ST
2204Parkinson St after Whitney Pl-35.3424149.052963PARKINSON ST
2205Parkinson St after Watling Pl-35.3425149.052872PARKINSON ST
2206Blackwood Tce after Williamson St-35.3367149.044678BLACKWOOD TCE
2207Blackwood Tce Holder Shops-35.3366149.044601BLACKWOOD TCE
2208Blackwood Tce after Tyers St-35.3361149.041153BLACKWOOD TCE
2209Blackwood Tce after Weingarth St-35.3361149.040939BLACKWOOD TCE
2210Dixon Dr after Blackwood Tce-35.3349149.037766DIXON DR
2211Heysen St Weston Police CLG after Streeton Dr-35.3302149.055252HEYSEN ST
2212Heysen St Weston Police CLG before Streeton Dr-35.3303149.055252HEYSEN ST
2213Melbourne Av SGG School-35.318149.115326MELBOURNE AV
2214Empire Cct SGGS SSO-35.316149.116241EMPIRE CCT
2215Melbourne Av North of National Cct-35.3138149.11908MELBOURNE AV
2216Melbourne Av North of Somers Cr-35.3122149.120544MELBOURNE AV
2217State Cir before Adelaide Av-35.3112149.120621STATE CIR
2218Gawler Cr opp SGG School-35.3171149.113159GAWLER CR
2219Gawler Cr SGG School-35.3172149.113342GAWLER CR
2220Gawler Cr before Robe St-35.3144149.110474GAWLER CR
2221Hopetoun Cct before Grey St-35.3131149.107666HOPETOUN CCT
2222Hopetoun Cct after Grose St-35.3131149.107376HOPETOUN CCT
2223Hopetoun Cct after Hampton Cct-35.3096149.106628HOPETOUN CCT
2224Hopetoun Cct after Weston St-35.3103149.106628HOPETOUN CCT
2225Hopetoun Cct before Loftus St-35.3074149.106476HOPETOUN CCT
2226Hopetoun before Hampton Cct-35.3074149.106567HOPETOUN CCT
2227Hopetoun Cct before roundabout-35.3052149.106827HOPETOUN CCT
2228Schlich St after Musgrave St-35.3046149.104675SCHLICH ST
2229Schlich St before roundabout-35.3046149.106308SCHLICH ST
2230Schlich St after Maiden St-35.3044149.103821SCHLICH ST
2231Eyre St after Howitt St-35.3154149.143951EYRE ST
2232Wentworth Av after Giles St-35.3143149.144501WENTWORTH AV
2233Wentworth Av after Dawes St-35.3174149.146317WENTWORTH AV
2234Wentworth Av before Dawes St-35.3171149.145538WENTWORTH AV
2235Cunningham St after Wentworth Av-35.3176149.149582CUNNINGHAM ST
2236Cunningham St behind railway tracks-35.3176149.14917CUNNINGHAM ST
2237Sandalwood St after Spinifex St-35.3162149.151169SANDALWOOD ST
2238Cunningham St after The Causeway-35.3178149.15097CUNNINGHAM ST
2239Nemarang Cr 2nd after Yiman St-35.3519149.063965NEMARANG CR
2240Queen Victoria Tce East Block Govt Offices-35.3042149.130814QUEEN VICTORIA TCE
2241Queen Victoria Tce Tennis Courts-35.304149.130875QUEEN VICTORIA TCE
2242Federation Mall Parliament House Northbound-35.3055149.126068FEDERATION MALL
2245Federation Mall Parliament House Southbound-35.306149.127045FEDERATION MALL
2246Commonwealth Av opp Albert Hall-35.2979149.126312COMMONWEALTH AV
2247Commonwealth Av Albert Hall-35.2978149.125885COMMONWEALTH AV
2248Nemarang Cr after Galibal St-35.3523149.066879NEMARANG CR
2249Egglestone Cr before Charteris Cr-35.3531149.08078EGGLESTON CR
2250Nemarang Cr after Yiman St-35.3525149.067154NEMARANG CR
2251Sydney Av before State Cir-35.3113149.129135SYDNEY AV
2252Sydney Av after State Cir-35.3111149.129776SYDNEY AV
2253National Cct after Sydney Av-35.3119149.132446NATIONAL CCT
2254National Cct after Bourke St-35.3121149.132401NATIONAL CCT
2255National Cct Press Club-35.3109149.133148NATIONAL CCT
2256National Cct after Darling St-35.3099149.133209NATIONAL CCT
2257National Cct before Kings Av-35.3061149.133148NATIONAL CCT
2258National Cct after Kings Av-35.3056149.133041NATIONAL CCT
2259Anzac Parade after Fairbairn Av-35.2835149.146713ANZAC PDE
2260Fairbairn Av after Jackson St-35.2832149.154221FAIRBAIRN AV
2261Fairbairn Av before Northcott Dr-35.2853149.162384FAIRBAIRN AV
2262Fairbairn Av after Northcott Dv-35.2853149.161835FAIRBAIRN AV
2263Gilmore Cr opp Garran PS-35.344149.101425GILMORE CR
2264Gilmore Cr Garran PS-35.344149.101608GILMORE CR
2265Kitchener St after Birdwood St-35.3383149.102478KITCHENER ST
2266Kitchener St after Gilmore Cr-35.3381149.102234KITCHENER ST
2267Kitchener St after McNicoll St-35.336149.100677KITCHENER ST
2268Kitchener St after Goble St-35.3352149.100006KITCHENER ST
2269Kitchener St before Goble St-35.334149.098343KITCHENER ST
2270Kitchener St 2nd after McNicoll St-35.3339149.09787KITCHENER ST
2271Kent St opp Hughes Shops-35.3331149.095032KENT ST
2272Kent St after Carruthers St-35.3296149.094574KENT ST
2273Kent St after Jensen St-35.3294149.094528KENT ST
2274Kent St Telstra Exchange Building-35.3254149.09639KENT ST
2275Kent St opp Telstra Exchange Building-35.3249149.096527KENT ST
2276Kent St 2nd after Phipps Pl-35.3223149.097733KENT ST
2277Kent St 3rd after Carruthers St-35.3198149.098175KENT ST
2278Kent St South of Strickland Cr-35.3193149.098312KENT ST
2279Strickland Cr after Macgregor St-35.3185149.098846STRICKLAND CR
2280Strickland Cr after Kent St-35.3184149.099014STRICKLAND CR
2281Macgregor St after Cairns St-35.3172149.101425MACGREGOR ST
2282Macgregor St after Strickland Cr-35.3169149.102005MACGREGOR ST
2283Macgregor St opp The Grange-35.3163149.105652MACGREGOR ST
2284Macgregor St The Grange-35.3163149.105209MACGREGOR ST
2285Macgregor St opp Deakin Shops-35.3155149.108307MACGREGOR ST
2286Hopetoun Cct Deakin Shops-35.3149149.108383HOPETOUN CCT
2287Gawler Cr after Fergusson Cr-35.3148149.111176GAWLER CR
2288Yambina Cr after Nemarang Cr-35.3566149.059738YAMBINA CR
2289Mawson Dr after Wilkins St-35.3633149.096527MAWSON DR
2290Kent St 2nd after Strickland Cr-35.3221149.0979KENT ST
2291Yambima Cr after Wirangu Pl-35.3565149.059631YAMBINA CR
2292Ainsworth St after Mawson PS-35.3614149.098724AINSWORTH ST
2293Ainsworth St Mawson PS-35.3599149.097839AINSWORTH ST
2294Ainsworth St opp Mawson PS-35.3599149.097626AINSWORTH ST
2295Ainsworth St after Colbeck St-35.3561149.097687AINSWORTH ST
2296Ainsworth St 2nd after Du Faur St-35.3565149.097412AINSWORTH ST
2297Streeton Dr 2nd after Darwinia Tce-35.3507149.042145STREETON DR
2298Streeton Dr North of Darwinia Tce-35.3525149.041595STREETON DR
2299Ainsworth St after Alsop Cl-35.3506149.093414AINSWORTH ST
2300Ainsworth St after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3498149.093796AINSWORTH ST
2301Gilmore Cr after Eldridge Cr-35.3458149.104965GILMORE CR
2302Gilmore Cr 2nd after Hartigan St-35.3459149.104935GILMORE CR
2303Strickland Cr Calvary John James Hospital-35.3185149.095627STRICKLAND CR
2304Strickland Cr opp Calvary John James Hosp.-35.3184149.095337STRICKLAND CR
2305Novar St after Kintore Cr-35.312149.098206NOVAR ST
2306Novar St before Weston St-35.3101149.098206NOVAR ST
2307Novar St Yarralumla Shops-35.3079149.09819NOVAR ST
2308Williamson St after Sheaffe St SSO-35.3397149.046997WILLIAMSON ST
2311Williamson St after Orr St SSO-35.3395149.047104WILLIAMSON ST
2312Melbourne Av opp SGG School-35.3185149.11557MELBOURNE AV
2313Dalrymple St Turnaround-35.3429149.138153WILLIAMSON ST
2314Empire Cct after Wilmot Cr SSO-35.3168149.117523EMPIRE CCT
2315Empire Cct after Melbourne Av SSO-35.3169149.117798EMPIRE CCT
2316Empire Cct after Davey Cr SSO-35.3182149.121597EMPIRE CCT
2317Empire Cct after Tennyson Cr SSO-35.3182149.121399EMPIRE CCT
2318Arthur Cir after Empire Cct SSO-35.3201149.121735ARTHUR CIR
2319Arthur Cir after Dampier Cr SSO-35.3197149.121658ARTHUR CIR
2320Arthur Cir after Moresby St SSO-35.3221149.122742ARTHUR CIR
2321Arthur Cir after Monaro Cr-35.3224149.127075ARTHUR CIR
2322Arthur Cir after Dampier Cr SSO-35.3218149.122574ARTHUR CIR
2323Arthur Cir after Furneaux St-35.3225149.127045ARTHUR CIR
2324Furneaux St after Arthur Cir-35.3205149.129623FURNEAUX ST
2325Furneaux St after Murray St-35.3206149.129608FURNEAUX ST
2326Franklin St Manuka Shops-35.32149.133514FRANKLIN ST
2327Canberra Av Kingston Hotel-35.32149.138351CANBERRA AV
2328Giles St Kingston Hotel-35.3194149.137543GILES ST
2329Giles St after Leichhardt St-35.3172149.138962GILES ST
2330Eyre St after Ovens St-35.3183149.14035EYRE ST
2331Dalrymple St after Hindmarsh Dr-35.343149.138489DALRYMPLE ST
2332Dalrymple St after Goyder St-35.3431149.138641DALRYMPLE ST
2333Goyder St Jindalee Nursing Home-35.3414149.14241GOYDER ST
2334Goyder St opp Jindalee Nursing Home-35.3412149.142502GOYDER ST
2335Goyder St after Caley Cr-35.3394149.146225GOYDER ST
2336Goyder St 2nd after Jerrabomberra Av-35.3395149.14624GOYDER ST
2337Goyder St Narrabundah CLG-35.3384149.14801GOYDER ST
2338Goyder St after Jerrabomberra Av-35.3382149.14856GOYDER ST
2339Goyder St before Kyeema St-35.3367149.153519GOYDER ST
2340Goyder St after Kyeema St-35.3368149.152924GOYDER ST
2341Goyder St before Tallara Pwy-35.3371149.156006GOYDER ST
2342Goyder St 2nd after Kootara Cr-35.3371149.156509GOYDER ST
2343Matina St after Tallara Pky-35.3344149.158646MATINA ST
2344Matina St after Kootara Cr-35.3347149.158478MATINA ST
2345Kootara Cr after Deeban Pl-35.333149.158417KOOTARA CR
2346Kootara Cr after Matina St-35.3331149.158554KOOTARA CR
2347Kootara Cr after Warramoo Cr-35.333149.156616KOOTARA CR
2348Beasley St SSO-35.3702149.102997BEASLEY ST
2349Kootara Cr Narrabundah Shops-35.3325149.154709KOOTARA CR
2350Kootara Cr after Anembo St-35.3319149.153702KOOTARA CR
2351Kootara Cr after Iluka St-35.3312149.152191KOOTARA CR
2352Kootara Cr Narrabundah PS-35.3299149.150986KOOTARA CR
2353Kootara Cr after Yamba Pl-35.3289149.150085KOOTARA CR
2354Kootara Cr after McMillan St-35.3273149.149506KOOTARA CR
2355McMillan Cr after Sturt Av-35.3254149.147888MCMILLAN CR
2356Mckinlay St after McMillan St-35.3272149.147125MCKINLAY ST
2357McKinlay St after Frome St-35.3273149.147003MCKINLAY ST
2358McKinlay St after Warburton St-35.3301149.146667MCKINLAY ST
2359McKinlay St after McIntyre St-35.3302149.14653MCKINLAY ST
2360McIntyre St after Stuart St-35.3315149.145325MCINTYRE ST
2361McIntyre St after McKinlay Pl-35.3318149.14502MCINTYRE ST
2362Stuart St after McIntyre St-35.3308149.143753STUART ST
2363Stuart St before Strzelecki Cr-35.3302149.143402STUART ST
2364Stuart St Griffith Shops-35.3287149.14212STUART ST
2365Stuart St before Favenc Cir-35.328149.141296STUART ST
2366Stuart St before Barrallier St-35.3255149.139206STUART ST
2367Stuart St after Barrallier St-35.3256149.139404STUART ST
2368Stuart St after Hann St-35.3237149.137787STUART ST
2369Stuart St after Locker St-35.3237149.13765STUART ST
2370Captain Cook Cr after Canberra Av-35.3211149.135101CAPTAIN COOK CR
2371Captain Cook Cr Manuka-35.3217149.134521CAPTAIN COOK CR
2372Wentworth Av opp Old Bus Depot Markets-35.3131149.143219WENTWORTH AV
2373Wentworth Av Old Bus Depot Markets-35.3116149.142868WENTWORTH AV
2374Brisbane Av after Macquarie St-35.3093149.136505BRISBANE AV
2375Brisbane Av Police CLG-35.3097149.137039BRISBANE AV
2376Whyalla St before Newcastle St-35.3328149.175858WHYALLA ST
2377Yamba Dr after Wisdom St-35.34149.093124YAMBA DR
2378Yamba Dr 3rd after Wisdom St-35.3425149.096863YAMBA DR
2379Yamba Dr 2nd after Wisdom St-35.3411149.094711YAMBA DR
2380Yamba Dr The Canberra Hospital-35.3465149.099747YAMBA DR
2382Canberra Av Service Rd before Whyalla St-35.3343149.169907CANBERRA AVE SERVICE RD
2383Nyrang St after Canberra Av-35.3251149.155304NYRANG ST
2384Canberra Av Service Rd before Geelong St-35.3324149.166046CANBERRA AVE SERVICE RD
2385Canberra Av Service Rd after Geelong St-35.3327149.166275CANBERRA AVE SERVICE RD
2386Ipswich St outside Century 21-35.3291149.163025IPSWICH ST
2387Newcastle St Canberra Times-35.3244149.170746NEWCASTLE ST
2388Gladstone St before Maryborough St-35.3236149.172668GLADSTONE ST
2389Gladstone St before Kembla St-35.3223149.174744GLADSTONE ST
2390Gladstone St opp Coates Hire-35.3223149.179642GLADSTONE ST
2391Gladstone St after Albany St-35.324149.182205GLADSTONE ST
2392Gladstone St before Tennant St-35.3264149.184479GLADSTONE ST
2393Mulley St Grant Cameron Centre-35.3319149.049057MULLEY ST
2394Blackwood Tce after Calder Cr-35.3343149.048462BLACKWOOD TCE
2395Blackwood Tce after Mulley St-35.3344149.048508BLACKWOOD TCE
2396Blackwood Tce after Pearson St-35.3356149.046478BLACKWOOD TCE
2397Macfarland Cr opp Pearce Shops-35.3632149.081329MACFARLAND CR
2398Gladstone St after Townsville St-35.3306149.184967GLADSTONE ST
2399Townsville St before Gladstone St-35.3304149.183426TOWNSVILLE ST
2400Newcastle St before Wollongong St-35.3291149.178162NEWCASTLE ST
2401Townsville St after Albany St-35.328149.18338TOWNSVILLE ST
2402Wollongong St before Maryborough St-35.3274149.17749WOLLONGONG ST
2403Gladstone St 2nd after Townsville St-35.3281149.184937GLADSTONE ST
2404Whyalla St after Canberra Av-35.3339149.173355WHYALLA ST
2405Albany St before Collie St-35.3274149.181198ALBANY ST
2406Wollongong St Commonwealth Bank-35.3267149.178391WOLLONGONG ST
2407Blackwood Tce after Hyndes Cr-35.3356149.046356BLACKWOOD TCE
2408Burrinjuck Cr after Serpentine St-35.3329149.037338BURRINJUCK CR
2409Wyangala St after Waranga Pl-35.3426149.032303WYANGALA ST
2410Larakia St after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3486149.062607LARAKIA ST
2411Larakia St after Malara St-35.3484149.062561LARAKIA ST
2412Larakia St after 2nd Malara St-35.3513149.063004LARAKIA ST
2413Larakia St after Nemerang St-35.3514149.062897LARAKIA ST
2414Nemerang Cr Waramanga Shops-35.3525149.060608NEMARANG CR
2415Nemarang Cr opp Waramanga Shops-35.3527149.060608NEMARANG CR
2416Nemerang Cr after Yambina Cr-35.3555149.060242NEMARANG CR
2417Nemarang Cr after Dalabon Cr-35.3554149.060379NEMARANG CR
2418Yambina Cr after Badimara St-35.3574149.059464YAMBINA CR
2419Badimara St 2nd after Yambina Cr SSO-35.3588149.063416BADIMARA ST
2420Yambina Cr 2nd after Nemarang Cr-35.3578149.059479YAMBINA CR
2421Badimara St 3rd after Yambina Cr SSO-35.3588149.065628BADIMARA ST
2422Fremantle Dr opp Canberra College Weston-35.349149.049545FREMANTLE DR
2423Fremantle Dr Canberra College Weston-35.3489149.049423FREMANTLE DR
2424Fremantle Dr after 2nd Mackie Cr-35.3525149.04921FREMANTLE DR
2425Fremantle Dr after Crowder Cct-35.3525149.049042FREMANTLE DR
2426Fremantle Dr after Reveley Cr-35.3534149.047546FREMANTLE DR
2427Fremantle Dr before Crowder Cct-35.3539149.04689FREMANTLE DR
2428Bangalay Cr after Casuarina St-35.349149.036453BANGALAY CR
2429Bangalay Cr after 2nd Rivett Pl-35.349149.036667BANGALAY CR
2430Bangalay Cr after Angophora St-35.3468149.035965BANGALAY CR
2431Bangalay Cr Rivett Shops-35.347149.036026BANGALAY CR
2432Carbeen St after Bangalay Cr-35.3443149.039505CARBEEN ST
2433Carbeen St after 2nd Gungurra Cr-35.3445149.039459CARBEEN ST
2434Carbeen St after Santalum St-35.3441149.04303CARBEEN ST
2435Carbeen St after Gungurra Cr-35.3441149.042984CARBEEN ST
2436Carbeen St after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3424149.045685CARBEEN ST
2437Carbeen St after 2nd Santalum St-35.3424149.045517CARBEEN ST
2438Kootara Cr after 2nd Gymea St-35.3328149.156052KOOTARA CR
2439Beasley St after Drevermann St SSO-35.3702149.103226BEASLEY ST
2441Beasley St after Yamba Dr SSO-35.3689149.106842BEASLEY ST
2442Ainsworth St Mawson PS SSO-35.358149.097229AINSWORTH ST
2443Kootara Cr after Sturt Av service Rd-35.3263149.14917KOOTARA CR
2444McMillan Cr after Wills St-35.3255149.148422MCMILLAN CR
2445Brisbane Av after National Cct-35.3093149.132553BRISBANE AV
2446Brisbane Av after State Cir-35.3089149.13295BRISBANE AV
2447Novar St before Kintore Cr-35.312149.098297NOVAR ST
2448Novar St after Weston St-35.3102149.098282NOVAR ST
2449Novar St opp Yarralumla Shops-35.3074149.098312NOVAR ST
2450Schlich St after Mueller St-35.3038149.098724SCHLICH ST
2451Schlich St after Novar St-35.3038149.099091SCHLICH ST
2452Tyagarah St after Culgoa Cct-35.3499149.106155TYAGARAH ST
2453Julia Flynn Av after 2nd Ringrose Cr-35.3642149.110321JULIA FLYNN AV
2454Julia Flynn Av after William Wilkins Cr-35.3656149.112579JULIA FLYNN AV
2457Julia Flynn Av 2nd after Ringrose Cr-35.3658149.112518JULIA FLYNN AV
2458Julia Flynn Av opp Isaacs Shops-35.3672149.112823JULIA FLYNN AV
2459Julia Flynn Av Isaacs Shops-35.3673149.112625JULIA FLYNN AV
2460Julia Flynn Av after Dorsch St-35.37149.111465JULIA FLYNN AV
2461Julia Flynn Av after Rule St-35.3702149.111725JULIA FLYNN AV
2462Julia Flynn Av after 2nd Rule St-35.3717149.113464JULIA FLYNN AV
2463Julia Flynn Av after Walton St-35.3719149.113861JULIA FLYNN AV
2464Julia Flynn Av after Huffer Cl-35.3733149.116028JULIA FLYNN AV
2465Julia Flynn Av 2nd after Alexander Mackie Ct-35.3733149.115891JULIA FLYNN AV
2466Julia Flynn Av after 2nd Rowntree Cr-35.3756149.114685JULIA FLYNN AV
2467Julia Flynn Av after Alexander Mackie Ct-35.3756149.114517JULIA FLYNN AV
2468Dookie St after Hawkesbury Cr-35.3767149.109222DOOKIE ST
2469Dookie St after Longerenong St-35.3767149.109116DOOKIE ST
2470Lambrigg St Farrer PS-35.379149.107147LAMBRIGG ST
2471Lambrigg St opp Farrer PS-35.3792149.107239LAMBRIGG ST
2472Lambrigg St after Longerenong St-35.3779149.103943LAMBRIGG ST
2473Lambrigg St after Prescott St-35.378149.10376LAMBRIGG ST
2474Marshall St opp Farrer Shops-35.375149.101028MARSHALL ST
2475Marshall St Farrer Shops-35.3751149.101151MARSHALL ST
2476Marshall St after Spafford Cr-35.3736149.101715MARSHALL ST
2477Marshall St after Gluyas St-35.3728149.101822MARSHALL ST
2478Mawson Dr after Hurley St-35.3632149.096451MAWSON DR
2479Ainsworth St after Mawson Dr-35.3617149.098633AINSWORTH ST
2480Ainsworth St after Enderby St-35.3534149.095581AINSWORTH ST
2481Ainsworth St 3rd after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3532149.095535AINSWORTH ST
2482Ainsworth St opp Woden CIT-35.3479149.094894AINSWORTH ST
2483Ainsworth St Woden CIT-35.3479149.095032AINSWORTH ST
2484Ainsworth St after Kitchener St-35.346149.096771AINSWORTH ST
2485Ainsworth St 2nd after Chaseling St-35.3457149.09668AINSWORTH ST
2486Kitchener St after Ainsworth St-35.3444149.097397KITCHENER ST
2487Kitchener St after Yamba Dr-35.3446149.097244KITCHENER ST
2488Streeton Dr before Sherratt Pl-35.3484149.044083STREETON DR
2490Streeton Dr after Sherrat Pl-35.3481149.044174STREETON DR
2491Bangalay Cr before Mirbelia Cr-35.3493149.038757BANGALAY CR
2492Bangalay Cr after Streeton Dr-35.3493149.03981BANGALAY CR
2493Kalgoorlie Cr after Badimara St-35.3578149.053452KALGOORLIE CR
2494Kalgoorlie Cr after Bendigo St-35.3578149.053329KALGOORLIE CR
2495Badimara St Mount Stromlo High School-35.3557149.054443BADIMARA ST
2496Badimara St opp Mount Stromlo High School-35.3557149.054245BADIMARA ST
2497Hindmarsh Dr after Wyangala St-35.3422149.036591HINDMARSH DR
2498Devonport St after Port Arthur St-35.3388149.075851DEVONPORT ST
2499Devonport St after Scottsdale St-35.3365149.074677DEVONPORT ST
2500Devonport St after Derwent St-35.3365149.074509DEVONPORT ST
2501Devonport St after Heysen St-35.3343149.072021DEVONPORT ST
2502Devonport St after 2nd Derwent St-35.3344149.072021DEVONPORT ST
2503Heysen St opp Actew Substation-35.333149.06929HEYSEN ST
2504Heysen St Actew Substation-35.3332149.069214HEYSEN ST
2505Mulley St after Dixon Dr-35.3307149.048477MULLEY ST
2506Warragamba Av 2nd after Dixon Dr-35.3306149.034912WARRAGAMBA AV
2507Warragamba Av after Jindabyne St-35.3305149.034836WARRAGAMBA AV
2508Burrinjuck Cr after 2nd Tantangara St-35.3395149.036346BURRINJUCK CR
2509Burrinjuck Cr after Kallara Cl-35.3396149.036758BURRINJUCK CR
2510Dixon Dr after Burrinjuck Cr-35.3383149.038071DIXON DR
2511Dixon Dr after Paloona Pl-35.3353149.037415DIXON DR
2512Mulley St after Grant Cameron Centre-35.3326149.04892MULLEY ST
2513Mulley St before Dixon Dr-35.3307149.048386MULLEY ST
2514Dixon Dr 2nd after Blackwood Tce-35.3383149.038269DIXON DR
2515Theodore St before Holman St North Entry-35.3298149.081192THEODORE ST
2516Theodore St after Curtin Primary School-35.3298149.081085THEODORE ST
2517Theodore St Curtin Shops-35.3269149.08284THEODORE ST
2518Theodore St opp Curtin Shops-35.3269149.082962THEODORE ST
2519Beasley St after Basedow St-35.3736149.087112BEASLEY ST
2520Namatjira Dr after Bunbury St-35.3471149.057007NAMATJIRA DR
2521Streeton Dr 2nd after Bangalay Cr-35.3524149.041748STREETON DR
2522Streeton Dr after Bangalay Cr-35.3509149.042236STREETON DR
2523Darwinia Tce 2nd after Casuarina St SSO-35.3532149.036026DARWINIA TCE
2524Darwinia Tce SSO-35.3537149.037735DARWINIA TCE
2525Darwinia Tce SSO-35.3537149.041046DARWINIA TCE
2526Darwinia Tce before Perry Dr SSO-35.3534149.036377DARWINIA TCE
2527Darwinia Tce SSO-35.3539149.038727DARWINIA TCE
2528Darwinia Tce SSO-35.3536149.041092DARWINIA TCE
2529Gilmore Cr after Kitchener St-35.3395149.103561GILMORE CR
2530Gilmore Cr after Sabine Cl-35.3397149.104095GILMORE CR
2531Gilmore Cr after 2nd Ingamells St-35.3401149.107452GILMORE CR
2532Gilmore Cr after Robson St-35.3401149.107086GILMORE CR
2533Gilmore Cr Garran Shops-35.342149.108795GILMORE CR
2534Gilmore Cr opp Garran Shops-35.3421149.108978GILMORE CR
2535Gilmore Cr after Garran Shops-35.3435149.108856GILMORE CR BDGE
2536Gilmore Cr after Hopegood Pl-35.3442149.108032GILMORE CR
2537Gilmore Cr after Hartigan St-35.345149.107071GILMORE CR
2539Wisdom St Hughes Shops-35.3329149.094177WISDOM ST
2540Wisdom St opp Malkara School-35.337149.093857WISDOM ST
2541Streeton Dr before Namatjira Dr-35.3557149.048828STREETON DR
2542Strickland Cr SSO-35.3198149.103012STRICKLAND CR
2543Strickland Cr SSO-35.3191149.102127STRICKLAND CR
2544Stonehaven Cr SSO-35.3204149.104507STONEHAVEN CR
2545Stonehaven Cr SSO-35.3188149.106918STONEHAVEN CR
2546Stonehaven Cr SSO-35.318149.109024STONEHAVEN CR
2547Wiluna St after Ipswich St-35.3283149.1642WILUNA ST
2548Nyrang St before Canberra Av-35.3254149.155197NYRANG ST
2549Mildura St Fyshwick Markets-35.3233149.155777MILDURA ST
2550Mildura St before Dalby St-35.3221149.1539MILDURA ST
2551Donaldson St after Elouera St SSO-35.2743149.138931DONALDSON ST
2552Kelleway Av Gold Creek PS SSO-35.1815149.100662KELLEWAY AV
2553Baldwin Dr Kaleen HS inside school grounds-35.2256149.100784KALEEN HS DRIVEWAY
2554Barnard Cct St Francis Xavier CLG-35.2247149.04184BARNARD CCT
2555Melbourne Av SGG before Empire Cct-35.3166149.116577MELBOURNE AV
2556Grey St JGGS SSO Grounds-35.3122149.111465JUNIOR GIRLS DRIVEWAY
2557Cowper St Daramalan College-35.2526149.139359COWPER ST
2558Phillip Av Dickson CLG-35.2488149.154709PHILLIP AV
2559Ipima St Merici CLG-35.2661149.136871IPIMA ST
2560Phillip Av opp Dickson CLG-35.2488149.154861PHILLIP AV
2561Hobart Av Forrest PS SSO-35.3152149.125107HOBART AV
2562Starke St after Powell St-35.2277149.018112STARKE ST
2563St John the Apostle PS-35.2249149.041794BARNARD CCT
2564Goodwin St Lyneham HS SSO-35.252149.131058GOODWIN ST
2568Conley Dr Melba HS SSO-35.2138149.049149MELBA HIGH DRIVEWAY
2569Wisdom St Malkara School-35.3374149.093735WISDOM ST
2570Jerrabomberra Av Narrabundah CLG-35.3359149.147888JERRABOMBERRA AV
2571Tyrell Cct St Michaels PS SSO-35.2236149.108978TYRRELL CCT
2572Higinbotham St Rosary PS SSO-35.2445149.156204HIGINBOTHAM ST
2573Murphy St Sacred Heart PS SSO-35.3658149.083466MURPHY ST
2574Astrolabe St Red Hill PS SSO-35.3394149.132507ASTROLABE ST
2576Stutchbury St St Matthews PS SSO-35.2399149.042542STUTCHBURY ST
2577Lhotsky St St Thomas Aquinas PS SSO-35.2048149.030655LHOTSKY ST
2579New South Wales Cr Telopea Park School SSO-35.3151149.13382NEW SOUTH WALES CR
2580Brindabella Christian CLG SSO-35.2493149.127426BRIGALOW ST
2581Streeton Dr after Namatjira Dr-35.3557149.048645STREETON DR
2582Tallara Parkway St Benedicts Primary School-35.3345149.149048TALLARA PWY
2583Basedow St Torrens Terminus-35.3759149.085297BASEDOW ST
2585Parliament Dr Parliament House-35.3073149.122742PARLIAMENT DR
2586Parliament Dr New Parliament House-35.3091149.126083PARLIAMENT DR
2587Groom St before Kent St-35.3324149.093903GROOM ST
2588Brierly St Cooleman Ct Plt 2-35.341149.052338BRIERLY ST
2589Lithgow St Fyshwick Terminus-35.3305149.163727LITHGOW ST
2590Namatjira Dr after Parkinson St-35.3431149.057404NAMATJIRA DR
2591Callum St after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3482149.08934CALLAM ST
2592Melbourne Av South of Somers Cr-35.3129149.120529MELBOURNE AV
2593Melbourne Av South of National Cct-35.3146149.119019MELBOURNE AV
2594Melbourne Av before Empire Cct-35.3164149.117416MELBOURNE AV
2595Eyre St Kingston Shops-35.3166149.141815EYRE ST
2596Giles St Kingston Shops-35.3158149.140198GILES ST
2598Lithgow St opp Fyshwick Terminus-35.3306149.16362LITHGOW ST
2599Bateson Rd Canberra Hospital-35.3488149.101379BATESON RD
2600Canberra Hospital before Gilmore Cr-35.3463149.101791HOSPITAL RD
2601Hindmarsh Dr CIT-35.3497149.096893HINDMARSH DR
2602Hindmarsh Dr opp CIT-35.3502149.097137HINDMARSH DR
2603Bateson Rd before Canberra Hospital-35.3487149.102707BATESON RD
2604Anzac Parade before Limestone Av-35.2837149.145828ANZAC PDE
2605Sir Harold Raggatt Dr AGSO-35.3426149.158096SIR HAROLD RAGGATT DR
2607Lambrigg St after Pudney St Farrer Terminus-35.38149.110626PUDNEY ST
2608Athllon Dr Southlands Shops-35.365149.092712ATHLLON DR
2609Athllon Dr opp Southlands Shops-35.3633149.092285ATHLLON DR
2610Gladstone St after Maryborough St-35.3232149.172897GLADSTONE ST
2613Gladstone St after Kembla St-35.322149.179352GLADSTONE ST
2614Gladstone St 83 to 85-35.324149.182388GLADSTONE ST
2615Gladstone St before Albany St-35.3254149.183655GLADSTONE ST
2616Gladstone St 2nd after Tennant St-35.3282149.185043GLADSTONE ST
2618Gladstone St before Townsville St-35.3307149.185089GLADSTONE ST
2619Eggleston Cr 2nd after MacLaurin Cr-35.3519149.08403EGGLESTON CR
2620Townsville St before Albany St-35.3278149.183258TOWNSVILLE ST
2621Newcastle St after Wollongong St-35.3289149.178299NEWCASTLE ST
2623Whyalla St after Newcastle St-35.3332149.175461WHYALLA ST
2624Whyalla St 2nd after Newcastle St-35.334149.173203WHYALLA ST
2625Canberra Av Service Rd after Whyalla St-35.3343149.16983CANBERRA AVE SERVICE RD
2626Mackenzie St SSO-35.2525149.16214MACKENZIE ST
2627Dalrymple St before La Perouse St SSO-35.3394149.136658DALRYMPLE ST
2628Dalrymple St before Logan St SSO-35.339149.136353DALRYMPLE ST
2629Eggleston Cr after Melrose Dr-35.352149.08403EGGLESTON CR
2634Groom St St. Andrews Village-35.329149.088531GROOM ST
2638Groom St opp St. Andrews Village-35.3287149.088669GROOM ST
2639Groom St after Webster St-35.3316149.089264GROOM ST
2640Groom St after Jensen St-35.3318149.089661GROOM ST
2641Gawler Cr after 2nd Fergusson Cr-35.3143149.108826GAWLER CR
2642Gawler Cr before Fergusson Cr-35.3142149.108765GAWLER CR
2643McCulloch St after Waterhouse SSO-35.3185149.081604MCCULLOCH ST
2644McCulloch St after Dunstan St SSO-35.3184149.081436MCCULLOCH ST
2645Namatjira Dr after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3471149.057159NAMATJIRA DR
2646Namatjira Dr 2nd after Walpiri Pl-35.3534149.052597NAMATJIRA DR
2647Badimara St after Mount Stromlo High School-35.3577149.056686BADIMARA ST
2648Badimara St before Kalgoorlie Cr-35.3576149.056427BADIMARA ST
2649Athllon Dr after Shea St-35.3513149.090698ATHLLON DR
2650Athllon Dr after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3524149.091278ATHLLON DR
2651Athllon Dr after Beasley St-35.3713149.092667ATHLLON DR
2652Athllon Dr 2nd after Beasley St-35.3758149.093216ATHLLON DR
2653Beasley St after Marshall St-35.3712149.100723BEASLEY ST
2654Beasley St after Wilkins St-35.3717149.098709BEASLEY ST
2655Sheppard St after Tralee St-35.3926149.164536SHEPPARD ST
2656Sheppard St before Tralee St-35.3928149.164597SHEPPARD ST
2657Sheppard St before Johns Pl-35.3886149.170319SHEPPARD ST
2660Sheppard St after Johns Pl-35.3888149.170334SHEPPARD ST
2661Sheppard St after Arnott St-35.386149.173553SHEPPARD ST
2662Sheppard St before Arnott St-35.3862149.173431SHEPPARD ST
2663Mackenzie St 2nd SSO-35.2562149.164337MACKENZIE ST
2665Mackenzie St 3rd SSO-35.2551149.16568MACKENZIE ST
2666Mackenzie St 4th SSO-35.2529149.167053MACKENZIE ST
2667Mackenzie St 5th SSO-35.2505149.167679MACKENSIE ST
2668Streeton Dr South of Darwinia Tce-35.3549149.042496STREETON DR
2669Streeton Dr Chapman Primary School-35.3548149.042175STREETON DR
2670Ainsworth St 2nd after Hindmarsh Dr-35.352149.094009AINSWORTH ST
2671Ainsworth St after Horbury St-35.352149.093796AINSWORTH ST
2672Athllon Dr after Beasley St-35.3726149.093063ATHLLON DR
2673Beasley St after Torrens Pl-35.3729149.088821BEASLEY ST
2674Beasley St before Basedow St-35.373149.088943BEASLEY ST
2675Dixon Drive after Lines St-35.3337149.039017DIXON DR
2676Dixon Drive before Burrinjuck Cr-35.3336149.03891DIXON DR
2677Canberra Av before Mildura St-35.3267149.155518CANBERRA AV
2678Corinna St Westfield Woden-35.3459149.084213CORINNA ST
2679Canberra Av after Nyrang St-35.3257149.153412CANBERRA AV
2680Wormald St before Faulding St-35.3343149.168076WORMALD ST
2681Sydney Av before National Cct-35.313149.131989SYDNEY AV
2682Manuka Shops Franklin St-35.3204149.133987FRANKLIN ST
2683Faulding St after Edgell Pl-35.3357149.16748FAULDING ST
2684Taubman St after Faulding St-35.3363149.166016TAUBUM ST
2685Wormald St Canberra Eye Hospital-35.3343149.165802WORMALD ST
2686Athllon Dr 2nd after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3554149.091614ATHLLON DR
2687Athllon Dr after Parramatta St-35.354149.091309ATHLLON DR
2688Wanniassa High School Grounds-35.3947149.085815WANNIASSA HS GROUNDS
2689Namatjira Dr opp Mirinjani Village-35.3393149.054688NAMATJIRA DR
2690Palmer St after Dennis St-35.3478149.102875PALMER ST
2691Palmer St before Gilmore Cr-35.3462149.103119PALMER ST
2692Palmer St before Dennis St-35.3464149.10318PALMER ST
2693Tom Roberts Av after Darebin Pl SSO-35.4648149.106293TOM ROBERTS AV
2694Tom Roberts Av before Templestowe Ave-35.4657149.105927TOM ROBERTS AV
2695Tharwa Dr after Roundabout-35.4453149.093658THARWA DR
2696Tharwa Dr after Mentone View-35.4452149.093262THARWA DR
2697Tharwa Dr before Box Hill-35.4546149.091324THARWA DR
2698Tharwa Dr after Box Hill-35.4546149.090988THARWA DR
2699Woden Bus Stn Plt 3-35.3445149.087234WODEN INTERCHANGE
2703Woden Bus Stn Plt 5-35.3445149.087234WODEN INTERCHANGE
2705Woden Bus Stn Plt 6-35.3445149.08754WODEN INTERCHANGE
2706Woden Bus Stn Plt 9-35.3442149.087814WODEN INTERCHANGE
2709Woden Bus Stn Plt 10-35.3439149.087753WODEN INTERCHANGE
2710Woden Bus Stn Plt 11-35.3439149.087616WODEN INTERCHANGE
2711Woden Bus Stn Plt 12-35.3445149.08725WODEN INTERCHANGE
2712Woden Bus Stn Plt 16-35.3445149.087234WODEN INTERCHANGE
2716Jim Pike Av after Charlton Cr-35.4608149.078201JIM PIKE AV
2717Soward Way after Athllon Dr-35.4195149.066376SOWARD WAY
2718Woden Bus Stn Plt 17-35.3443149.086502WODEN INTERCHANGE
2720Kent St after Macartney Cr-35.317149.098297KENT ST
2730Kent St North of Strickland Cr-35.3172149.098206KENT ST
2731State Cir after Melbourne Av-35.3122149.123352STATE CIR
2732Mackenzie St after Tryson St SSO-35.2485149.166519MACKENSIE ST
2734Woden Bus Stn Plt 2-35.3445149.087234WODEN INTERCHANGE
2802Steve Irwin Ave after David Fleay St-35.3244149.036255STEVE IRWIN AV
2803Woden Bus Stn Plt 4-35.3445149.08725WODEN INTERCHANGE
2804Steve Irwin Ave after Dot Butler St-35.3246149.036362STEVE IRWIN AV
2805Steve Irwin Ave after John Gorton Dr-35.3202149.036819STEVE IRWIN AV
2806Woden Bus Station-35.3444149.087723WODEN INTERCHANGE
2808John Gorton Dr after Steve Irwin Ave-35.3194149.036652JOHN GORTON DR
2809John Gorton Dr after Fred Daley Ave-35.32149.037918JOHN GORTON DR
2810John Gorton Dr after Cotter Rd-35.3248149.043381JOHN GORTON DR
2811John Gorton Dr after Harold White Ave-35.3254149.044632COTTER RD
2812Woden Bus Stn Plt 14-35.3445149.087234WODEN INTERCHANGE
2814Woden Bus Stn Plt 15-35.3445149.087234WODEN INTERCHANGE
2815Streeton Drive after Unwin Pl-35.3292149.053925STREETON DR
2820Streeton Drive after Dixon Dr-35.3279149.053528STREETON DR
2821Cotter Road After Streeton Drive-35.327149.052643COTTER RD
2822Iron Knob Street Park and Ride-35.3386149.182693IRON KNOB ST
2824Canberra Avenue after Whyalla St-35.3359149.172775CANBERRA AV
2902Woden Bus Station-35.3446149.08667WODEN INTERCHANGE
2904Woden Bus Station-35.3446149.086914WODEN INTERCHANGE
2905Woden Bus Station-35.3445149.087906WODEN INTERCHANGE
2908Woden Bus Station-35.3443149.087845WODEN INTERCHANGE
2909Woden Bus Station-35.3438149.087585WODEN INTERCHANGE
2911Woden Bus Station-35.3442149.087662WODEN INTERCHANGE
2912Woden Bus Station-35.3445149.08725WODEN INTERCHANGE
2914Woden Bus Station-35.3444149.087006WODEN INTERCHANGE
2915Woden Bus Stn Arrivals-35.3445149.08725WODEN INTERCHANGE
2916Ipswich St before Canberra Av-35.3291149.162796IPSWICH ST
2919Wiluna St before Ipswich St-35.3285149.164169WILUNA ST
2920Carruthers St after roundabout SSO-35.3243149.081284CARRUTHERS ST
2921Carruthers St SSO-35.3241149.081223CARRUTHERS ST
2922Captain Cook Cr before Bremer St SSO-35.329149.136337CAPTAIN COOK CR
2924National Cct Forrest PS after Hobart Av-35.3155149.126663NATIONAL CCT
2925National Cct Forrest PS before Hobart Av-35.3156149.126541NATIONAL CCT
2926Captain Cook Cr after Carnegie Cr SSO-35.3326149.140213CAPTAIN COOK CR
2927Captain Cook Cr after Jerrabomberra Av-35.3348149.14566CAPTAIN COOK CR
2928Clunies Ross St after Barry Dr-35.2737149.116241CLUNIES ROSS ST
2935Clunies Ross St after Black Mountain Dr SSO-35.2782149.112137CLUNIES ROSS ST
2936Clunies Ross St before Barry Dr-35.2732149.116516CLUNIES ROSS ST
2937Dudley St before Kent St SSO-35.3136149.095001DUDLEY ST
2938Dudley St after Kent St SSO-35.3137149.094955DUDLEY ST
2939Newcastle St after Gladstone St-35.325149.172318NEWCASTLE ST
2941Canberra Av after Geelong St-35.3334149.167465CANBERRA AV
2943Canberra Av before Faulding St-35.335149.169983CANBERRA AV
2944Mildura St Opp Fyshwick Markets-35.323149.155426MILDURA ST
2945Mildura St after Leeton St-35.3211149.15152MILDURA ST
2946Mildura St before Leeton St Fyshwick-35.3211149.151901MILDURA ST
2947Canberra Outlet Centre Iron Knob St-35.3363149.179565IRON KNOB ST
2948Flinders Wy SBGS SSO-35.3294149.125351FLINDERS WAY
2949Grey ST JGGS-35.3126149.110535GREY ST
2950Athllon Dr before Learmonth Dr-35.4028149.065018ATHLLON DR
3000London Cct before East Row-35.2796149.130249LONDON CCT
3002London Cct Commonwealth Bank-35.2816149.131866LONDON CCT
3003London Cct after Akuna St-35.2823149.132095LONDON CCT
3004Constitution Av Convention Centre-35.2848149.133621CONSTITUTION AV
3005Constitution Av CIT Reid-35.2865149.13649CONSTITUTION AV
3006Constitution Av before Anzac West-35.2885149.139984CONSTITUTION AV
3007Constitution Av after Anzac East-35.2905149.143265CONSTITUTION AV
3008Constitution Av after Creswell St-35.2918149.145523CONSTITUTION AV
3009Russell Dr Russell Offices-35.2973149.150269RUSSELL DR
3011Kings Av Edmund Barton Building-35.3044149.134857KINGS AV
3012Denison St after Kent St SSO-35.315149.097656DENISON ST
3015Denison St before 2nd Thesiger Ct SSO-35.3162149.094742DENISON ST
3016Denison St after Strickland Cr-35.319149.094101DENISON ST
3017Denison St Alfred Deakin HS-35.3219149.09404DENISON ST
3018Denison St Woden School-35.326149.091965DENISON ST
3019Denison St opp Woden School-35.3259149.091858DENISON ST
3020Denison St after King St-35.3222149.093887DENISON ST
3021Denison St Royal Australian Mint-35.3188149.093979DENISON ST
3022Carruthers St after Groom St-35.3268149.089966CARRUTHERS ST
3025Kings Av opp Edmund Barton Bld-35.3035149.136139KINGS AV
3028Russell Dr Russell Offices Carpark-35.2971149.149902RUSSELL DR
3029Donaldson St before Elimatta St SSO-35.2745149.13887DONALDSON ST
3030Constitution Av after Russell Dr-35.2918149.145157CONSTITUTION AV
3031Constitution Av Anzac East-35.2903149.142715CONSTITUTION AV
3032Constitution Av after Anzac West-35.2885149.139725CONSTITUTION AV
3033Constitution Av opp Reid CIT-35.2864149.136215CONSTITUTION AV
3034Constitution Av opp Convention Centre-35.2847149.133286CONSTITUTION AV
3035London Cct Metropolitan Bldg-35.2827149.125549LONDON CCT
3036London Cct opp City Police Station-35.2806149.125992LONDON CCT
3037Alinga St Canberra House-35.2783149.127289ALINGA ST
3042Doonkuna St before Coranderrk St SSO-35.2799149.139664DOONKUNA ST
3043Matina St Narrabundah Terminus-35.3314149.158905NARRABUNDAH TERMINUS DRIVEWAY
3044Marcus Clarke St after Farrell St-35.2813149.124023MARCUS CLARKE ST
3047Ainslie Av after Ballumbir St-35.2787149.136536AINSLIE AV
3051Ballumbir St Canberra Centre City-35.2794149.135025CANBERRA CENTRE DRIVEWAY
3052Ainslie Av after Currong St-35.2781149.138123AINSLIE AV
3053Ainslie Av after Doonkuna St-35.2785149.13826AINSLIE AV
3054Ainslie Av after Elimatta St-35.2771149.140778AINSLIE AV
3055Ainslie Av after Gooreen St-35.2776149.140762AINSLIE AV
3056General Bridges Rd after Gallipoli Rd-35.2952149.16658GENERAL BRIDGES DR
3060General Bridges Rd after Robert Campbell Rd-35.2951149.16684GENERAL BRIDGES DR
3061Robert Campbell Rd after Wilton Rd-35.2965149.16864ROBERT CAMPBELL RD
3062Robert Campbell Rd before Wilton Rd-35.296149.169113ROBERT CAMPBELL RD
3063Robert Campbell Rd before Parnell Rd-35.2978149.167099ROBERT CAMPBELL RD
3064Parnell St before Robert Campbell Rd-35.2991149.165863PARNELL RD
3065Parnell St before Plant Rd-35.2998149.165024PARNELL RD
3066Parnell St after Plant Rd-35.3002149.164444PARNELL RD
3067Morrison Cct before Bruche Rd-35.302149.163528MORRISON CCT
3068Morrison Cct after Bruche Rd-35.3014149.162598MORRISON CCT
3069Russell Dr after Kelliher Dr-35.3009149.151062RUSSELL DR
3070Russell Dr before Morshead Dr-35.3014149.151474RUSSELL DR
3071Russell Dr before Kings Av Carpark-35.2987149.150833RUSSELL DR
3072Russell Dr after Vivian Bullwinkel St-35.2988149.151123RUSSELL DR
3073Blamey Cr before Watt St-35.2918149.14949BLAMEY CR
3074Blamey Cr before Vasey Cr-35.2918149.149887BLAMEY CR
3075Blamey Cr before Chauvel St-35.2906149.152771BLAMEY CR
3076Blamey Cr after Chauvel St-35.2903149.152985BLAMEY CR
3077Chauvel St before Campbell Primary School-35.2906149.155029CHAUVEL ST
3078Chauvel St opp Campbell Primary School-35.2909149.15538CHAUVEL ST
3079Vasey Cr before White Cr-35.2894149.158081VASEY CR
3080Vasey Cr before Chauvel St-35.2894149.158173VASEY CR
3081White St after Vasey Cr-35.287149.157944WHITE CR
3082Vasey Cr after White St-35.2878149.158554VASEY CR
3083White St St. Thomas More’s PS-35.287149.155457WHITE CR
3084White St before 2nd Glossop Cr-35.2865149.156601WHITE CR
3085White St before Blamey Cr-35.2885149.153702WHITE CR
3086White St after Waller Cr-35.2874149.15506WHITE CR
3087Blamey Cr after Savige St-35.2869149.152252BLAMEY CR
3088White St before Waller Cr-35.2885149.15358WHITE CR
3089Blamey Cr before Creswell St-35.2856149.148315BLAMEY CR
3090Blamey Cr before Edmondson St-35.2862149.151245BLAMEY CR
3091Currong St after Anzac Park West-35.2843149.143799CURRONG ST S
3092Blamey Cr after Creswell St-35.2855149.148117BLAMEY CR
3093Euree St before Elimatta St-35.2821149.142395EUREE ST
3094Currong St before Anzac Park West-35.2843149.143967CURRONG ST S
3095Gooreen St after Coranderrk St-35.2786149.142563GOOREEN ST
3096Euree St after Elimatta St-35.282149.142563EUREE ST
3097Boldrewood St after Barry Dr-35.2719149.119446BOLDREWOOD ST
3098Gooreen St after Allambee St-35.2784149.142548GOOREEN ST
3099Boldrewood St after Froggatt St-35.271149.117844BOLDREWOOD ST
3100Boldrewood St before Barry Dr-35.2724149.120285BOLDREWOOD ST
3101Boldrewood St after Ridley St-35.2699149.116104BOLDREWOOD ST
3102Boldrewood St before Froggatt St-35.2707149.117584BOLDREWOOD ST
3103Boldrewood St 2nd after Ridley St-35.269149.114853BOLDREWOOD ST
3104Boldrewood St after David St-35.2695149.115555BOLDREWOOD ST
3105Miller St after Hobbs St-35.2668149.113998MILLER ST
3106Miller St after Syme Cr-35.2671149.114075MILLER ST
3107Miller St after Faunce St-35.2647149.114334MILLER ST
3108Miller St after Tate St-35.2642149.114532MILLER ST
3109Miller St after Cockle St-35.2609149.114944MILLER ST
3110Miller St after Macarthur Av-35.2607149.115097MILLER ST
3111Miller St after Quandong St-35.2573149.115524MILLER ST
3112Miller St after Boronia Cr-35.257149.115692MILLER ST
3113Miller St after Nardoo Cr-35.2534149.116119MILLER ST
3114Miller St after Scrivener St-35.2537149.116074MILLER ST
3115Miller St after Merrit Pl-35.2511149.118195MILLER ST
3116Miller St after Swainsona St-35.2507149.118942MILLER ST
3117Miller St after Wattle St-35.2496149.120453MILLER ST
3118Mackennal St after Earle St-35.249149.121735MACKENNAL ST
3119Mackennal St before Earle St-35.2478149.122513MACKENNAL ST
3120Mackennal St 2nd after Archibald St-35.2471149.122757MACKENNAL ST
3121Mackennal St before Archibald St-35.2458149.122864MACKENNAL ST
3122Mackennal St after Archibald St-35.2454149.123047MACKENNAL ST
3123Archibald St after Mackennal St-35.2451149.125015ARCHIBALD ST
3124Archibald St after Aston St-35.2452149.124634ARCHIBALD ST
3125Archibald St before Mouat St-35.2453149.126495ARCHIBALD ST
3126Archibald St before Aston St-35.2453149.126053ARCHIBALD ST
3127Cossington Smith Cr Nth Lyneham Shops-35.2412149.124283COSSINGTON SMITH CR
3128Cossington Smith Cr after Fairweather Cct-35.2399149.12178COSSINGTON SMITH CR
3129Cossington Smith Cr after Piguenit Cl-35.2369149.123993COSSINGTON SMITH CR
3130Cowper St Dickson Shops-35.2505149.140594COWPER ST
3132Mort St after Cooyong St-35.2742149.131256MORT ST
3133Mort St before Cooyong St-35.2749149.131256MORT ST
3134Mort St before Girrahween St-35.272149.131622MORT ST
3135Torrens St after Girrahween St-35.27149.134598TORRENS ST
3137Mort St after Girrahween St-35.2708149.131912MORT ST
3138Torrens St before Ipima St-35.268149.134918TORRENS ST
3139Torrens St after Henty St-35.2699149.134735TORRENS ST
3140Ipima St after Torrens St-35.2663149.136063IPIMA ST
3141Torrens St after Ipima St-35.2676149.135086TORRENS ST
3142Cowper St All Saints Church-35.2654149.138504COWPER ST
3143Cowper St opp All Saints Church-35.2652149.139267COWPER ST
3144Cowper St after Bonney St-35.2644149.140884COWPER ST
3145Cowper St after Cox St-35.2636149.141571COWPER ST
3146Cowper St 2nd after Bonney St-35.262149.141815COWPER ST
3147Cowper St after Suttor St-35.2615149.141983COWPER ST
3148Cowper St after Wakefield Av-35.2596149.141479COWPER ST
3149Cowper St before Suttor St-35.2598149.141815COWPER ST
3150Condamine St before Bent St-35.2661149.125458CONDAMINE ST
3155Condamine St before Hartley St-35.2663149.124863CONDAMINE ST
3156Cowper St after 2nd Bonney St-35.2578149.140121COWPER ST
3159Cowper St after Hope St-35.2544149.138947COWPER ST
3161Cowper St 2nd after Davenport St-35.2542149.139084COWPER ST
3162Cowper St opp Daramalan College-35.2526149.139496COWPER ST
3163Cowper St Swimming Pool-35.2502149.140839COWPER ST
3164Windeyer St after Phillip Av-35.2413149.150787WINDEYER ST
3165Windeyer St opp Watson Shops-35.2393149.153778WINDEYER ST
3166Windeyer St Watson Shops-35.2392149.153595WINDEYER ST
3167Knox St after 2nd Higinbotham St-35.2399149.155945KNOX ST
3168Knox St after Irvine St-35.2395149.155716KNOX ST
3169Knox St after Higinbotham St-35.2426149.158691KNOX ST
3170Knox St after 2nd Irvine St-35.2423149.158508KNOX ST
3171Antill St after Fison St-35.2429149.161224ANTILL ST
3172Antill St after Knox St-35.2428149.161224ANTILL ST
3173Antill St before Fison St-35.2412149.163361ANTILL ST
3174Antill St 2nd after Knox St-35.241149.163376ANTILL ST
3175Antill St before Antill Service Rd-35.2398149.165314ANTILL ST
3176Antill St Old Watson Terminus-35.2396149.165268OLD WATSON TERMINUS SERVICE RD
3177Antill St opp Prime Studios-35.2321149.166656ANTILL ST
3178Antill St after Prime Studios-35.2321149.166565ANTILL ST
3179Condamine St after Macleat St-35.266149.129181CONDAMINE ST
3183Brigalow St Lyneham PS SSO-35.2513149.125214LYNEHAM PRIMARY DRIVEWAY
3184Hovea St after Macarthur Av-35.2591149.123703HOVEA ST
3185Hovea St before Macarthur Av-35.2583149.123917HOVEA ST
3186Scrivener St after Hovea St-35.2559149.121964SCRIVENER ST
3187Scrivener St before Hovea St-35.2561149.122635SCRIVENER ST
3188Brigalow St after Scrivener St-35.2543149.121414BRIGALOW ST
3189Brigalow St before Scrivener St-35.2549149.121094BRIGALOW ST
3190Wattle St after Hall St-35.2544149.126389WATTLE ST
3191Wattle St after Scrivener St-35.2548149.126526WATTLE ST
3192Goodwin St after Wattle St-35.2554149.129135GOODWIN ST
3193Goodwin St after Murdoch St-35.2556149.129135GOODWIN ST
3194Antill St after Phillip Av-35.2464149.15593ANTILL ST
3195Antill St after Antill Service Rd-35.2464149.156311ANTILL ST
3196Madigan St after Antill St-35.2446149.160065MADIGAN ST
3197Madigan St before Antill St-35.2447149.159897MADIGAN ST
3198Madigan St after Haddon St-35.2471149.162964MADIGAN ST
3199Madigan St Hackett Shops-35.248149.163193MADIGAN ST
3200Madigan St after Rivett St-35.2498149.164078MADIGAN ST
3201Madigan St before Maitland St-35.2499149.163879MADIGAN ST
3202Madigan St after Greyson St-35.252149.162277MADIGAN ST
3203Madigan St after Holtze Cl-35.2517149.162552MADIGAN ST
3204Phillip Av after Madigan St-35.2527149.159119PHILLIP AV
3205Phillip Av 2nd after Stott St-35.2528149.159637PHILLIP AV
3206Phillip Av 2nd after Madigan St-35.2514149.156876PHILLIP AV
3207Phillip Av after Stott St-35.2512149.156738PHILLIP AV
3208Officer Cr after Salomons Pl-35.2517149.154602OFFICER CR
3209Officer Cr 2nd after Hannan Cr-35.2514149.154297OFFICER CR
3210Officer Cr after Agnew St-35.2536149.154739OFFICER CR
3211Officer Cr after 2nd Hannan Cr-35.2537149.154449OFFICER CR
3212Officer Cr before Gillen St-35.2551149.152878OFFICER CR
3213Officer Cr after Hannan Cr-35.2549149.152878OFFICER CR
3214Officer Cr after Hawdon St-35.2568149.149887OFFICER CR
3215Officer Cr after Beeby St-35.2568149.149628OFFICER CR
3216Officer Cr after 2nd Rutherford St-35.2588149.147873OFFICER CR
3217Officer Cr after Tyson St-35.2585149.147842OFFICER CR
3218Officer Cr after 2nd Hoddle Gdns-35.2614149.147446EBDEN ST
3219Officer Cr after Wakefield Av-35.2616149.147278EBDEN ST
3220O’Connell St opp Ainslie Shops-35.2625149.145905OCONNELL ST
3221O’Connell St Ainslie Shops-35.2623149.145752OCONNELL ST
3222Cox St after 2nd O’Connell St-35.2636149.143951COX ST
3223Campbell St before Cox St-35.2638149.143524CAMPBELL ST
3224Campbell St after Foveaux St-35.2657149.143341CAMPBELL ST
3225Campbell St after Chaffey Cr-35.2655149.14325CAMPBELL ST
3226Campbell St after 2nd Baker Gdns-35.2685149.144409CAMPBELL ST
3227Campbell St after Leslie St-35.2688149.144455CAMPBELL ST
3228Campbell St before Chisholm St-35.2711149.145966CAMPBELL ST
3229Chisholm St after Paterson St-35.2718149.145538CHISHOLM ST
3230Chisholm St after Howe Cr-35.2726149.143539CHISHOLM ST
3231Chisholm St after Lister Cr-35.2725149.143692CHISHOLM ST
3232Gooreen St after Donaldson St-35.2744149.140228GOOREEN ST
3233Gooreen St after Chapman St-35.2747149.140259GOOREEN ST
3234Gooreen St after Batman St-35.2763149.141327GOOREEN ST
3235Gooreen St after Ainslie St-35.2762149.141159GOOREEN ST
3236Melba St after Blacket St-35.2473149.142349MELBA ST
3237Melba St after Bonython St-35.2477149.142426MELBA ST
3238Melba St after Legge St-35.2455149.142639MELBA ST
3239Melba St 2nd after Bradfield St-35.2449149.142883MELBA ST
3240Melba St after Atherton St-35.2437149.142944MELBA ST
3241Melba St after Bradfield St-35.2438149.143066MELBA ST
3242Bradfield St after Melba St-35.2434149.145493BRADFIELD ST
3243Bradfield St after Frencham St-35.2434149.144501BRADFIELD ST
3244Bradfield St after Atherton St-35.2425149.147919BRADFIELD ST
3245Bradfield St after Burn St-35.2424149.148285BRADFIELD ST
3246Knox St Watson Shops-35.2384149.1539KNOX ST
3247Knox St 2nd after Dickinson St-35.238149.153641KNOX ST
3248Knox St after A’Beckett St-35.2372149.152313KNOX ST
3249Knox St after Piddington St-35.2347149.151703KNOX ST
3250Knox St after 2nd A’Beckett St-35.235149.151581KNOX ST
3251Knox St opp old Watson Terminus-35.2325149.153198KNOX ST
3252Knox St old Watson Terminus-35.2323149.153229KNOX ST
3253King Edward Tce National Library-35.298149.129272KING EDWARD TCE
3258King Edward Tce Treasury Building-35.298149.128983KING EDWARD TCE
3259Parkes Pl John Gorton Building-35.3012149.133881PARKES PL
3260Parkes Pl National Rose Gdns-35.3012149.133728PARKES PL
3261National Cct Pavillion after Fitzroy St-35.3141149.130371NATIONAL CCT
3262National Cct opp Fitzroy St-35.3138149.130569NATIONAL CCT
3263Canberra Av after Dominion Cct-35.3161149.131485CANBERRA AV
3264Canberra Av after Empire Cct-35.3163149.131104CANBERRA AV
3265Monaro Cr 2nd after Vancouver St-35.3246149.126785MONARO CR
3266Monaro Cr after Stokes St-35.325149.126907MONARO CR
3267Monaro Cr after Vancouver St-35.3261149.127014MONARO CR
3268Monaro Cr after Hayes Cr-35.3275149.127457MONARO CR
3269Monaro Cr after Golden Gr-35.3297149.128189MONARO CR
3270Monaro Cr after Flinders Wy-35.3291149.128067MONARO CR
3271Golden Gr before Monaro Cr-35.3316149.128815GOLDEN GR
3272Golden Gr opp SBG School-35.3319149.12854GOLDEN GR
3273Golden Gr after Friendship St-35.3349149.125687GOLDEN GR
3274Golden Gr after Hicks St-35.3343149.126236GOLDEN GR
3275Golden Gr 2nd after La Perouse St-35.3367149.125748GOLDEN GR
3276Golden Gr after Quiros St-35.3367149.125854GOLDEN GR
3277Golden Gr after La Perouse St-35.3388149.126465GOLDEN GR
3278Golden Gr 2nd after Quiros St-35.3383149.126312GOLDEN GR
3279La Perouse St after Cygnet Cr-35.3406149.129517LA PEROUSE ST
3280La Perouse St after Golden Gr-35.3398149.127014LA PEROUSE ST
3281La Perouse St after Fortitude St-35.3406149.132217LA PEROUSE ST
3282La Perouse St before Nuyts St-35.3403149.128723LA PEROUSE ST
3283La Perouse St after Carnegie Cr-35.3381149.135788LA PEROUSE ST
3284La Perouse St after Nuyts St-35.3406149.131012LA PEROUSE ST
3285Carnegie Cr after Finniss Cr-35.337149.136597CARNEGIE CR
3286La Perouse St after Astrolabe St-35.3398149.134018LA PEROUSE ST
3287Carnegie Cr after Scott St-35.3369149.140656CARNEGIE CR
3288La Perouse St 2nd after Astrolabe St-35.3383149.135666LA PEROUSE ST
3289Caley Cr after 2nd Green St-35.3375149.143661CALEY CR
3290Carnegie Cr after La Perouse St-35.3369149.136734CARNEGIE CR
3291Caley Cr after Goyder St-35.3395149.14534CALEY CR
3292Carnegie Cr after Brockman St-35.3367149.140823CARNEGIE CR
3293Captain Cook Cr after Lockyer St-35.3258149.135254CAPTAIN COOK CR
3294Caley Cr after Pullen St-35.3377149.14389CALEY CR
3295Bremer St after Captain Cook Cr-35.329149.134689BREMER ST
3296Caley Cr after Green St-35.3395149.145477CALEY CR
3297La Perouse St after Bremer St-35.3303149.132996LA PEROUSE ST
3298Captain Cook Cr after Bremer St-35.3269149.135208CAPTAIN COOK CR
3299Bancroft St Emmaus Christian School SSO-35.2534149.142426BANCROFT ST
3300Bremer St after La Perouse St-35.329149.13443BREMER ST
3301Caley Cr after La Perouse St-35.3333149.135666CALEY CR
3302La Perouse St 2nd after Hartog St-35.3301149.132736LA PEROUSE ST
3303Caley Cr after Wild St-35.3335149.138245CALEY CR
3304La Perouse St after Hartog St-35.3318149.133942LA PEROUSE ST
3305Caley Cr after Allen St-35.335149.140869CALEY CR
3306Caley Cr 2nd after Hamelin Cr-35.3334149.135834CALEY CR
3307Carnegie Cr after Walker St-35.3346149.143524CARNEGIE CR
3308Caley Cr after Hamelin Cr-35.3338149.13855CALEY CR
3309Captain Cook Cr after McIntyre St-35.3344149.14563CAPTAIN COOK CR
3310Caley Cr after Mosman Pl-35.3349149.140488CALEY CR
3311Tallara Parkway opp St Bendicts Primary School-35.3343149.148758TALLARA PWY
3312Carnegie Cr after Captain Cook Cr-35.3347149.143585CARNEGIE CR
3313Tallara Parkway after Lumeah St-35.3351149.151443TALLARA PWY
3314Tallara Parkway after Warramoo Cr-35.3355149.152298TALLARA PWY
3315Warramoo Cr after Nyeena Pl-35.335149.155762WARRAMOO CR
3316Warramoo Cr after Arinya St-35.3351149.155899WARRAMOO CR
3317Canberra Railway Station Kingston-35.3195149.148636BURKE CR
3318Railway Station Kingston-35.3201149.149048ROAD
3320Wentworth Av opposite Railway Station-35.3192149.14679WENTWORTH AV
3321Collie St after Wollongong St-35.3268149.179733COLLIE ST
3322Albany St before Townsville St-35.3271149.181763ALBANY ST
3323Clunies Ross St Botanic Gdns-35.2787149.109314BOTANIC GDNS DRIVEWAY
3324Black Mountain Dr Telstra Tower-35.2747149.097198BLACK MOUNTAIN DR
3325Lady Denman Dr ATSIS-35.2886149.083008AITSIS DRIVEWAY
3326Lady Denman Dr National Zoo & Aquarium-35.2994149.069565Zoo Parking
3327Treloar Cr War Memorial (Termination point only)-35.2797149.150177TRELOAR CR
3328Creswell St Northside Infants SSO-35.2852149.147446CRESWELL ST
3339Narrabundah Lane Therapeutic Goods Administration-35.3522149.149689NARRABUNDAH LANE
3340Beltana Rd after Pialligo Av SSO-35.3037149.179947BELTANA RD
3342Beltana Rd before Pialligo Av SSO-35.3038149.17952BELTANA RD
3343Aspinall St Watson Terminus-35.23149.162094ASPINALL ST
3345Wattle St after Dyson St-35.2505149.122757WATTLE ST
3346Brigalow St opp Lyneham Shops-35.2514149.124466BRIGALOW ST
3347Morshead Dr / Plant Rd-35.3034149.162582MORSHEAD DR
3350Milne Bay Rd after General Bridges Rd-35.2944149.162155MILNE BAY RD
3351Tobruk Rd Campbell-35.2938149.164322TOBRUK RD
3352Goodwin St opp Lyneham HS-35.2511149.131348GOODWIN ST
3355London Cct Legislative Assembly Bld-35.2814149.131485LONDON CCT
3356Wentworth Av Railway Station-35.3192149.147369WENTWORTH AV
3360Majura Av North Ainslie PS-35.254149.147446MAJURA AV
3362Majura Av after Sherbrooke St-35.2554149.144165MAJURA AV
3363Majura Av after Stephen St-35.2568149.141098MAJURA AV
3364Majura Av after Cowper St-35.2582149.13797MAJURA AV
3365Majura Av after Cowper St-35.2596149.136627MAJURA AV
3366Majura Av after Wakefield Av-35.2595149.136459MAJURA AV
3367Majura Av after 2nd Wakefield Av-35.258149.138077MAJURA AV
3368Cowper St before Majura Av-35.2568149.139679COWPER ST
3369Majura Av after Cowper St-35.2566149.141205MAJURA AV
3370Majura St after Archer St-35.2553149.144318MAJURA AV
3371Majura Av opp North Ainslie PS-35.2538149.147614MAJURA AV
3372Majura Av after Hawdon St-35.2531149.149292MAJURA AV
3373Majura Av after 2nd Dutton St-35.2513149.153366MAJURA AV
3374Wattle St after Correa St-35.2497149.121429WATTLE ST
3377Brigalow St before Wattle St-35.2522149.123322BRIGALOW ST
3378Brigalow St before Waratah St-35.2522149.123474BRIGALOW ST
3379Wattle St opp Lyneham Shops-35.2527149.124573WATTLE ST
3380Boronia Dr St Josephs PS SSO-35.2586149.12587BORONIA DR
3381Ellenborough St before Cossington Smith St-35.2375149.12529ELLENBOROUGH ST
3382Ellenborough St opp Cossington Smith St-35.2377149.125519ELLENBOROUGH ST
3383Opposite Watson Terminus Aspinall St-35.2301149.16217ASPINALL ST
3384Fawkner St after Farrer St-35.2732149.135529FAWKNER ST
3385Fawkner St after Elouera St-35.2726149.135559FAWKNER ST
3386Fawkner St after Girrahween St-35.2715149.135818FAWKNER ST
3387Fawkner St 2nd after Elouera St-35.2715149.135696FAWKNER ST
3388Doonkuna St after Donaldson St-35.2758149.137344DOONKUNA ST
3389Doonkuna St after Bateman St-35.2758149.137207DOONKUNA ST
3390Knox St after Dickinson St-35.237149.15239KNOX ST
3391Blamey Cr Campbell Shops-35.2891149.153366BLAMEY CR
3392Plant Rd after Bruche Rd SSO-35.3023149.165787PLANT RD
3397Wattle St Lyneham Shops-35.2529149.125015WATTLE ST
3398Menindee Dr ACT Hospice-35.3036149.151566MENINDEE DR
3399City Bus Stn Plt 1-35.2791149.130585EAST ROW
3401City Bus Stn Plt 2-35.2791149.130585EAST ROW
3402Braybrooke St after Masterman St-35.2447149.099701BRAYBROOKE ST
3403City Bus Stn Plt 3-35.279149.130478EAST ROW
3404City Bus Stn Plt 4-35.2785149.129959ALINGA ST
3405City Bus Stn Plt 5-35.2785149.129944ALINGA ST
3406Braybrooke St after Baytte St-35.2443149.099792BRAYBROOKE ST
3407Thynne St after Paget St-35.2435149.098297THYNNE ST
3408City Bus Stn Plt 7-35.2784149.130051ALINGA ST
3409City Bus Stn Plt 8-35.278149.130615MORT ST
3410Thynne St after Watkins St-35.2433149.098297THYNNE ST
3411Thynne St after Slowey Pl-35.2399149.097244THYNNE ST
3412City Bus Stn Plt 9-35.278149.130737MORT ST
3413Thynne St after Lampard Cct-35.2396149.096786THYNNE ST
3414King Edward Tce before Bowen Dr-35.3016149.135376KING EDWARD TCE
3415King Edward Tce after Bowen Dr-35.3012149.134384KING EDWARD TCE
3416Alderman St Miles Franklin PS SSO-35.2136149.06665ALDERMAN ST
3417Milne Bay Rd 2nd after General Bridges Rd-35.2927149.163208MILNE BAY RD
3424Milne Bay Rd 2nd after Tobruk Rd-35.2941149.162445MILNE BAY RD
3425Milne Bay Rd after Tobruk Rd-35.2934149.162857MILNE BAY RD
3426Aspinall St after Stirling Av-35.2311149.155411ASPINALL ST
3427Aspinall St 2nd after Negus Cr-35.2311149.155273ASPINALL ST
3428Aspinall St 2nd after Stirling Av-35.2306149.157562ASPINALL ST
3429Aspinall St after Negus Cr-35.2306149.157745ASPINALL ST
3430McCaughey St after Barry Dr-35.2728149.12236MCCAUGHEY ST
3431Ginninderra Dr after Archdall St-35.1996149.018661GINNINDERRA DR
3434Jerrabomberra Av City Premier Inn-35.3401149.151855JERRABOMBERRA AV
3435Jerrabomberra Av opp City Premier Inn-35.3402149.151688JERRABOMBERRA AV
3436Archall St after Cashion Ct-35.202149.015656ARCHDALL ST
3437Archdall St after Pommeroy St-35.2023149.015915ARCHDALL ST
3438Vowels Cr before Purdie St TAFE-35.2501149.095917VOWELS CR
3439Vowles Cr after Purdie St Bruce CIT-35.2501149.095718VOWELS CR
3440College St CISAC-35.2429149.074509COLLEGE ST
3441College St opp CISAC-35.2431149.075043COLLEGE ST
3442Lance Hill Av after Santry Pl-35.1968149.02179LANCE HILL AV
3443Lance Hill Av before Fairlight St-35.1952149.020264LANCE HILL AV
3444Watkin St after Thynne St-35.245149.09549WATKIN ST
3459Watkin St after Battye St-35.2454149.095276WATKIN ST
3460Akuna St before Bunda St-35.2813149.133606AKUNA ST
3462Akuna St after Ballumbir St-35.2807149.135284AKUNA ST
3463Molonglo Dr Brindabella Business Park-35.315149.190308MOLONGLO DR
3467Brindabella Cct-35.3132149.190277BRINDABELLA CCT
3469Brindabella Cct Brindabella Business Pk-35.311149.188354BRINDABELLA CCT
3471London Cct after Knowles Pl-35.2812149.125763LONDON CCT
3472Fairbairn Av after War Memorial Service Rd-35.2826149.15004FAIRBAIRN AV
3473Fairbairn Av after Creswell St-35.2827149.148727FAIRBAIRN AV
3474Aspinall St 2nd after Negus Cr-35.2292149.164795ASPINALL ST
3475Aspinall St after Antill St-35.2291149.165466ASPINALL ST
3476Northcott Dr before Tobruk Rd-35.2905149.164383NORTHCOTT DR
3477Northcott Dr after Constitution Av-35.2911149.163437NORTHCOTT DR
3478Majura PS SSO-35.2392149.155289KNOX ST
3479Turner PS SSO-35.2652149.126373TURNER PRIMARY DRIVEWAY
3480Swinden St before Bull St SSO-35.2442149.135635SWINDEN ST
3481Swinden St before Bush St SSO-35.2447149.139725SWINDEN ST
3482Swinden St before Rennie St SSO-35.2448149.139526SWINDEN ST
3483Swinden St after Blacket St SSO-35.2443149.135391SWINDEN ST
3484Campbell Primary Driveway-35.2905149.156082Campbell Primary Driveway
3485Liversidge St after Garran Rd-35.2822149.120972LIVERSIDGE ST
3486Liversidge after Ellery Cr-35.2827149.120697LIVERSIDGE ST
3487David St before Ridley St SSO-35.267149.117584DAVID ST
3488Majura Av after Officer Cr-35.2513149.153549MAJURA AV
3997Majura Av after Dibbs St-35.2532149.149353MAJURA AV
3998Condamine St after Forbes St-35.266149.129059CONDAMINE ST
4001Bimbimbie St University of Canberra-35.2413149.083176BIMBIMBIE ST
4002Canberra HS Bowman St SSO-35.2517149.072067BOWMAN ST
4003Springvale Dr after Murranji St-35.2462149.04364SPRINGVALE DR
4004Haydon Dr opp Radford CLG-35.2428149.090759HAYDON DR
4005College St Radford College-35.2425149.088547COLLEGE ST
4006Haydon Dr after University Dr-35.2375149.09079HAYDON DR
4007Haydon Dr Fern Hill Park-35.2378149.090973HAYDON DR
4008Baldwin Dr after Ginninderra Dr-35.2318149.09288BALDWIN DR
4009Baldwin Dr before Ginninderra Dr-35.2318149.093048BALDWIN DR
4010Maribyrnong Av from Baldwin Dr-35.2299149.096649MARIBYRNONG AV
4011Baldwin Dr after 2nd Maribyrnong Av-35.23149.094543BALDWIN DR
4012Maribyrnong Av before Baldwin Dr-35.2302149.096725MARIBYRNONG AV
4013Maribyrnong Av after Diamantina Cr-35.2318149.09906MARIBYRNONG AV
4014Maribyrnong Av before 2nd Alberga St-35.2321149.099396MARIBYRNONG AV
4015Maribyrnong Av opp Gwydir Square-35.2335149.102859MARIBYRNONG AV
4016Maribyrnong Av Gywdir Square-35.2337149.102722MARIBYRNONG AV
4017Maribyrnong Av after 2nd Diamantina Cr-35.2324149.107895MARIBYRNONG AV
4018Maribyrnong Av after Daintree Cr-35.2326149.107773MARIBYRNONG AV
4019Maribyrnong Av before Wakool Cct-35.2312149.110199MARIBYRNONG AV
4020Maribyrnong Av before Daintree Cr-35.2311149.110519MARIBYRNONG AV
4021Maribyrnong Av before Campaspe Cct-35.2295149.111206MARIBYRNONG AV
4022Maribyrnong Av after Warrego Cct-35.2294149.111374MARIBYRNONG AV
4023Maribyrnong Av after Campaspe Cct-35.2269149.111115MARIBYRNONG AV
4024Maribyrnong Av after Greenough Cct-35.2271149.111267MARIBYRNONG AV
4025Maribyrnong Av before Tyrell Cct-35.224149.110916MARIBYRNONG AV
4026Maribyrnong Av before Ashburton St-35.2242149.111038MARIBYRNONG AV
4027Maribyrnong Av before Staaten Cr-35.2212149.11116MARIBYRNONG AV
4028Maribyrnong Av after Moruya Cct-35.2213149.111282MARIBYRNONG AV
4029Maribyrnong Av after Staaten Cr-35.219149.11087MARIBYRNONG AV
4030Maribyrnong Av between Yarra St-35.2191149.111069MARIBYRNONG AV
4031Maribyrnong Av 2nd after Staaten Cr-35.2177149.109131MARIBYRNONG AV
4032Maribyrnong Av before Onkaparinga Cr East Entry-35.2175149.108826MARIBYRNONG AV
4033Maribyrnong Av before 2nd Staaten Cr-35.2186149.105133MARIBYRNONG AV
4034Maribyrnong Av before Onkaparinga Cr West Entry-35.2184149.105255MARIBYRNONG AV
4035Maribyrnong Av Kaleen Village-35.2194149.102951MARIBYRNONG AV
4036Maribyrnong Av opp Kaleen Village-35.2193149.103165MARIBYRNONG AV
4037Maribyrnong Av after Georgina Cr-35.2199149.101608MARIBYRNONG AV
4038Maribyrnong Av before Callabonna St-35.22149.101105MARIBYRNONG AV
4039Chuculba Cr before Baldwin Dr-35.2185149.098038CHUCULBA CR
4040Chuculba Cr after Baldwin Dr-35.2184149.097946CHUCULBA CR
4041Chuculba Cr after Sculptor St-35.2162149.099838CHUCULBA CR
4042Chuculba Cr after Canopus Cr-35.216149.099777CHUCULBA CR
4043Chuculba Cr before Lenehan St-35.2137149.101532CHUCULBA CR
4044Chuculba Cr before Spica St-35.2137149.101364CHUCULBA CR
4045Chuculba Cr before 2nd Antares Cr-35.2112149.102036CHUCULBA CR
4046Chuculba Cr after 2nd Spica St-35.2112149.101898CHUCULBA CR
4047Chuculba Cr after Nyawi Pl-35.2102149.099518CHUCULBA CR
4048Chuculba Cr before Fornax St-35.2103149.09938CHUCULBA CR
4049Chuculba Cr after 2nd Mirrabucca Cr-35.2089149.095505CHUCULBA CR
4050Chuculba Cr after Fornax St-35.2089149.095886CHUCULBA CR
4051Chuculba Cr after Buriga St-35.2097149.093506CHUCULBA CR
4052Chuculba Cr between Centaurus St-35.2099149.093475CHUCULBA CR
4053Canopus Cr after Achernar Cl-35.2126149.091156CANOPUS CR
4054Canopus Cr before Balamara St-35.2127149.091049CANOPUS CR
4055Canopus Cr opp Giralang PS-35.213149.094177CANOPUS CR
4056Canopus Cr Giralang PS-35.2129149.094742CANOPUS CR
4057Canopus Cr before Hirst Pl-35.2139149.09668CANOPUS CR
4058Canopus Cr after 2nd Tucana St-35.2145149.096558CANOPUS CR
4059Canopus Cr after Hirst Pl-35.216149.098145CANOPUS CR
4060Canopus Cr after Tucana St-35.216149.097809CANOPUS CR
4061John Cleland Cr after Coulter Dr-35.2262149.058167JOHN CLELAND CR
4062John Cleland Cr after 2nd Tattersall Cr-35.226149.058502JOHN CLELAND CR
4063John Cleland Cr after Connah St-35.2247149.054993JOHN CLELAND CR
4064John Cleland Cr after Tattersall Cr-35.2248149.055145JOHN CLELAND CR
4065John Cleland Cr 2nd after Connah St-35.2228149.054886JOHN CLELAND CR
4066John Cleland Cr before Twelvetrees Cr-35.2227149.055023JOHN CLELAND CR
4067John Cleland Cr before Ginninderra Dr-35.2215149.054337JOHN CLELAND CR
4068John Cleland Cr after Ginninderra Dr-35.2212149.054337JOHN CLELAND CR
4069Copland Dr after Ginninderra Dr-35.2188149.05397COPLAND DR
4070Copland Dr after Carlile St-35.2186149.054245COPLAND DR BDGE
4071Copland Dr Copland CLG-35.2124149.060699COPLAND DR
4072Copland Dr opp Copland CLG-35.2127149.060715COPLAND DR
4073Copland Dr after McEachern Cr-35.2098149.061172COPLAND DR
4074Copland Dr 2nd after Meagher Pl-35.2097149.061356COPLAND DR
4075Copland Dr before 2nd McEachern Cr-35.2082149.063049COPLAND DR
4076Copland Dr after Meagher Pl-35.2084149.062958COPLAND DR
4077Alpen St after Clifford Cr-35.2063149.064545ALPEN ST
4078Alpen St after Baddeley Cr-35.2063149.064697ALPEN ST
4079Baddeley Cr after Colborne Pl-35.2049149.06369BADDELEY CR
4080Baddeley Cr after Broadby Cl-35.2051149.063766BADDELEY CR
4081Baddeley St after Hancock St-35.2028149.065277BADDELEY CR
4082Baddeley Cr after Garrard St-35.2026149.065674BADDELEY CR
4083Baddeley Cr after 2nd Hancock St-35.2006149.065994BADDELEY CR
4084Baddeley Cr after 2nd Crofts Cr-35.2001149.065826BADDELEY CR
4085Baddeley Cr after Blumental Pl-35.1993149.063354BADDELEY CR
4086Baddeley Cr after Kingsford Smith Dr-35.1993149.062805BADDELEY CR
4087Belconnen Wy after Coulter Dr-35.2437149.055008BELCONNEN WAY
4088Kingsford Smith Dr after Magrath Cr-35.1978149.060562KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4089Kingsford Smith Dr after O’Neill St-35.1975149.060593KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4090Kingsford Smith Dr opp Spence Shops-35.1948149.060623KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4091Kingsford Smith Dr Spence Shops-35.195149.06073KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4092Clarey Cr after Clark Cl-35.1948149.063766CLAREY CR
4093Clarey Cr after Dunkley Pl-35.1949149.063736CLAREY CR
4094Clarey Cr after Healy St-35.1968149.065964CLAREY CR
4095Clarey Cr after Curley St-35.1967149.065826CLAREY CR
4096Clarey Cr after 2nd Healy St-35.1977149.068756CLAREY CR
4097Clarey Cr after Douglass St-35.1978149.068756CLAREY CR
4098Owen Dixon Dr after Clarey Cr-35.1971149.070541OWEN DIXON DR
4099Clancy St before Norton St SSO-35.2123149.074158CLANCY ST
4100Owen Dixon Dr before Clarey Cr-35.1972149.070648OWEN DIXON DR
4101Owen Dixon Dr 2nd after Clarey Cr-35.1986149.072754OWEN DIXON DR
4102Owen Dixon Dr after Douglass St-35.1986149.072571OWEN DIXON DR
4103Copland after Owen Dixon Dr-35.2004149.072739COPLAND DR
4104Copland Dr after Don Pl-35.2003149.072708COPLAND DR
4105Owen Dixon Dr opp McKellar Soccer Club-35.2119149.08461OWEN DIXON DR
4106Copland Dr after Fuhrman St-35.2041149.069183COPLAND DR
4107Copland Dr after Willis St-35.2047149.069122COPLAND DR
4108Clancy St after Willis St-35.2062149.070007CLANCY ST
4109Clancy St after Kellway St-35.2068149.070404CLANCY ST
4110Clancy St Evatt Shops-35.2091149.073242CLANCY ST
4111Clancy St opp Evatt Shops-35.2093149.073181CLANCY ST
4112Heydon Cr Evatt Primary School-35.2074149.075165HEYDON CR
4113Heydon Cr opp Evatt Primary School-35.2078149.074982HEYDON CR
4114Heydon Cr after 2nd Kevin St-35.2074149.079605HEYDON CR
4115Heydon Cr after Owen Dixon-35.2075149.079971HEYDON CR
4116Owen Dixon Dr 5th after Copland Dr-35.2082149.081726OWEN DIXON DR
4117Owen Dixon Dr after William Webb Dr-35.2083149.08168OWEN DIXON DR
4118William Webb Dr after Owen Dixon Dr-35.2101149.081863WILLIAM WEBB DR
4119William Webb Dr before Owen Dixon Dr-35.2101149.081802WILLIAM WEBB DR
4120William Webb Dr before Jeanne Young Cct-35.2118149.081375WILLIAM WEBB DR
4121William Webb Dr after 2nd Rohan Rivett Cr-35.2116149.08136WILLIAM WEBB DR
4122William Webb Dr & Rohan Rivett Cr-35.2131149.079086WILLIAM WEBB DR
4123William Webb Dr after 2nd Sproule Cct-35.2131149.079132WILLIAM WEBB DR
4124William Webb Dr after Rohan Rivett Cr-35.2129149.076569WILLIAM WEBB DR
4125William Webb Dr after Sproule Cct-35.2128149.076645WILLIAM WEBB DR
4126William Webb Dr after Clancy St-35.2136149.072968WILLIAM WEBB DR
4127William Webb Dr after Dumas St-35.2133149.073181WILLIAM WEBB DR
4128Dumas St after Baume Cr-35.2147149.073242DUMAS ST
4129Dumas St before Vagabond Cr-35.2151149.073441DUMAS ST
4130Dumas St after Bennetts Cl-35.2174149.073883DUMAS ST
4131Dumas St before Bennetts Cl-35.2175149.073715DUMAS ST
4132Dumas St between Grover Cr-35.2195149.072159DUMAS ST
4133Dumas St after Buggy Cr-35.2194149.072067DUMAS ST
4134Dumas St after Grover Cr-35.2222149.073166DUMAS ST
4135Dumas St after 2nd Bean Cr-35.2223149.073059DUMAS ST
4136Dumas St before Slessor Cr-35.2221149.074631DUMAS ST
4137Dumas St after Bean Cr-35.2223149.074539DUMAS ST
4138Dumas St after Slessor Cr-35.2208149.07608DUMAS ST
4139Dumas St after Burns Cct-35.2209149.076172DUMAS ST
4140Dumas St 2nd after Slessor Cr-35.2197149.078461DUMAS ST
4141Dumas St after William Slim Dr-35.2199149.078705DUMAS ST
4142Aikman Dr opp UC-35.2382149.076889AIKMAN DR
4143Aikman Dr before Townsend Pl-35.2375149.07692AIKMAN DR
4144Emu Bank McDonalds-35.2397149.074753EMU BANK
4145Emu Bank opp McDonalds-35.2396149.075195EMU BANK
4146Tillyard Dr McDonalds-35.2058149.03511TILLYARD DR
4147Tillyard Dr opp Charnwood Shops-35.206149.035202TILLYARD DR
4148Tillyard Dr after Covington Cr-35.2046149.038177TILLYARD DR
4149Tillyard Dr after Blackwell Cct-35.2048149.038254TILLYARD DR
4150Tillyard Dr after McDougall St-35.2022149.041641TILLYARD DR
4151Tillyard Dr after Crawford Cr-35.2024149.041595TILLYARD DR
4152Tillyard Dr after Sadleir Pl-35.2005149.043045TILLYARD DR
4153Tillyard Dr before Sadleir Pl-35.2004149.043274TILLYARD DR
4154Spalding St after Tillyard Dr-35.1993149.046677SPALDING ST
4155Spalding St after Flierl Pl-35.1994149.046906SPALDING ST
4156Spalding St after Schwartz Pl-35.2014149.049652SPALDING ST
4157Spalding St before Schwarz Pl-35.2013149.04953SPALDING ST
4158Spalding St after Jacob Pl-35.2033149.050293SPALDING ST
4159Spalding St after Kingsford Smith Dr-35.2034149.050293SPALDING ST
4160Alfred Hill Dr after Carandini St-35.2066149.052109ALFRED HILL DR
4161Alfred Hill Dr after Henslowe Pl-35.2067149.051971ALFRED HILL DR
4162Alfred Hill Dr after Bishop Pl-35.2067149.054474ALFRED HILL DR
4163Alfred Hill Dr underpass Mt Rogers PS-35.2068149.054321ALFRED HILL DR
4164Alfred Hill Dr after Les Gallienne St-35.2084149.057297ALFRED HILL DR
4165Alfred Hill Dr Mt Rogers PS-35.2085149.056931ALFRED HILL DR
4166Alfred Hill Dr after Crossley Cl-35.2068149.058807ALFRED HILL DR
4167Alfred Hill Dr after Levy Place-35.2063149.059097ALFRED HILL DR
4168Alpen St before Clifford Cr-35.2054149.061539ALPEN ST
4169Alpen St after 2nd Clifford Cr-35.2055149.06131ALPEN ST
4170Moynihan St after Copland Dr-35.2145149.061783MOYNIHAN ST
4171Moynihan St after Fitzhardinge Cr-35.215149.063446MOYNIHAN ST BDGE
4172Moynihan St after Ligertwood St-35.2149149.06459MOYNIHAN ST
4173Moynihan St 2nd after De Lissa St-35.2149149.065674MOYNIHAN ST
4174Moynihan St Miles Franklin PS-35.2142149.067245MOYNIHAN ST
4175Moynihan St after De Lissa St-35.2143149.067688MOYNIHAN ST
4176Moynihan St after Macdowell St-35.2144149.070084MOYNIHAN ST
4177Moynihan St after William Webb Dr-35.2148149.070541MOYNIHAN ST
4178William Webb Dr after Callaghan St-35.2164149.069946WILLIAM WEBB DR
4179William Webb Dr before Callaghan St-35.2166149.069534WILLIAM WEBB DR
4180William Webb Dr before Ginninderra Dr-35.2199149.06987WILLIAM WEBB DR
4181William Webb Dr after Ginninderra Dr-35.22149.069809WILLIAM WEBB DR
4182Osburn Dr before O’Reilly St-35.2163149.011917OSBURN DR
4183Osburn Dr before Hirschfeld Cr-35.2159149.014038OSBURN DR
4184Osburn Dr after Clement Pl-35.216149.014099OSBURN DR
4185Osburn Dr before Skirving Pl-35.2153149.017151OSBURN DR
4186Osburn Dr after Brownless St-35.2154149.016785OSBURN DR
4187Haydon Dr after College St-35.2414149.090073HAYDON DR
4188Southern Cross Dr after Ross Smith Cr-35.229149.040695SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4189Southern Cross Dr after Kingsford Smith Dr-35.2287149.040558SOUTHERN CROSS DR BDGE
4190Kingsford Smith Dr after Southern Cross-35.2258149.036331KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4191Kingsford Smith Dr before Southern Cross Dr-35.2263149.036179KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4192Kingsford Smith Dr 2nd after Southern Cross-35.2243149.037964KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4193Kingsford Smith Dr after Krefft Cr-35.2235149.039093KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4194Kingsford Smith Dr after O’Loghlen St-35.2196149.041336KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4195Kingsford Smith Dr after Ginninderra Dr-35.2191149.042252KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4196Companion Cr after Kingsford Smith Dr-35.2132149.045258COMPANION CR
4197Companion Cr after Dolling Cr-35.2131149.045288COMPANION CR
4198Companion Cr after Vickers Cr-35.2113149.042786COMPANION CR
4199Companion Cr after Millard Pl-35.212149.043427COMPANION CR
4200Companion Cr after Meiklejohn Pl-35.2084149.04216COMPANION CR
4201Companion Cr after 2nd Nulsen Cct-35.2083149.042145COMPANION CR
4202Companion Cr after Noble Pl-35.2088149.039322COMPANION CR
4203Companion Cr after Ginninderra Dr-35.2093149.038452COMPANION CR
4204Lhotsky St opp Charnwood Shops-35.2059149.033051LHOTSKY ST
4205Lhotsky St Charnwood Shops-35.2055149.032501LHOTSKY ST
4206Lhotsky St after Florey Dr-35.203149.027649LHOTSKY ST
4207Lhotsky St after Cartwright St-35.2032149.027878LHOTSKY ST
4208Lhotsky St before Sport Wy-35.201149.027161LHOTSKY ST
4209Lhotsky St after Pringle St-35.2013149.027298LHOTSKY ST
4210Lhotsky St after Townson Cr-35.1991149.030762LHOTSKY ST
4211Lhotsky St after McCarthy Pl-35.1993149.030609LHOTSKY ST
4212Lhotsky St after McQuade Cl-35.197149.033859LHOTSKY ST
4213Lhotsky St after Berghofer Ct-35.1973149.03363LHOTSKY ST
4214Lhotsky St after 2nd Townson Cr-35.1958149.035248LHOTSKY ST
4215Lhotsky St after Sly Pl-35.196149.035248LHOTSKY ST
4216Kerrigan after Winder Pl-35.1938149.034683KERRIGAN ST
4217Kerrigan St opp Winder Pl-35.1937149.035034KERRIGAN ST
4218Shakespeare Cr after Kerrigan St-35.1932149.032974SHAKESPEARE CR
4219Shakespeare Cr after Pettifer Pl-35.1932149.033096SHAKESPEARE CR
4220Shakespeare Cr Fraser West Terminus-35.1906149.036041SHAKESPEARE CR
4221Shakespeare Cr Northbound after Dunbar St-35.1891149.038727SHAKESPEARE CR
4223Shakespeare Cr Southbound after Dunbar St-35.189149.038849SHAKESPEARE CR
4224Shakespeare Cr after Binns St-35.1895149.041672SHAKESPEARE CR
4225Shakespeare Cr 2nd after Filshie Cl-35.1895149.04155SHAKESPEARE CR
4226Shakespeare Cr before Kerrigan St-35.1916149.040527SHAKESPEARE CR
4227Shakespeare Cr after Filshie Cl-35.1916149.040359SHAKESPEARE CR
4228Kerrigan St after Shakespeare Cr-35.1937149.040268KERRIGAN ST
4229Kerrigan St after Crowley Ct-35.1938149.040115KERRIGAN ST
4230Tillyard Dr before Fraser Primary-35.1932149.042267TILLYARD DR
4231Tillyard Dr after Daley Cr-35.1932149.042404TILLYARD DR
4232Daley Cr after Tillyard Dr-35.1927149.044159DALEY CR
4233Daley Cr Fraser Shops-35.1927149.044006DALEY CR
4234Daley Cr after 2nd Nott St-35.1935149.046799DALEY CR
4235Daley Cr after Bingley Cr-35.1937149.046524DALEY CR
4236Bingley Cr after 2nd Rochford St-35.1905149.050415BINGLEY CR
4237Bingley Cr after 2nd Foskett St-35.1905149.050171BINGLEY CR
4238Bingley Cr after Vercoe Pl-35.1904149.052719BINGLEY CR
4239Bingley Cr after Foskett St-35.1905149.053055BINGLEY CR
4240Bingley Cr after Brophy St-35.191149.05571BINGLEY CR
4241Bingley Cr after Nish Pl-35.191149.055466BINGLEY CR
4242Kingsford Smith after Baddeley Cr-35.2001149.062424KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4245Kingsford Smith Dr after Bainton Cr-35.2001149.062332KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4246Kingsford Smith Dr 2nd after Baddeley Cr-35.2025149.061935KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4247Kingsford Smith Dr before Bainton Cr-35.2023149.061966KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4248Kingsford Smith Dr after Alpen St-35.2035149.058945KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4249Kingsford Smith Dr after Le Gallienne St-35.203149.057526KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4250Kingsford Smith Dr before Le Gallienne St-35.2029149.056137KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4251Kingsford Smith Dr after Bainton Cr-35.2028149.055145KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4252Kingsford Smith Dr before Carandini St-35.2033149.052261KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4253Kingsford Smith Dr after Spalding St-35.2035149.051483KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4254Kingsford Smith Dr after Alfred Hill Dr-35.2066149.04895KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4255Kingsford Smith Dr after Pattinson Cr-35.2063149.048798KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4256Kingsford Smith Dr Melba Shops-35.2087149.047653KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4257Kingsford Smith Dr after Dolling Cr-35.2082149.047379KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4258Verbrugghen St after Grainger Cct-35.2115149.050247VERBRUGGHEN ST
4259Verbrugghen St after Conley Dr-35.2113149.050049VERBRUGGHEN ST
4260Verbrugghen St 2nd after Grainger Cct-35.2132149.051147VERBRUGGHEN ST
4261Verbrugghen St after Brownlee Pl-35.2132149.050964VERBRUGGHEN ST
4262Verbrugghen St after Horsley Cr-35.2135149.054367VERBRUGGHEN ST
4263Verbrugghen St 2nd from Copland CLG oval-35.2136149.054199VERBRUGGHEN ST
4264Verbrugghen St Copland CLG-35.213149.058701VERBRUGGHEN ST
4265Verbrugghen St opp Copland CLG-35.2129149.058334VERBRUGGHEN ST
4266Benjamin Wy after CLG St-35.2449149.067657BENJAMIN WAY
4267Benjamin Wy after Lathlain St-35.2447149.067276BENJAMIN WAY
4268Coulter Dr after Belconnen Way-35.2467149.056244COULTER DR
4269Coulter Dr before Belconnen Wy-35.2457149.056168COULTER DR
4270Coulter Dr after Lachlan St-35.2493149.05574COULTER DR
4271Coulter Dr before Lachlan St-35.2493149.055618COULTER DR
4272Coulter Dr before Schumack St-35.2526149.054733COULTER DR
4273Coulter Dr after Schumack St-35.2527149.054596COULTER DR
4274Coulter Dr before Redfern St-35.2551149.054123COULTER DR
4275Coulter Dr after Redfern St-35.2552149.05397COULTER DR
4276Springvale Dr after Coulter Dr-35.2579149.052063SPRINGVALE DR
4277Springvale Dr before Coulter Dr-35.2579149.052032SPRINGVALE DR
4278Springvale Dr Northbound before DeSalis St-35.258149.04776SPRINGVALE DR
4279Springvale Dr Northbound after DeSalis St-35.2579149.04776SPRINGVALE DR
4280Springvale Dr Southbound after DeSalis St-35.2556149.045563SPRINGVALE DR
4281Springvale Dr Southbound before DeSalis St-35.2555149.04567SPRINGVALE DR
4282Springvale Dr 2nd after DeSalis St-35.252149.043671SPRINGVALE DR
4283Springvale Dr 3rd after Gillespie St-35.2519149.043823SPRINGVALE DR
4284Springvale Dr before Epenarra Cl-35.2494149.043594SPRINGVALE DR
4285Springvale Dr 2nd after Gillespie St-35.2494149.043762SPRINGVALE DR
4286Murranji St Belconnen HS-35.2472149.040405MURRANJI ST
4288Murranji St Eastbound after Erldunda Cct-35.2477149.036194MURRANJI ST
4289Murranji St Westbound after Erldunda Cct-35.2476149.036255MURRANJI ST
4290Murranji St opp Hawker CLG-35.2464149.032272MURRANJI ST
4291Murranji St Hawker CLG-35.2463149.032318MURRANJI ST
4292Murranji St after Tanumbirini St-35.2435149.032059MURRANJI ST
4293Murranji St after Delamere St-35.2438149.031998MURRANJI ST
4294Belconnen Wy after Mackinolty St-35.2408149.034683BELCONNEN WAY
4295Belconnen Wy before Mackinolty St-35.2411149.035767BELCONNEN WAY
4296Kingsford Smith Dr after Findlay St-35.2363149.032639KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4297Kingsford Smith Dr 2nd after Wirraway Cr-35.2367149.032608KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4298Findlay St after O’Sullivan St SSO-35.2363149.030563FINDLAY ST
4299Findlay St after Kinsella St SSO-35.2358149.030151FINDLAY ST
4300Findlay St after Kinsella St-35.2342149.028412FINDLAY ST
4301Findlay St after Fullagar Cr-35.2339149.028275FINDLAY ST
4302Fullagar Cr after Davidson St-35.2333149.025253FULLAGAR CR
4303Fullagar Cr after Cussen St-35.233149.024261FULLAGAR CR
4304Cussen St after Fullagar Cr-35.2335149.0224CUSSEN ST
4305Cussen St after Drake Brockman Dr-35.2334149.0224CUSSEN ST
4306Drake Brockman Dr after Cussen St-35.2331149.019531DRAKE BROCKMAN DR
4307Drake Brockman Dr after MacNaughton St-35.233149.019669DRAKE BROCKMAN DR
4308MacNaughton St after Drake Brockman Dr-35.2305149.017273MACNAUGHTON ST
4309Starke St after MacNaughton St-35.2271149.017227STARKE ST
4310Beaurepaire Cr after Starke St-35.2269149.016022BEAUREPAIRE CR
4311Beaurepaire Cr before Starke St-35.2268149.016022BEAUREPAIRE CR
4312Beaurepaire Cr after Pickworth St-35.2267149.013275BEAUREPAIRE CR
4313Beaurepaire Cr after Rice Pl-35.2266149.013489BEAUREPAIRE CR
4314Beaurepaire Cr opp Holt Shops-35.2251149.01091BEAUREPAIRE CR
4315Beaurepaire Cr Holt Shops-35.225149.011078BEAUREPAIRE CR
4316Messenger St after Beaurepaire Cr-35.2237149.009186MESSENGER ST
4317Messenger St after Higgerson St-35.2235149.009109MESSENGER ST
4318Hardwick Cr Kingsford Smith School SSO-35.2272149.023148HARDWICK CR
4320Spofforth St Golf Course-35.2223149.005966SPOFFORTH ST
4321Spofforth St & Messenger St-35.2224149.006012SPOFFORTH ST
4322Spofforth St before Southern Cross Dr-35.2204149.006943SPOFFORTH ST
4323Spofforth St after Southern Cross Dr-35.2202149.007126SPOFFORTH ST
4324Southern Cross Dr after Spofforth St-35.2181149.008331SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4325Southern Cross Dr before Spofforth St-35.2182149.008621SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4326Southern Cross Dr after O’Reilly St-35.2187149.011597SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4327Southern Cross Dr after Beaurepaire Cr-35.2188149.011414SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4328Southern Cross Dr before Starke St-35.2194149.016068SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4329Southern Cross Dr after Starke St West Entry-35.2195149.016312SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4330Starke St after Southern Cross Dr-35.2215149.017273STARKE ST
4331Starke St before Southern Cross Dr-35.2217149.017059STARKE ST
4332Hardwick St Kippax Fair-35.2224149.01947HARDWICK CR
4333Kippax Terminus-35.2225149.019333HARDWICK CR
4334Moyes Cr after Flack St-35.2232149.023758MOYES CR
4335Moyes Cr after Chave St-35.2233149.023758MOYES CR
4336Moyes Cr after Stanbury Cl-35.2255149.026932MOYES CR
4337Moyes Cr after Starke St-35.2256149.02684MOYES CR
4338Fullagar Cr before Nicholls Pl-35.2282149.028488FULLAGAR CR
4339Fullagar Cr after Morris St-35.2282149.028351FULLAGAR CR
4340Fullagar Cr opp Higgins Shops-35.2314149.027786FULLAGAR CR
4341Fullagar Cr Higgins Shops-35.2313149.027618FULLAGAR CR
4342Castieau St after Dethridge St-35.2302149.030823CASTIEAU ST
4343Castieau St after Hodges St-35.2303149.031143CASTIEAU ST
4344Castieau St after Northmore Cr-35.2298149.033539CASTIEAU ST
4345Castieau St after Kingsford Smith Dr-35.23149.033417CASTIEAU ST
4346Wirraway Cr after Kingsford Smith Dr-35.2309149.035324WIRRAWAY CR
4347Wirraway Cr after Ulm St-35.231149.035294WIRRAWAY CR
4348Wirraway Cr after Broadsmith St-35.232149.037155WIRRAWAY CR
4349Wirraway Cr after Ross Smith Cr-35.2319149.036972WIRRAWAY CR
4350Ross Smith Cr Southern Cross Primary-35.2332149.039291ROSS SMITH CR
4351Ross Smith Cr near Scullin Shops-35.2334149.039307ROSS SMITH CR
4352Ross Smith Cr after McGinness St SSO-35.232149.043289ROSS SMITH CR
4353Ross Smith Cr after Broadsmith St SSO-35.2311149.04425ROSS SMITH CR
4355Southern Cross Dr after Kingsford Smith-35.2268149.032837SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4357Southern Cross Dr after O’Loghlen St-35.2266149.033051SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4358Southern Cross Dr 2nd after Kingsford Smith Dr-35.2251149.031311SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4359Southern Cross Dr 2nd after Dalley Cr-35.223149.030258SOUTHERN CROSS DR BDGE
4360Starke St opp Cranleigh PS-35.2255149.02916STARKE ST
4361Starke St after Moyes Cr-35.2259149.028366STARKE ST
4362Starke St after Hunt St-35.228149.02446STARKE ST BDGE
4363Starke St after Hardwick Cr-35.2279149.024628STARKE ST
4364Hardwick Cr after Starke St-35.2253149.021881HARDWICK CR
4365Hardwick Cr after Flack St-35.2253149.022049HARDWICK CR
4366O’Reilly St after Southern Cross Dr-35.2165149.010712OREILLY ST
4367Osburn Dr after Bennie St-35.2157149.010712OSBURN DR
4368Osburn Dr after 2nd Pulliene Cr-35.2136149.009048OSBURN DR
4369Osburn Dr after 2nd Clode Cr-35.2136149.009186OSBURN DR
4370Osburn Dr opp Macgregor Shops-35.211149.010651OSBURN DR
4371Osburn Dr Macgregor Shops-35.2113149.010452OSBURN DR
4372Osburn Dr after Cannan Cr-35.2097149.013031OSBURN DR
4373Osburn Dr after Clubbe Cr-35.2101149.012238OSBURN DR
4374Osburn Dr after Mileham St-35.2109149.017365OSBURN DR
4375Osburn Dr after Archdall St-35.211149.01767OSBURN DR
4376Archdall St after Osburn Dr-35.2089149.017471ARCHDALL ST
4377Archdall St before Beaney St-35.2089149.017624ARCHDALL ST
4378Archdall St before Barrett St-35.2058149.016586ARCHDALL ST
4379Archdall St after Barrett St-35.2061149.016663ARCHDALL ST
4380Handcock Cr after Archdall St-35.2041149.017288HANDCOCK CR
4381Handcock Cr after 2nd Ballow Cr-35.2042149.017349HANDCOCK CR
4382Handcock Cr after 2nd Pockley Cl-35.2054149.021179HANDCOCK CR
4383Handcock Cr & Ballow Cr-35.2055149.021118HANDCOCK CR
4384Handcock Cr after 2nd Lawrence Cl-35.2067149.022675HANDCOCK CR
4385Handcock Cr after Ballow Cr-35.2071149.022873HANDCOCK CR
4386Handcock Cr after Duhig Pl-35.2098149.025513HANDCOCK CR
4387Handcock Cr after Florey Dr-35.2099149.025482HANDCOCK CR
4388Florey Dr 2nd after Herron Cr-35.2105149.026611FLOREY DR
4389Florey Dr 2nd after Osburn Dr-35.211149.026138FLOREY DR
4390Florey Dr after Dalley Cr-35.2124149.02504FLOREY DR
4391Florey Dr after Osburn Dr-35.2124149.024872FLOREY DR
4392Florey Dr 2nd after Dalley Cr-35.214149.021408FLOREY DR
4393Florey Dr after Hayward St-35.2139149.02121FLOREY DR
4394Florey Dr before Southern Cross Dr-35.2184149.019379FLOREY DR
4395Florey Dr after Southern Cross Dr-35.2183149.019226FLOREY DR
4396Southern Cross Dr before Dalley Cr-35.2203149.025009SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4397Southern Cross Dr after Chave St-35.2206149.025177SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4398Dalley Cr after Southern Cross Dr-35.2195149.026489DALLEY CR
4399Tuggeranong Bus Station-35.4147149.065903TUGGERANONG INTERCHANGE
4400Dalley Cr after Solomon Cr-35.2193149.028992DALLEY CR
4401Dalley Cr after Onslow St-35.2194149.029099DALLEY CR
4402Dalley Cr after Box Pl-35.2172149.032227DALLEY CR
4403Dalley Cr after Macrossan Cr-35.2172149.032349DALLEY CR
4404Dalley Cr after Inglis Pl-35.2155149.029831DALLEY CR
4405Macrossan Cr after Dalley Cr-35.2138149.028275MACROSSAN CR
4406Macrossan Cr 2nd after Dalley Cr-35.2129149.030701MACROSSAN CR
4407Macrossan Cr 3rd after Dalley Cr-35.2127149.033508MACROSSAN CR
4408Macrossan Cr after Rudall St-35.2159149.034531MACROSSAN CR
4409Onslow St opp Latham Shops-35.2192149.031937ONSLOW ST
4410Onslow St Latham Shops-35.2191149.032089ONSLOW ST
4411Onslow St opp Latham PS-35.2206149.034027ONSLOW ST
4412Onslow St Latham PS-35.2204149.03389ONSLOW ST
4413O’Loghlen St after Chambers St-35.2205149.037338OLOGHLEN ST
4414O’Loghlen St after Onslow St-35.2203149.037308OLOGHLEN ST
4415O’Loghlen St after Milford St-35.2215149.038712OLOGHLEN ST
4416Krefft St after Neumann Pl-35.2223149.042755KREFFT ST
4417Krefft St after Barnard Cct-35.2223149.042618KREFFT ST
4418Krefft St opp Barnard Cct-35.2247149.04364KREFFT ST
4419Krefft St after 2nd Eddy Cr-35.2248149.043549KREFFT ST
4420Krefft St after 2nd Ennor Cr-35.2258149.045807KREFFT ST
4421Krefft St at Ennor Cr-35.2259149.045395KREFFT ST
4422Krefft St between Boswell Cr-35.2254149.048431KREFFT ST
4423Krefft St after Boswell Cr-35.2255149.048447KREFFT ST
4424Krefft St after Clements St-35.2259149.051407KREFFT ST
4425Krefft St after Ratcliffe Cr-35.2259149.051224KREFFT ST
4426Ratcliffe Cr Florey Shops-35.2268149.054581RATCLIFFE CR
4427Ratcliffe Cr opp Florey PS-35.2269149.054367RATCLIFFE CR
4428Ratcliffe Cr after Connah St-35.2278149.056198RATCLIFFE CR
4429Ratcliffe Cr after 2nd Lightfoot Cr-35.2277149.055923RATCLIFFE CR
4430Ratcliffe Cr after Lightfoot Cr North Entry-35.2306149.055298RATCLIFFE CR
4431Ratcliffe Cr after 2nd Challinor Cr-35.2303149.05542RATCLIFFE CR
4432Ratcliffe Cr after Lightfoot Cr South Entry-35.2328149.054611RATCLIFFE CR
4433Ratcliffe Cr after Challinor Cr-35.2318149.054489RATCLIFFE CR
4434Ratcliffe Cr after Southern Cross Dr-35.2335149.05423RATCLIFFE CR
4435Kingsford Smith Dr before Verbrugghen St-35.2107149.047989KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4436Shumack St after Coulter Dr-35.2537149.051651SHUMACK ST
4437Shumack St after DeSalis St-35.2537149.051834SHUMACK ST
4438Shumack St after Southwell St-35.2508149.04895SHUMACK ST
4439Shumack St opposite Weetangera Primary-35.2514149.049179SHUMACK ST
4440Shumack St Weetangera Shops-35.2493149.049301SHUMACK ST
4441Shumack St opp Weetangera Shops-35.2494149.049591SHUMACK ST
4442Gillespie St after Shumack St-35.2472149.047226GILLESPIE ST
4443Gillespie St after Southwell St-35.247149.047333GILLESPIE ST
4444Gillespie St before Springvale Dr-35.2454149.04483GILLESPIE ST
4445Gillespie St after Springvale Dr-35.2454149.045029GILLESPIE ST
4446Hawker Pl opp Hawker Shops-35.2436149.043304HAWKER PL
4447Hawker Pl Hawker Shops-35.2437149.043854HAWKER PL
4448Beetaloo St after Bonrook St-35.2453149.040878BEETALOO ST
4449Beetaloo St after Murranji St-35.2452149.040787BEETALOO ST
4450Erldunda Cct after Woolner Cct-35.2501149.040573ERLDUNDA CCT
4451Erldunda Cct after 2nd Kulgera St-35.2494149.040405ERLDUNDA CCT
4452Erldunda Cct after Ambalindum St-35.2512149.037598ERLDUNDA CCT
4453Erldunda Cct after Kulgera St-35.2511149.037735ERLDUNDA CCT
4454Erldunda Cct opp Hawker PS-35.2504149.034027ERLDUNDA CCT
4455Erldunda Cct Hawker PS-35.2508149.034958ERLDUNDA CCT
4456Erldunda Cct after Dungowan St-35.2482149.03212ERLDUNDA CCT
4457Erldunda Cct after Tobermorey Pl-35.2485149.032303ERLDUNDA CCT
4458Mackinolty St after Hinkler St-35.2389149.034531MACKINOLTY ST
4459Mackinolty St after Duigan St-35.2383149.035034MACKINOLTY ST
4460Ross Smith Cr after Mackinolty St-35.2366149.035278ROSS SMITH CR
4461Ross Smith Cr before Holyman St-35.2364149.0354ROSS SMITH CR
4462Ross Smith Cr after Hinkler St-35.2342149.036362ROSS SMITH CR
4463Ross Smith Cr after Wirraway Cr-35.2342149.03653ROSS SMITH CR
4464McGinness St after Ross Smith Cr-35.2335149.042526MCGINNESS ST
4465McGinness St after Keith St-35.2334149.042221MCGINNESS ST
4466Chewings St after McGinness St-35.2364149.043808CHEWINGS ST
4467Chewings St 2nd after Petterd St-35.2363149.043777CHEWINGS ST
4468Chewings St 2nd after McGinness St-35.2382149.042007CHEWINGS ST
4469Chewings St after Petterd St-35.2381149.041931CHEWINGS ST
4470Petterd St after Roseby St-35.2392149.045746PETTERD ST
4471Petterd St after 2nd Hannaford St-35.2393149.044922PETTERD ST
4472Petterd St after Halford Cr-35.2395149.048523PETTERD ST
4473Petterd St after Hergott St-35.2397149.048477PETTERD ST
4474Petterd St Page Shops-35.2401149.052353PETTERD ST
4475Petterd St opp Page Shops-35.2403149.052368PETTERD ST
4476Ogilby Cr after Fletcher Pl-35.2387149.054733OGILBY CR
4477Ogilby Cr after Kirchauff St-35.2391149.054214OGILBY CR
4478Cohen St Bus Stn Plt 3-35.2399149.060272COHEN ST
4479Cohen St Bus Stn Plt 5-35.2401149.059784COHEN ST
4480Ginninderra Dr after Florey Dr-35.2027149.022049GINNINDERRA DR
4481Lance Hill Av before Ginninderra Dr-35.1993149.019577LANCE HILL AV
4482Lance Hill Av after Ginninderra Dr-35.1993149.019485LANCE HILL AV
4483Lance Hill Av after Evelyn Owen Cr-35.1983149.020462LANCE HILL AV
4484Lance Hill Av after 2nd Alarmon Cr-35.1982149.020447LANCE HILL AV
4485Archdall St before Hugh McKay Cr-35.1999149.015656ARCHDALL ST
4486Tillyard Dr 2nd after Daley Cr-35.1949149.041611TILLYARD DR
4487Tillyard Dr after Bloxham St-35.1952149.041473TILLYARD DR
4488Tillyard Dr after Barber Cr-35.1981149.044632TILLYARD DR
4489Tillyard Dr after Garrad Ct-35.1971149.042862TILLYARD DR
4490Florey Dr after Herron Cr-35.2083149.027008FLOREY DR
4491Florey Dr after Handcock Cr-35.2085149.026855FLOREY DR
4492Bindubi St after Belconnen Way-35.2528149.074966BINDUBI ST
4493Bindubi St Canberra HS-35.2518149.075043BINDUBI ST
4494Bindubi St after Bindel St-35.2546149.074249BINDUBI ST
4495Bindubi St before Redfern St-35.2546149.074005BINDUBI ST
4496Bindubi St 2nd after Bindel St-35.2567149.073761BINDUBI ST
4497Bindubi St 2nd after Lyttleton Cr-35.2566149.073532BINDUBI ST
4498Bindubi St before Bandjalong Cr-35.2592149.073669BINDUBI ST
4499Bindubi St after Lyttleton Cr-35.2594149.073395BINDUBI ST
4500Fulton St after Blackman Cr-35.2487149.062943FULTON ST
4501Fulton St after Lachlan St-35.2488149.062515FULTON ST
4502Bennelong Cr after Lachlan St-35.2481149.059021BENNELONG CR
4503Bennelong Cr before Lachlan St-35.2481149.058914BENNELONG CR
4504Bennelong Cr Macquarie PS-35.2509149.058762BENNELONG CR
4505Bennelong Cr opp Macquarie Primary School-35.2511149.058624BENNELONG CR
4506Bennelong Cr after Roberts St-35.2533149.060074BENNELONG CR
4507Bennelong Cr after Biraban St-35.2536149.060471BENNELONG CR
4508Bennelong Cr after Goulburn St-35.2536149.063065BENNELONG CR
4509Lachlan St after Blackman Cr-35.2541149.063599LACHLAN ST
4510Redfern St after Lachlan St-35.2561149.066208REDFERN ST
4511Redfern St 2nd before Lyttleton Cr-35.2562149.066132REDFERN ST
4512Redfern St after Allman St-35.2558149.068375REDFERN ST
4513Redfern St after Dexter St-35.256149.068222REDFERN ST
4514Bowman St after Redfern St-35.2532149.069534BOWMAN ST
4515Bowman St after Jamison Centre-35.2529149.069717BOWMAN ST
4516Bowman St opp Jamison Centre-35.2525149.072784BOWMAN ST
4517Bowman St Jamison Centre-35.2525149.072662BOWMAN ST
4518Bindel St St. Vincents PS-35.2547149.076324BINDEL ST
4519Opposite St. Vincents PS Bindel St-35.2548149.076141BINDEL ST
4520Bandjalong Cr Aranda Primary-35.2562149.079651BANJALONG CR
4521Bandjalong Cr opp Aranda Primary-35.2563149.0793BANJALONG CR
4522Bandjalong Cr after Banambila St-35.2573149.082291BANDJALONG CR
4523Bandjalong Cr after Wangara Cr-35.2574149.082123BANDJALONG CR
4524Bandjalong before Banambila St-35.259149.084671BANDJALONG CR
4525Bandjalong Cr after Caswell Dr-35.2593149.085632BANDJALONG CR
4526Barry Dr after Clunies Ross St-35.2725149.118164BARRY DR
4527Barry Dr before Clunies Ross St-35.273149.119019BARRY DR
4528ANU Rimmer St-35.2761149.125214RIMMER ST
4529Marcus Clarke St before Rimmer St-35.2772149.126419MARCUS CLARKE ST
4530Alinga St Health Building-35.2782149.127426ALINGA ST
4531Hennessy St after Connelly Pl-35.2441149.072098HENNESSY ST
4532Hennessy St after Playfair Pl-35.244149.071976HENNESSY ST
4533Hennessy St after Crick Pl-35.2463149.071487HENNESSY ST
4534Hennessy St after Solly Pl-35.2461149.071274HENNESSY ST
4535Hennessy St after Pleasance Pl-35.2481149.073624HENNESSY ST
4536Hennessy St after Buik Pl-35.2482149.073685HENNESSY ST
4537Crisp Cct after Eastern Valley Way-35.2463149.076538CRISP CCT
4538Crisp Cct 2nd after Eastern Valley Way-35.2442149.075745CRISP CCT
4539Crisp Cct 3rd after Eastern Valley Way-35.2435149.078018CRISP CCT
4540Ashkanasy Cr after Keenan St-35.2082149.066238ASHKANASY CR
4541Ashkanasy Cr after Copland Dr-35.2081149.066315ASHKANASY CR
4542Leverrier Cr opp AIS-35.2468149.100693LEVERRIER CR
4543Leverrier Cr AIS before Battye St-35.2468149.100784LEVERRIER CR
4544Leverrier Cr 2nd AIS Bruce-35.2437149.103333LEVERRIER CR
4545Leverrier Cr AIS Bruce-35.244149.10318LEVERRIER CR
4546Mouat St Hockey Centre-35.2445149.127213MOUAT ST
4547Mouat St opp Hockey Centre-35.2457149.127426MOUAT ST
4548Mouat St Southwell Park-35.2479149.131485MOUAT ST
4549Mouat St opp Southwell Park-35.248149.131317MOUAT ST
4550Northbourne Av Motor Registry-35.2499149.134125NORTHBOURNE AV
4551Northbourne Av opp Motor Registry-35.2509149.133408NORTHBOURNE AV
4552Northbourne Av before Morphett St-35.2528149.133652NORTHBOURNE AV
4553Northbourne Av Lyneham Flats-35.2534149.132996NORTHBOURNE AV
4554Northbourne Av The Pavilion-35.2577149.132858NORTHBOURNE AV
4555Northbourne Av Owen Flats-35.2577149.132309NORTHBOURNE AV
4556Northbourne Av after Macarthur Av-35.2615149.132248NORTHBOURNE AV
4557Northbourne Av before Macarthur Av-35.2614149.131699NORTHBOURNE AV
4558Northbourne Av Fenner Hall-35.2655149.131607NORTHBOURNE AV
4559Northbourne Av Condamine Court-35.2646149.131195NORTHBOURNE AV
4560Northbourne Av Northbourne Flats-35.268149.131195NORTHBOURNE AV
4561Northbourne Av after Greenway St-35.2676149.130692NORTHBOURNE AV
4562Northbourne Av The Marque Hotel-35.2711149.130692NORTHBOURNE AV
4563Northbourne Av ACIL House-35.271149.130173NORTHBOURNE AV
4564Northbourne Av Mantra-35.2742149.130203NORTHBOURNE AV
4565Northbourne Av Canberra Centre Apartments-35.2746149.129517NORTHBOURNE AV
4566Northbourne Av Visitors Centre-35.2552149.13327NORTHBOURNE AV
4567Ashkanasy Cr 2nd after Clancy St-35.211149.067764ASHKANASY CR
4568Ashkanasy Cr after Jenks Pl-35.2107149.067444ASHKANASY CR
4569Kingsford Smith Dr after Companion Cr-35.2133149.046417KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4570Fairfax St after Belconnen Wy-35.2586149.108643BELCONNEN WAY
4571Fairfax St after Dryandra St-35.2588149.109238BELCONNEN WAY
4572Macarthur Av after Miller St-35.2588149.116318MACARTHUR AV
4573Macarthur Av after Todd St-35.2592149.116989MACARTHUR AV
4574Macarthur Av after Wonga St-35.2591149.119125MACARTHUR AV
4575Macarthur Av after Peel St-35.2594149.119156MACARTHUR AV
4576Macarthur Av before Coolibah Cr-35.2593149.121719MACARTHUR AV
4577Macarthur Av Macpherson St-35.2597149.121735MACARTHUR AV
4578MacArthur Av St Josephs Primary School O’Connor-35.2598149.126648MACARTHUR AV
4579Macarthur Av after Macarthur Pl SSO-35.26149.126511MACARTHUR AV
4580Macarthur Av Macarthur House SSO-35.2602149.129501MACARTHUR AV
4581Macarthur Av opp Macarthur House SSO-35.2603149.129791MACARTHUR AV
4582Antill St & Pigot St-35.2484149.136246ANTILL ST
4583Antill St after Badham St-35.2486149.136902ANTILL ST
4584Antill St opp Dickson Shops-35.2487149.139633ANTILL ST
4585Antill St Dickson Shops-35.2489149.14006ANTILL ST
4586Antill St after Melba St-35.2485149.144653ANTILL ST
4587Antill St after Hawdon Pl-35.2487149.144562ANTILL ST
4588Antill St 2nd after Melba St-35.2483149.146683ANTILL ST
4589Antill St 2nd after Phillip Av-35.2484149.147476ANTILL ST
4590Antill St after Gale St-35.2478149.150909ANTILL ST
4591Antill St after Cadell St-35.248149.150894ANTILL ST
4592Phillip Av after Antill St-35.2452149.153534PHILLIP AV
4593Phillip Av 2nd after Windeyer St-35.2444149.153442PHILLIP AV
4594Phillip Av 2nd after Antill St-35.243149.151627PHILLIP AV
4595Phillip Av after Windeyer St-35.2432149.152237PHILLIP AV
4596Phillip Av before Bradfield St-35.2416149.150009PHILLIP AV
4597Phillip Av Canberra Technology Park-35.241149.149582PHILLIP AV
4598Phillip Av after Bradfield St-35.2399149.147919PHILLIP AV
4599Phillip Av after Innes St-35.2398149.148209PHILLIP AV
4600Phillip Av before Federal Highway-35.2374149.144928PHILLIP AV
4601Phillip Av after Federal Highway-35.2375149.14537PHILLIP AV
4602Northbourne Av After Swinden St-35.2449149.134659NORTHBOURNE AV
4603Northbourne Av Yowani Country Club-35.2444149.134445NORTHBOURNE AV
4604Thynne St before Traeger Ct-35.2415149.092819THYNNE ST
4605Thynne St after Traeger Ct-35.2417149.092712THYNNE ST
4606Macpherson St after Lilley St-35.2618149.120789MACPHERSON ST
4607Macpherson St after Tate St-35.2616149.120728MACPHERSON ST
4608Macpherson St O’Connor Shops-35.2646149.122177MACPHERSON ST
4609Macpherson St opp O’Connor Shops-35.2638149.121567MACPHERSON ST
4610McCaughey St before Condamine St-35.266149.123077MCCAUGHEY ST
4611McCaughey St after Condamine St-35.2664149.12326MCCAUGHEY ST
4612McCaughey St before Masson St-35.2684149.123596MCCAUGHEY ST
4613McCaughey St 2nd after Barry Dr-35.2701149.12323MCCAUGHEY ST
4614McCaughey St after Masson St-35.2717149.123062MCCAUGHEY ST
4615Daley Rd opp Anutech House-35.2737149.120514DALEY RD
4616Daley Rd Anutech House-35.2737149.120316DALEY RD
4617Daley Rd Bruce Hall-35.2742149.117325DALEY RD
4618Daley Rd opp Bruce Hall-35.2745149.117371DALEY RD
4619Daley Rd ANU Burton & Garran Hall-35.2758149.115906DALEY RD
4620Daley Rd opp ANU Burton & Garran Hall-35.276149.115982DALEY RD
4621Daley Rd John XXIII CLG-35.2798149.114334DALEY RD
4622Daley Rd opp John XXIII CLG-35.2797149.114471DALEY RD
4623Garran Rd New Graduate House-35.2824149.116333GARRAN RD
4624Garran Rd opp New Graduate House-35.2827149.117142GARRAN RD
4625Garran Rd University House-35.2831149.119003GARRAN RD
4626Garran Rd opp University House-35.2833149.119522GARRAN RD
4627Liversidge St before Balmain Cr-35.2851149.118652LIVERSIDGE ST
4628Liversidge St after McCoy Cct-35.2848149.11908LIVERSIDGE ST
4629Lennox Crossing after roundabout-35.2881149.116913LENNOX CRSG
4630Lennox Crossing before roundabout-35.2878149.11705LENNOX CRSG
4631Lennox Crossing National Museum-35.2924149.12027LENNOX CRSG
4632Edinburgh Av Rydges Canberra-35.2835149.125229EDINBURGH AV
4633Kerrigan St 2nd after Lance Hill Dr-35.1891149.022064KERRIGAN ST
4634Kerrigan St after Traeger St roundabout-35.1892149.02652KERRIGAN ST
4635Redfern St after Lyttleton Cr-35.2567149.056412REDFERN ST
4636Redfern St after Coulter Dr-35.2566149.056213REDFERN ST
4637Templeton St after 1st Atkinson St-35.259149.060074TEMPLETON ST
4638Templeton St after Ellis St-35.2592149.060822TEMPLETON ST
4639Templeton St opp Cook Shops-35.2597149.063705TEMPLETON ST
4640Templeton St Cook Shops-35.2596149.063721TEMPLETON ST
4641Lyttleton Cr after Wybalena Gr-35.2614149.069016LYTTLETON CR
4642Lyttleton Cr & Cambridge St-35.2615149.068085LYTTLETON CR
4643Lyttleton Cr after Bindubi St-35.2608149.0728LYTTLETON CR
4644Lyttleton Cr after Bourne St-35.2607149.072556LYTTLETON CR
4645Bandjalong Cr after 2nd Barada Cr-35.2606149.07489BANDJALONG CR
4646Bandjalong Cr after Bindubi St-35.2605149.074936BANDJALONG CR
4647Bandjalong Cr after Barada Cr-35.2583149.075638BANDJALONG CR
4648Bandjalong Cr after Amangu St-35.2584149.075531BANDJALONG CR
4649Wakefield Av after Majura Av SSO-35.2609149.134933WAKEFIELD AV
4650Limestone Av after Ijong St-35.2639149.136398LIMESTONE AV
4652Limestone Av after Wakefield Av-35.2635149.136765LIMESTONE AV
4653Limestone Av after Henty St-35.2668149.138062LIMESTONE AV
4654Limestone Av after Hargraves Cr-35.2672149.138931LIMESTONE AV
4655Limestone Av after Elder St-35.2715149.140808LIMESTONE AV
4656Limestone Av after Grimes St-35.2709149.141052LIMESTONE AV
4657Limestone Av after Batman St-35.2747149.142654LIMESTONE AV
4658Limestone Av after Chisholm St-35.2743149.143005LIMESTONE AV
4659Limestone Av after Coranderrk St-35.2778149.14447LIMESTONE AV
4660Limestone Av after Ainslie Av-35.2778149.144806LIMESTONE AV
4661Limestone Av before Euree-35.2803149.145859LIMESTONE AV
4662Limestone Av after Treloar St-35.2799149.146072LIMESTONE AV
4663Northcott Dr Campbell Park Offices-35.2835149.170578ROAD
4664Fairbairn Av after Treloar Cr-35.2831149.154785FAIRBAIRN AV
4665Owen Dixon after Copland Dr-35.2009149.074463OWEN DIXON DR
4666Owen Dixon 2nd after Badenoch Cr-35.2009149.07431OWEN DIXON DR
4667Owen Dixon 2nd after Copland Dr-35.2025149.076355OWEN DIXON DR
4668Owen Dixon after Badenoch Cr-35.2026149.076294OWEN DIXON DR
4669Owen Dixon 3rd after Copland Dr-35.2044149.080399OWEN DIXON DR
4670Owen Dixon after 2nd Mchugh St-35.2045149.080353OWEN DIXON DR
4671Owen Dixon 4th after Copland Dr-35.2061149.081421OWEN DIXON DR
4672Owen Dixon after Teece Pl-35.2062149.081299OWEN DIXON DR
4673O’Hanlon Pl opp Federation Square-35.1904149.083435OHANLON PL
4674O’Hanlon Pl Federation Square-35.1909149.084167OHANLON PL
4675McClelland Av after Moriarty St-35.1846149.084198MCCLELLAND AV
4676McClelland Av after Fowler St-35.1845149.08432MCCLELLAND AV
4677McClelland Av after Donnan St-35.181149.087311MCCLELLAND AV
4678McClelland Av after Metcalfe St-35.1811149.087402MCCLELLAND AV
4679McClelland Av after Clemenger St-35.1805149.090225MCCLELLAND AV
4680McClelland Av after Curran Dr-35.1806149.090302MCCLELLAND AV
4681Kelleway Av after McClelland Av-35.1815149.095047KELLEWAY AV
4682Kelleway Av Nicholls Shops-35.1836149.098083KELLEWAY AV
4684Kelleway Ave after Holy Spirit Primary-35.1803149.102066KELLEWAY AV
4686Kelleway Av opp Holy Spirit PS-35.1806149.101746KELLEWAY AV
4687Kelleway Av before Gungahlin Dr-35.179149.105469KELLEWAY AV
4688Kelleway Av after Gungahlin Dr-35.1795149.104858KELLEWAY AV
4689Wanganeen Av after Gungahlin Dr-35.1768149.107147WANGANEEN AV
4690Wanganeen Av before Gungahlin Dr-35.1767149.107285WANGANEEN AV
4691Wanganeen Av after Yarrawonga St-35.1747149.1082WANGANEEN AV
4692Wanganeen Av South of Jabanungga Av-35.1746149.108368WANGANEEN AV
4693Wanganeen Av North of Jabanungga Av-35.1722149.109268WANGANEEN AV
4694Wanganeen Av after Gurrang Av-35.1722149.10939WANGANEEN AV
4695Wanganeen Av Ngunnawal PS-35.1696149.111252WANGANEEN AV
4696Wanganeen Av opp Ngunnawal PS-35.1697149.111237WANGANEEN AV
4697Unaipon Av 2nd before Yumba Av-35.1678149.112122UNAIPON AV
4698Unaipon Av after Jandamarra St-35.168149.112213UNAIPON AV
4699Unaipon Av before Yumba Av-35.1662149.111801UNAIPON AV
4700Unaipon Av after Windradyne St-35.166149.111786UNAIPON AV
4701Unaipon Av after Pemulwuy St-35.1642149.111481UNAIPON AV
4702Unaipon Av after Len Waters St-35.1641149.111496UNAIPON AV
4703Len Waters St before Maynard St-35.1625149.111542LEN WATERS ST
4704Len Waters St after Windradyne St-35.1625149.11171LEN WATERS ST
4705Mirrabei Dr after Len Waters St-35.1634149.114166MIRRABEI DR
4706Mirrabei Dr before Len Waters St-35.1632149.113937MIRRABEI DR
4707Mirrabei Dr 2nd after Len Waters St-35.1661149.114822MIRRABEI DR
4708Mirrabei Dr Northbound after Wanganeen Av-35.1661149.114624MIRRABEI DR
4709Mirrabei Dr Southbound after Wanganeen Av-35.1706149.116684MIRRABEI DR
4710Mirrabei Dr before Wanganeen Av-35.1698149.116257MIRRABEI DR
4711Mirrabei Dr before Shoalhaven Av-35.1735149.119812MIRRABEI DR
4712Mirrabei Dr after Paul Coe Cr North Entry-35.1729149.118851MIRRABEI DR
4713Shoalhaven Av after Mirrabei Dr-35.1733149.122131SHOALHAVEN AV
4714Shoalhaven Av after Roderick St-35.1733149.122375SHOALHAVEN AV
4715Burdekin Av after Shoalhaven Av-35.1702149.120285BURDEKIN AV
4716Shoalhaven Av after Naas Cl-35.1722149.124359SHOALHAVEN AV
4717Burdekin Av after Evella Cct-35.1684149.122025BURDEKIN AV
4718Shoalhaven Av after Tyenna Cl-35.1709149.125397SHOALHAVEN AV
4719Paul Coe Cr before Mirrabei Dr-35.1747149.120041PAUL COE CR
4720Paul Coe Cr before Noongale Ct-35.1754149.119934PAUL COE CR
4721Paul Coe Cr after Mulleun Cl-35.1763149.119522PAUL COE CR
4722Paul Coe Cr after Noongale Cct-35.1762149.119675PAUL COE CR
4723Paul Coe Cr after Galmarra St-35.1778149.118988PAUL COE CR
4724Paul Coe Cr 2nd after Noongale Ct-35.1779149.119064PAUL COE CR
4725Gundaroo Dr before Gungahlin Dr-35.1879149.115952GUNDAROO DR
4726Gundaroo Dr after Gungahlin Dr-35.1882149.115738GUNDAROO DR
4727Lexcen Av after Gungahlin Dr-35.1838149.10817LEXCEN AV
4728Lexcen Av after Arthaldo Cct-35.1842149.106339LEXCEN AV
4729Anne Clark Av after Lexcen Av-35.1841149.10463ANNE CLARK AV
4730Anne Clark Av after Biddell St-35.1813149.104019ANNE CLARK AV
4731Kelleway Av after Anne Clark Av-35.1797149.103592KELLEWAY AV
4732Jabanungga Av after Ngunnawal Shops-35.173149.107407JABANUNGGA AV
4733Jabanungga Av after Manity Cr-35.1728149.107346JABANUNGGA AV
4734Jabanungga Av after Bimbiang Cr-35.1717149.105179JABANUNGGA AV
4735Jabanungga Av Taylor St-35.1716149.10524JABANUNGGA AV
4736Jabanungga Av before 2nd Bimbiang Cr-35.171149.104019JABANUNGGA AV
4737Newlop St after 2nd Karrugang Cct-35.1716149.10202NEWLOP ST
4738Newlop St after Mundawari Cct-35.1717149.100952NEWLOP ST
4739Newlop St after Horse Park Dr-35.1715149.099121NEWLOP ST
4740Gurrang Av after Wanganeen Av-35.171149.110764GURRANG AV
4742Gurrang Av after Barunga St-35.1724149.114594GURRANG AV
4743Gurrang Av after Saunders St-35.175149.113846GURRANG AV
4744Amagula Av after Ferguson Cct-35.1768149.113617AMAGULA AV
4745Amagula Av after Taggerty St-35.1787149.114532AMAGULA AV
4746Amagula Av after Yirawala St-35.1805149.113068AMAGULA AV
4747Amagula Av after Bungaree Cr-35.1815149.112747AMAGULA AV
4748Northbourne Av after Phillip Av-35.2367149.142899NORTHBOURNE AV
4749Northbourne Av opp Phillip Av-35.2357149.14386NORTHBOURNE AV
4750Flemington Rd Exhibition Park-35.2319149.145004FLEMINGTON RD
4751Flemington Rd opp Exhibition Park-35.2311149.14476FLEMINGTON RD
4752Gurrang Ave after Marungul Av-35.1746149.113815GURRANG AV
4753Sandford St after Flemington Rd-35.2211149.1427SANDFORD ST
4754Sandford & Brookes St-35.2206149.141144SANDFORD ST
4755Sandford St after 2nd Kemble Crt-35.2206149.138763SANDFORD ST
4756Sandford St after Hoskins St-35.2203149.138382SANDFORD ST
4757Hoskins St after Sandford St-35.2166149.1371HOSKINS ST
4758Hoskins St after Lysaght St-35.2163149.137405HOSKINS ST
4759Lysaght St after Grimwade St-35.2151149.139175LYSAGHT ST
4760Lysaght St after Huddart Ct-35.2154149.14006LYSAGHT ST
4761Kosciuszko Av before Gungahlin Dr-35.1938149.126938KOSCIUSZKO AV
4773Kosciuszko Av after Everard St-35.195149.125183KOSCIUSZKO AV
4774Kosciuszko Av before Mainwaring Rich Cct-35.1946149.125458KOSCIUSZKO AV
4775Kosciuszko Av after Redcliffe St-35.1963149.12442KOSCIUSZKO AV
4776Kosciuszko Av after Bollard St-35.1963149.124329KOSCIUSZKO AV
4777Kosciuszko Av opp Palmerston Oval-35.1978149.123367KOSCIUSZKO AV
4778Kosciuszko Av Palmerston Oval-35.1977149.123505KOSCIUSZKO AV
4779Koscuiszko Av Palmerston PS-35.1978149.121719KOSCIUSZKO AV
4780Koscuiszko Av after 2nd Tiptree Cr-35.1977149.119278KOSCIUSZKO AV
4781Kosciuszko Av & Grampians St-35.1961149.115982KOSCIUSZKO AV
4782Kosciuszko Av after Gudgenby Cl-35.1961149.116119KOSCIUSZKO AV
4783Kosciuszko Av after Bimberi Cr-35.194149.114441KOSCIUSZKO AV
4784Kosciuszko Av after Brinkley Cct-35.1937149.114517KOSCIUSZKO AV
4785Kosciuszko Av before Burrowa St-35.1923149.114624KOSCIUSZKO AV
4786Kosciuszko Av after 2nd Freeling Cct-35.1922149.114746KOSCIUSZKO AV
4787Kosciuszko Av after 2nd Sentry Cr-35.1906149.118011KOSCIUSZKO AV
4788Kosciuszko Av after Gingera St-35.1907149.117767KOSCIUSZKO AV
4789Kosciuszko Av after Buller Cr-35.1895149.120834KOSCIUSZKO AV
4790Kosciuszko Av after Gungahlin Dr-35.1897149.120667KOSCIUSZKO AV
4791William Slim Dr after Chuculba Cr-35.2099149.087967WILLIAM SLIM DR
4792William Slim Dr before Chuculba Cr-35.2097149.087906WILLIAM SLIM DR
4793Treloar Cr Campbell HS SSO-35.2789149.14772TRELOAR CR
4797Burkitt St Ridgecrest Village-35.237149.055069BURKITT ST
4799Tuggeranong Bus Station-35.4142149.065552TUGGERANONG INTERCHANGE
4800Bimbimbi St after Corinda St-35.2412149.081268BIMBIMBIE ST
4801Bimbimbi St 2nd University Of Canberra-35.2413149.081131BIMBIMBIE ST
4802Haydon Dr opp Calvary Hospital-35.2526149.086945HAYDON DR
4803Haydon Dr Calvary Hospital-35.2533149.086731HAYDON DR
4804Canopus Cr after Balamara St-35.2102149.090408CANOPUS CR
4805Canopus Cr from Chuculba Cr-35.2103149.090546CANOPUS CR
4806Copland Dr Spence Terminus-35.2007149.068588SPENCE TERMINUS DRIVEWAY
4807Mirrabei Dr after Paul Coe Cr South Entry-35.1775149.124283MIRRABEI DR
4808Hirschfeld Cr Macgregor PS SSO-35.2132149.01265HIRSCHFELD CR
4809Murranji St after Alexandria St-35.2422149.032761MURRANJI ST
4810Murranji St after Belconnen Way-35.2419149.033005MURRANJI ST
4811Tillyard & Ginninderra Dr SSO-35.2072149.034561TILLYARD DR
4812Kelleway Av Gold Creek High School-35.1803149.093231KELLEWAY AV
4814Crisp Cct before Eastern Valley Way-35.2464149.076462CRISP CCT
4816Crisp Cct 2nd after Cobbett Pl-35.2443149.075836CRISP CCT
4817Crisp Cct after Cobbett Pl-35.2436149.077316CRISP CCT
4818Haydon Dr CIT Southbound-35.2493149.090134HAYDON DR
4819Ellenborough St before overpass-35.2307149.113068ELLENBOROUGH ST
4820Ellenborough St after Daintree Cr-35.2308149.112961ELLENBOROUGH ST
4821Lyttleton Cr after Cambridge St-35.259149.064285LYTTLETON CR
4822Belconnen Wy after Springvale Dr-35.2419149.043457BELCONNEN WAY
4823Belconnen Wy after Beetaloo St-35.241149.038788BELCONNEN WAY
4824Belconnen Wy 2nd after Mackinolty St-35.2408149.038712BELCONNEN WAY
4825Belconnen Wy after Chewings St-35.2416149.043381BELCONNEN WAY
4826MacNaughton St after Gore St-35.2298149.017685MACNAUGHTON ST
4827Koscuiszko Av Palmerston Shops-35.1978149.11882KOSCIUSZKO AV
4829Kelleway Av Holy Spirit PS SSO-35.1806149.101501KELLEWAY AV
4830Gundaroo Dr after Mirrabei Dr outside park-35.1813149.129639GUNDAROO DR
4831Gundaroo Dr & Mirrabei Dr opp park-35.1813149.129929GUNDAROO DR
4832Lyttleton Cr Cook Shops-35.259149.064056LYTTLETON CR
4833Narrabundah Lane opp Therapeutic Goods Admin-35.3521149.149719NARRABUNDAH LANE
4835Anthony Rolfe Av before Gundaroo Rd-35.1827149.129578ANTHONY ROLFE AV
4836Kingsford Smith Dr before Companion Cr-35.2124149.047791KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4839Plimsoll Dr before Bott Cr-35.1633149.098083PLIMSOLL DR
4841Plimsoll Dr before Ronald Walker St-35.1624149.098358PLIMSOLL DR
4842Whitrod Av after Kowalski St-35.1595149.101334WHITROD AVE
4843Whitrod Av after McGovern St-35.1596149.100922WHITROD AVE
4844Amagula Av after Gungahlin Dr-35.1809149.112518AMAGULA AV
4845Plimsol after Skermer-35.1668149.096237PLIMSOLL DR
4846Amagula Av after Yirawala St-35.1791149.114288AMAGULA AV
4847Amagula Av after Gula Pl-35.1767149.11351AMAGULA AV
4848Gurrang Av after Marungul Av-35.1731149.114548GURRANG AV
4849Gurrang Av after Deumonga Cct-35.1718149.114044GURRANG AV
4850Gurrang Av after Bunburung Cl-35.1712149.111801GURRANG AV
4851Jabanungga Av after 2nd Mundang Av-35.1701149.102921JABANUNGGA AV
4852Horse Park Dr before Arrabri St-35.1672149.100632HORSE PARK DR
4853Arrabri St after Horse Park Dr-35.1666149.102219ARRABRI ST
4854Jabanungga Av before Warabin Cr-35.1684149.103561JABANUNGGA AV
4855Plimsoll Dr before David Miller-35.1682149.095932PLIMSOLL DR
4857Georgina Cr Kaleen Village Terminus-35.2208149.102463GEORGINA CR
4858Hardwick Cr after Powell St-35.2243149.020279HARDWICK CR
4859Hardwick Cr after Kippax Pl-35.2243149.020508HARDWICK CR
4860Redfern St after Elizabeth Cr-35.2552149.060989REDFERN ST
4863Redfern St before Templeton St-35.2558149.059357REDFERN ST
4864Lexcen Ave before Hattersley Cct-35.1862149.105118LEXCEN AV
4866Unaipon Av after Wanganeen Av-35.1688149.112106UNAIPON AV
4867Wanganeen after Uniapon Timing Point Only-35.1696149.112167WANGANEEN AV
4868Jabanungga Av after Mundang Cr-35.1696149.102966JABANUNGGA AV
4871Jabanungga Av before 2nd Mundang Cr-35.1681149.103256JABANUNGGA AV
4872Horse Park Dr after Arrabri St-35.1672149.100861HORSE PARK DR
4873Mirrabei Dr after Gundaroo Rd-35.1775149.12413MIRRABEI DR
4874Anne Clark Av after Kelleway Av-35.182149.104507ANNE CLARK AV
4875Anne Clark Av after Linn St-35.1841149.104843ANNE CLARK AV
4876Lexcen Av after Anne Clark Av-35.184149.106354LEXCEN AV
4877Lexcen Av after Arthaldo Ct-35.1835149.108917LEXCEN AV
4878Lexcen Ave after Tazewell Cct-35.1875149.10495LEXCEN AV
4879Kinsella St after Nicholas St-35.2359149.028KINSELLA ST
4880Kinsella St before Findlay St-35.2352149.028397KINSELLA ST
4881Kinsella St 2nd after Nicholas St-35.2379149.026382KINSELLA ST
4882Kinsella St after Drake Brockman Dr-35.238149.026138KINSELLA ST
4883Bingley Cr after Woodger Pl-35.1934149.051086BINGLEY CR
4884Bingley Cr after Daley Cr-35.1934149.050842BINGLEY CR
4885Bingley Cr 2nd after Daley Cr-35.1922149.053177BINGLEY CR
4886Bingley Cr after Moroney St-35.1924149.053879BINGLEY CR
4887Tillyard Drop Fraser East Terminus-35.1908149.045563TILLYARD DR
4888Tillyard Dr Fraser East Terminus-35.1901149.046478TILLYARD DR
4889Southern Cross Dr after Moyes Cr-35.2196149.021591SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4890Southern Cross Dr after Florey Dr-35.2194149.021271SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4891Belconnen Wy after Springvale Dr-35.2432149.048416BELCONNEN WAY
4892Belconnen Wy before Springvale Dr-35.2433149.048126BELCONNEN WAY
4893Moyes Cr after Flack St-35.2208149.021637MOYES CR
4894Moyes Cr after Southern Cross Dr-35.2204149.021835MOYES CR
4895Starke St after 2nd Fullagar Cr-35.2284149.019684STARKE ST
4896Ashkanasy Cr after Clancy St-35.2104149.069794ASHKANASY CR
4897Ashkanasy Cr after Pitcairn St-35.2104149.069672ASHKANASY CR
4898Kerrigan St before Traeger St-35.1892149.026413KERRIGAN ST
4899Tuggeranong Stn Plt 5-35.4142149.065414TUGGERANONG INTERCHANGE
4900Copland Dr after McDonald Pl SSO-35.2075149.066025COPLAND DR
4901Copland Dr after Driver Pl SSO-35.2068149.068069COPLAND DR
4902Copland Dr after Lavan Pl SSO-35.2066149.068176COPLAND DR
4903Bimbimbie St before Tokara St-35.2411149.08374BIMBIMBIE ST
4906Southern Cross Dr after Starke St-35.2231149.029922SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4907Southern Cross Dr 2nd after Starke St-35.2217149.027664SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4908Southern Cross Dr after Dalley Cr-35.2214149.02774SOUTHERN CROSS DR
4909Haydon Dr opp CIT-35.2491149.090042HAYDON DR
4910Wanganeen Av before Mirrabei Dr-35.1685149.114166WANGANEEN AV
4911Arrabri St before Horse Park Dr-35.1667149.101852ARRABRI ST
4912Horse Park Dr 2nd after Newlop St-35.1691149.09993HORSE PARK DR
4913Horse Park Dr after Arrabri St-35.1699149.099442HORSE PARK DR
4914Horse Park Dr after Clarrie Hermes Dr-35.1726149.098129HORSE PARK DR
4915Horse Park Dr after Newlop St-35.1733149.098724HORSE PARK DR
4916Hoskins St after Dacre St-35.2139149.137878HOSKINS ST
4918Hoskins St after Pelle St-35.2086149.138702HOSKINS ST
4919Hoskins St before Vicars St-35.2084149.139008HOSKINS ST
4920Brookes St after Lysaght St-35.2167149.141357BROOKES ST
4923Brookes St after Buckland St-35.2168149.141251BROOKES ST
4924Brookes St after Heffernan St-35.2193149.140839BROOKES ST
4925Brookes St after Sandford St-35.219149.140808BROOKES ST
4926Flemington Rd before Exhibition Park-35.2271149.144226FLEMINGTON RD
4927Flemington Rd after Randwick Rd-35.2272149.143967FLEMINGTON RD
4928Randwick Rd Canberra Racecourse-35.2283149.140884Canberra Racecourse Service Road
4929Alfred Hill Dr Mt Rogers PS SSO-35.208149.055801MT ROGERS PRIMARY DRIVEWAY
4930Alpen St after Alfred Hill Dr-35.2044149.060165ALPEN ST
4931Shakespeare Cr Fraser West Terminus-35.1908149.035538SHAKESPEARE CR
4932Daley Cr opp Fraser East Terminus-35.19149.047211DALEY CR
4933Hoskins St before Dacre St-35.2139149.13765HOSKINS ST
4934Horse Park Dr after Newlop Cr-35.1705149.09877HORSE PARK DR
4935Copland Dr opp Spence Shops-35.2016149.068832COPLAND DR
4936Aikman Dr after Joy Cummings Pl-35.2343149.078415AIKMAN DR
4937Aikman Dr after Joy Cummings Pl-35.2336149.078674AIKMAN DR
4938Copland Dr after Garrard St-35.2016149.06871COPLAND DR
4939Alpen St after Kingsford Smith Dr-35.2043149.060196ALPEN ST
4940Starke St after Blackham St-35.2247149.030182STARKE ST
4942Drake Brockman Dr after MacNaughton-35.232149.015747DRAKE BROCKMAN DR
4943Drake Brockman Dr before MacNaughton St-35.2319149.01593DRAKE BROCKMAN DR
4944Drake Brockman Dr before Trickett St-35.2309149.011581DRAKE BROCKMAN DR
4945Drake Brockman Dr after Trickett St-35.2307149.011688DRAKE BROCKMAN DR
4946Drake Brockman Dr before Spofforth St-35.23149.008987DRAKE BROCKMAN DR
4947Drake Brockman Dr after Spofforth St-35.2297149.008591DRAKE BROCKMAN DR
4948Spofforth St 2nd after Stockdill Dr-35.2272149.006271SPOFFORTH ST
4949Spofforth St 2nd after Messenger St-35.227149.006271SPOFFORTH ST
4950Spofforth St before Messenger St-35.2253149.00499SPOFFORTH ST
4951Beaurepaire Cr after Armstrong Cr-35.2197149.013519BEAUREPAIRE CR
4952Beaurepaire Cr after Southern Cross Dr-35.2198149.013657BEAUREPAIRE CR
4953Beaurepaire Cr after Messenger St-35.2221149.011917BEAUREPAIRE CR
4954Beaurepaire Cr Holt PS-35.2222149.012009BEAUREPAIRE CR
4955Starke St 2nd after Luke St-35.226149.016891STARKE ST
4956Starke St after Beaurepaire Cr-35.2249149.016693STARKE ST
4957Starke St 2nd after Beaurepaire Cr-35.2232149.016754STARKE ST
4958Starke St after Luke St-35.2235149.016846STARKE ST
4959Mugga Lane Quamby Detention Centre-35.3468149.138519MUGGA LANE
4960Mugga Lane after Hindmarsh Dr-35.3467149.138687MUGGA LANE
4961Narrabundah Lane opp Sundown Motel-35.3488149.155975NARRABUNDAH LANE
4962Narrabundah Lane Sundown Motel Resort-35.3487149.155899NARRABUNDAH LANE
4963Jerrabomberra Av opp AGSO-35.344149.154907JERRABOMBERRA AV
4964Jerrabomberra Av AGSO-35.3445149.155685JERRABOMBERRA AV
4965Nettlefold St before Benjamin Way-35.2429149.066177NETTLEFOLD ST
4967Nettlefold St after Benjamin Way-35.2431149.066147NETTLEFOLD ST
4968Kerrigan St after Ginninderra Dr-35.1964149.015121KERRIGAN ST
4969Kerrigan St after Bedourie St-35.1965149.015213KERRIGAN ST
4970Eardley St after Haydon Dr-35.2402149.091599EARDLEY ST
4971College St opp University Of Canberra-35.2425149.085678COLLEGE ST
4972Mary Potter Cct Calvary Hospital-35.2517149.090225MARY POTTER CCT
4973Calvary Hospital 3rd after Haydon Dr-35.2519149.090408MARY POTTER CCT
4974Calvary Hospital A&E East Side-35.2528149.091095MARY POTTER CCT
4975Calvary Hospital A&E West Side-35.2528149.090912MARY POTTER CCT
4976Mary Potter Cct 3rd Calvary Hospital-35.254149.089462MARY POTTER CCT
4977Calvary Hospital Main Entrance-35.2539149.089218MARY POTTER CCT
4978College St University of Canberra-35.2423149.086243COLLEGE ST
4979Kerrigan St after Pollilight St-35.1916149.028366KERRIGAN ST
4980Kerrigan St after Branson St-35.1917149.028473KERRIGAN ST
4981Eardley St after Thynne St-35.2404149.091583EARDLEY ST
4982Drake Brockman Dr after Kinsella St-35.2397149.026108DRAKE BROCKMAN DR
4983Drake Brockman Dr after Kingsford Smith Dr-35.2398149.026108DRAKE BROCKMAN DR
4984Fullagar Cr after Starke St-35.2292149.022827FULLAGAR CR
4985Fullagar Cr before Ashburner St-35.2297149.022766FULLAGAR CR
4986Fullagar Cr Higgins Oval-35.2309149.023117FULLAGAR CR
4987Fullagar Cr 2nd before Ashburner St-35.2313149.02301FULLAGAR CR
4988Castieau St after Fullager Cr-35.23149.028534CASTIEAU ST
4989Castieau Cr after Dethridge St-35.2301149.028442CASTIEAU ST
4990Kingsford Smith Dr after Findlay St-35.2318149.034164KINGSFORD SMITH DR
4991Bettington Cr Charnwood Dunlop PS-35.1986149.036041CHARNWOOD PRIMARY DRIVEWAY
4992O’Loghlen St after 2nd Chambers St-35.2211149.038361OLOGHLEN ST
4993O’Loghlen St before Chubb St SSO-35.2214149.034531OLOGHLEN ST
4994O’Loghlen St after 2nd Chubb St SSO-35.2248149.033691OLOGHLEN ST
4997Ratcliffe Cr after 2nd Summerville Cr-35.2272149.051025RATCLIFFE CR
4999Tuggeranong Bus Station Plt 6-35.4144149.065353TUGGERANONG INTERCHANGE
5000Ratcliffe Cr between Cuscaden Cr-35.229149.049057RATCLIFFE CR
5001Ratcliffe Cr after Summerville Cr-35.2291149.04892RATCLIFFE CR
5002Southern Cross Dr before Ratcliffe Cr-35.2294149.044449SOUTHERN CROSS DR
5003Baldwin Dr after Maribyrnong Av-35.2219149.100388BALDWIN DR
5004Baldwin Dr before Maribyrnong Av North Entry-35.2218149.100204BALDWIN DR
5005Baldwin Dr Kaleen HS-35.225149.100586BALDWIN DR
5007Baldwin Dr after Kaleen HS-35.2268149.099594BALDWIN DR
5008Baldwin Dr before Kaleen HS-35.2267149.099518BALDWIN DR
5009Baldwin Dr after Maribyrnong Av South Entry-35.228149.098206BALDWIN DR
5010Baldwin Dr before Maribyrnong Av South Entry-35.228149.09848BALDWIN DR
5011Baldwin Dr before Maribyrnong Av-35.2299149.094528BALDWIN DR
5012Baldwin Dr before William Slim Dr-35.2176149.086655BALDWIN DR
5013Baldwin Dr before Gum St-35.2175149.090439BALDWIN DR
5014Baldwin Dr after Gum St-35.2174149.090332BALDWIN DR
5015Baldwin Dr after William Slim Dr-35.2176149.086792BALDWIN DR
5016Chuculba Cr after William Slim Dr-35.2097149.090424CHUCULBA CR
5017Chewings St after Southern Cross Dr-35.2326149.04805CHEWINGS ST
5018Burkitt St after Neumayer St-35.236149.051178BURKITT ST
5019Burkitt St after Macadam St-35.2357149.050446BURKITT ST
5020Belconnen Wy after Petterd St-35.2435149.054642BELCONNEN WAY
5021Kingsford Smith Dr after Wirraway Cr-35.2319149.034454KINGSFORD SMITH DR
5022Chewings St before Southern Cross Dr-35.2326149.047852CHEWINGS ST
5023Southern Cross Dr after Luxton St-35.2308149.047318SOUTHERN CROSS DR
5024Ginninderra Dr after Lance Hill Av-35.2025149.021942GINNINDERRA DR
5025Kerrigan St after Traeger St-35.1894149.021713KERRIGAN ST
5026Brigalow St after Mulga St SSO-35.2569149.118744BANKSIA ST
5028Banksia St after Boronia Dr SSO-35.2569149.11882BANKSIA ST
5029Spofforth St after Messsenger St-35.225149.005096SPOFFORTH ST
5030Canberra Av Caravan Park-35.3333149.166473CANBERRA AV
5031Chuculba Cr after Canopus Cr SSO-35.2097149.090164CHUCULBA CR
5032Flagstaff St after Learmonth Dr SSO-35.393149.040161FLAGSTAFF ST
5033Ivo Whitton Cct after James Scott Cl SSO-35.3949149.037201IVO WHITTON CCT
5034Ivo Whitton Cct after Lemprierre Cr SSO-35.3914149.037903IVO WHITTON CCT
5035Learmonth Dr after Flagstaff St SSO-35.3932149.046112LEARMONTH DR
5036Hazel St after River St DEANES SERVICE-35.3415149.228241HAZEL ST
5037Learmonth Dr after Meredith Cct SSO-35.3933149.046036LEARMONTH DR
5040Baldwin Dr opp Kaleen HS-35.2244149.10051BALDWIN DR
5042Archdall St after Ginninderra Dr-35.1999149.015701ARCHDALL ST
5043Owen Dixon Dr McKellar Soccer Club-35.212149.084564OWEN DIXON DR
5044Ginninderra Dr after Kerrigan St-35.1977149.015137GINNINDERRA DR
5045Ginninderra Dr before Kerrigan St-35.1979149.015381GINNINDERRA DR
5046Springvale Dr after Gillespie St-35.2464149.043732SPRINGVALE DR
5047Goodwin St after Oliver St-35.2494149.131622GOODWIN ST
5048Murdoch St after Goodwin St-35.2524149.131668MURDOCH ST
5049Gundaroo Dr after William Slim Dr-35.1967149.105759GUNDAROO DR
5051Gundaroo Dr after Nudurr Dr-35.1968149.105728GUNDAROO DR
5052Gundaroo Dr before Burrowa St-35.1939149.110733GUNDAROO DR
5053Gundaroo Dr after Burrowa St-35.1939149.110855GUNDAROO DR
5054Canberra Raiders Specials ONLY-35.1847149.132507GOZZARD ST
5056Curran Dr after McClelland Av South Entry-35.1854149.084976CURRAN DR
5058Curran Dr before McClelland Av-35.1855149.085205CURRAN DR
5059Curran Dr 2nd after McClelland Av-35.1844149.08876CURRAN DR
5060Curran Dr after Temperly St-35.1846149.088837CURRAN DR
5061Temperley St after Curran Dr-35.1845149.092026TEMPERLEY ST
5062Temperley St after Dobbin Cct-35.1845149.091843TEMPERLEY ST
5063Temperley St before Stebman Pl-35.1861149.092972TEMPERLEY ST
5064Kelleway Cr opp Gold Creek High-35.1804149.093185KELLEWAY AV
5065Temperley St after Stedman Pl-35.188149.094162TEMPERLEY ST
5066Temperley St after 2nd Sue Geh Cct-35.1862149.092804TEMPERLEY ST
5067Temperley St after Viner Pl-35.1899149.095367TEMPERLEY ST
5068Temperley St after 2nd McRitchie Cct-35.1881149.094254TEMPERLEY ST
5069Temperley St after Krantzke Cct-35.1926149.096313TEMPERLEY ST
5070Temperley St after Sue Geh Cct-35.1898149.095276TEMPERLEY ST
5071Kelleway Av before Lexcen Av-35.1834149.099533KELLEWAY AV
5072Kelleway Av after Lexcen Av-35.1833149.099548KELLEWAY AV
5073Lexcen Av after Temperley Cct-35.1886149.101471LEXCEN AV
5074Lexcen Av after McCauliffe Ct-35.1887149.101593LEXCEN AV
5075Temperley St after Schow Pl-35.1924149.09581TEMPERLEY ST
5076Temperley St South of Whitfield Cct-35.1923149.098465TEMPERLEY ST
5077Temperley St North of Whitfield Cct-35.1907149.100052TEMPERLEY ST
5078Temperley St after Lexcen Av-35.1907149.100143TEMPERLEY ST
5079Katherine Av after Shoalhaven Av-35.1681149.127991KATHERINE AV
5080Katherine Av after Timboram St-35.1692149.12941KATHERINE AV
5081Katherine Av after Cooloola St-35.1695149.131821KATHERINE AV
5082The Valley Av after Gungahlin Dr-35.1869149.124054THE VALLEY AV
5083Burgmann Anglican School The Valley Av-35.1878149.123306THE VALLEY AV
5084Gozzard St Gungahlin-35.1817149.133118GOZZARD ST
5085Gozzard St after Gundaroo Rd-35.1818149.133209GOZZARD ST
5086Strangways St Holy Trinity PS SSO-35.3268149.08168STRANGWAYS ST
5087Spofforth St before Drake Brockman Dr-35.2287149.007156SPOFFORTH ST
5088Spofforth St after Strockdill Dr-35.2288149.007019SPOFFORTH ST
5089La Perouse St after Caley Cr-35.3341149.135483LA PEROUSE ST
5090La Perouse St after Hamelin Cr-35.3339149.13533LA PEROUSE ST
5091Nemarang Cr after Gamor St West Entry-35.3568149.064178NEMARANG CR
5092Nemarang Cr before 2nd Gamor St-35.3569149.063385NEMARANG CR
5093Nemarang Cr before Gamor St East Entry-35.3567149.066284NEMARANG CR
5094Nemarang Cr after Nangor St-35.3568149.065857NEMARANG CR
5095Baldwin Dr after Chuculba Cr-35.2187149.096619BALDWIN DR
5096Baldwin Dr before Chuculba Cr-35.2186149.096756BALDWIN DR
5097Lance Hill Av after Shrivell Cct-35.1972149.021835LANCE HILL AV
5098Lance Hill Av after Shoobridge Cct-35.1952149.02037LANCE HILL AV
5099Bateson Rd Canberra Hospital Car Park-35.3487149.101288BATESON RD
5100Kerrigan St after Polilight St roundabout-35.1937149.031326KERRIGAN ST
5101Kerrigan St before Dunnet St-35.1938149.031235KERRIGAN ST
5102Catalina Dr-35.299149.188065CATALINA DR
5103Hickey Court Orana PS SSO-35.3276149.059509HICKEY CT
5104Badimara St Mount Stromlo HS Grounds SSO-35.355149.054443STROMLO HS DRIVEWAY
5105Morphett St Daramalan CLG Grounds SSO-35.2537149.138611MORPHETT ST
5106Wise St Merici CLG SSO-35.2675149.136429WISE ST
5107Kallaroo Rd opp Rodney’s Nursery SSO-35.3121149.185013KALLAROO RD
5108Majura Av Dickson CLG SSO-35.2508149.1539MAJURA AV
5109Dakota Dr after Spitfire Av-35.2996149.189026DAKOTA DR
5110Catalina DR Costco-35.2959149.18956CATALINA DR
5111Drumston St MacKillop CLG Grounds SSO-35.4255149.093185McKillop CLG Driveway
5122Woodcock Dr Covenant CLG Grounds SSO-35.4395149.09024ROAD
5123Canberra Av after Ipswich St-35.3309149.162582CANBERRA AV
5127Alfred Deakin High School GROUNDS SSO-35.3241149.093536ALFRED DEAKIN HIGH DRIVEWAY
5128Numeralla St after Yamba Dr SSO-35.3572149.105408NUMERALLA ST
5130Tillyard Dr Fraser PS SSO-35.1919149.043701FRASER PRIMARY DRIVEWAY
5131Murranji St Belconnen High School Grounds SSO-35.247149.039642BELCONNEN HS DRIVEWAY
5132Curran Dr after McClelland Av North Entry-35.1823149.091888CURRAN DR
5137Curran Dr 3rd after McClelland Av-35.1822149.091797CURRAN DR
5138Joynton Smith Dr after Sutherland Cr-35.2306149.061752JOYNTON SMITH DR
5139Joynton Smith Dr North after Sutherland Cr-35.2312149.061615JOYTON SMITH DR
5140Joynton Smith Dr after Morell St-35.2336149.062439JOYTON SMITH DR
5141Joynton Smith Dr after Beissel St-35.2337149.062317JOYNTON SMITH DR
5142Nettlefold St Oatley Crt Nth-35.2419149.059006NETTLEFOLD ST
5143Nettlefold St Oatley Ct Sth-35.2418149.059204NETTLEFOLD ST
5144Nettlefold St after Lathlain St Nth-35.2434149.062546NETTLEFOLD ST
5145Nettlefold St after Josephson St-35.2433149.0625NETTLEFOLD ST
5146Emu Bank Dr before Benjamin Wy-35.2363149.068436EMU BANK DR
5147Emu Bank Dr after Benjamin Wy-35.2362149.068527EMU BANK DR
5148Emu Bank Dr after Veryard Cl-35.2384149.071045EMU BANK DR
5149Emu Bank Dr after Soundy Cl-35.2387149.071243EMU BANK DR
5150Douglas Waterhouse Dr before Eldershaw Cr-35.1874149.022812DOUGLAS WATERHOUSE DR
5151Douglas Waterhouse Dr after Eldershaw Cr-35.1862149.022797DOUGLAS WATERHOUSE DR
5152Douglas Waterhouse Dr-35.1853149.023636DOUGLAS WATERHOUSE DR
5153Douglas Waterhouse Dr 2nd after Eldershaw Cr-35.1852149.023697DOUGLAS WATERHOUSE DR
5154Branson St after Hanrahan Cr-35.1857149.029312BRANSON ST
5155Branson St after Favco Pl-35.1856149.029373BRANSON ST
5156Branson St after Courtneidge St-35.1879149.029007BRANSON ST
5157Branson St before Courtneidge St-35.188149.029099BRANSON ST
5158Polilight St before Branson St-35.1895149.029602POLILIGHT ST
5159Polilight St after Branson St SSO-35.1895149.029678POLILIGHT ST
5160Polilight St after Stump Jump Cr-35.1911149.03183POLILIGHT ST
5161Polilight St after Menzel Cr SSO-35.1911149.031921POLILIGHT ST
5162Kelleway Av after Rowley Pl-35.1817149.094131KELLEWAY AV
5164Kelleway Av opp Nicholls Shops-35.1833149.097198KELLEWAY AV
5165Battye St after Eade St-35.2465149.096634BATTYE ST
5168Gungahlin Dr before Horsepark Dr-35.1761149.10112GUNGAHLIN DR
5169Gungahlin Dr after Horsepark Dr-35.176149.101379GUNGAHLIN DR
5170Braybrooke St before Ginninderra Dr-35.2402149.103027BRAYBROOKE ST
5171Braybrooke St after Ginninderra Dr-35.2404149.103165BRAYBROOKE ST
5172Wanganeen Av after Mirrabei Dr-35.1683149.114502WANGANEEN AV
5173Kingsford Smith Dr before Ginninderra Dr-35.2148149.0457KINGSFORD SMITH DR
5174Temperley St before Whitfield Cct-35.1921149.098434TEMPERLEY ST
5175Windeyer St before Burton St SSO-35.241149.151321WINDEYER ST
5176Baldwin Dr 2nd after Gum St-35.2173149.094498BALDWIN DR
5177Baldwin Dr 2nd after Chuculba Cr-35.2174149.094452BALDWIN DR
5178Lachlan St before Blackman Cr-35.2529149.063583LACHLAN ST
5179Wheeler Cres after McKean Pl-35.4004149.076187WHEELER CR BDGE
5180Wheeler Cres after 2nd Langridge St-35.4004149.07605WHEELER CR BDGE
5181John Paul College-35.1771149.100296JOHN PAUL COLLEGE DRIVEWAY
5182Tuggeranong Bus Station-35.4147149.065567TUGGERANONG INTERCHANGE
5501Westfield Bus Stn-35.2388149.063797WESTFIELD BUS STATION
5502Westfield Bus Stn Set Down Only-35.2388149.063797WESTFIELD BUS STATION
5503Belc. Community Stn Plt 1-35.2398149.069702COHEN ST
5511Belc. Community Stn Plt 2-35.2398149.069183COHEN ST
5512Belc. Community Stn Plt 3-35.24149.068466COHEN ST
5513Belc. Community Stn Plt 4-35.2401149.068039COHEN ST
5514Belc. Community Stn Plt 5-35.24149.068909COHEN ST
5515Belc.Community Stn Plt 6-35.2399149.069443COHEN ST
5516Belc.Community Stn Arrivals-35.2399149.069046COHEN ST
5517Eastern Valley Way before Emu Bank Dr-35.24149.072922EASTERN VALLEY WY
5520Eastern Valley Way after Emu Bank Dr-35.2406149.073441EASTERN VALLEY WAY
5521Eastern Valley Way Eastern Valley Oval-35.2458149.07486EASTERN VALLEY WAY
5522Eastern Valley Way opp Eastern Valley Oval-35.2456149.075272EASTERN VALLEY WAY
5523Burdekin Av opp Amaroo School-35.1657149.126801BURDEKIN AV
5901Burdekin Av opp Good Shepherd School-35.1661149.124725BURDEKIN AV
5902Burdekin Av after Geehi Pl-35.1684149.122131BURDEKIN AV
5903Burdekin Av after Bywaters St-35.1707149.120956BURDEKIN AV
5904Galmarra St before Milari St-35.1787149.121048GALMARRA ST
5994Galmarra St after Paul Coe Cr-35.1787149.121323GALMARRA ST
5995Paul Coe Cr after Nona Pl-35.1779149.122269PAUL COE CR
5996Burdekin Av Good Shepherd School-35.1661149.124588BURDEKIN AV
5997Shoalhaven Av after Katherine Av-35.1681149.126831SHOALHAVEN AV
5998Paul Coe Cr after Kardang St-35.1783149.122421PAUL COE CR
5999Burdekin Av Amaroo PS-35.1656149.12735BURDEKIN AV
6000Katherine Av after Tarrabool St-35.1699149.13443KATHERINE AV
6001Gundaroo Dr after Gozzard St SSO-35.1802149.132172GUNDAROO DR
6002Canberra Raiders Specials ONLY-35.1845149.132416GOZZARD ST
6003Jane Sutherland St after Tom Roberts Av-35.467149.105957JANE SUTHERLAND ST
6005Well Station Dr after Kings Canyon St-35.2096149.155533WELL STATION DR
6006Well Station Dr before Kings Canyon St-35.2097149.155273WELL STATION DR
6007Well Station Dr after Albatross Cr-35.2053149.163452WELL STATION DR
6008Well Station Dr before Albatross Cr-35.2055149.163467WELL STATION DR
6009Templestowe Av after Ina Gregory Cct-35.4659149.110886TEMPLESTOWE AV
6013Templestowe Av after Jane Sutherland St-35.4658149.111084TEMPLESTOWE AV
6014Templestowe Av after 2nd Montefiore Cr-35.4665149.108536TEMPLESTOWE AV
6015Templestowe Av after Kohlhagen St-35.4665149.108444TEMPLESTOWE AV
6016Templestowe Av after Humphrey St-35.4655149.106583TEMPLESTOWE AV
6018Nellie Hamilton Av after Gundaroo Dr-35.179149.136337NELLIE HAMILTON AV
6019Nellie Hamilton Av before 2nd Strayleaf Cr-35.1771149.135406NELLIE HAMILTON AV
6020Nellie Hamilton Av after 1st Strayleaf Cr-35.177149.135666NELLIE HAMILTON AV
6021Phyllis Ashton Cct after second Strayleaf Cr-35.1766149.133636PHYLIS ASHTON CCT
6022James Kirk St after Nellie Hamilton Av-35.1778149.132706JAMES KIRK ST
6023Gundaroo Dr after Hollingsworth St-35.1808149.140594GUNDAROO DR
6024Gundaroo Dr after Horse Park Dr-35.181149.140442GUNDAROO DR
6025Gundaroo Dr before Hollingsworth St-35.1806149.138474GUNDAROO DR
6026Gundaroo Dr after Pallin St-35.1808149.138474GUNDAROO DR
6027Gundaroo Dr before Nellie Hamilton Av-35.1802149.135574GUNDAROO DR
6028Gundaroo Dr after Nellie Hamilton Av-35.1803149.135452GUNDAROO DR
6029Gundaroo Dr before Nari St-35.1838149.124573GUNDAROO DR
6030Gundaroo Dr after Ginn St-35.1839149.124451GUNDAROO DR
6031Katherine Av before Cooloola St-35.1695149.131805KATHERINE AV
6032Katherine Av after 2nd Benaroon Cct-35.1702149.134903KATHERINE AV
6033Katherine Av after Benaroon Cct-35.1696149.137848KATHERINE AV
6034Katherine Av after Horse Park Dr-35.1698149.13768KATHERINE AV
6035Flemington Rd after Sandford St-35.2201149.144882FLEMINGTON RD
6036Flemington Rd after Lysaght St-35.2197149.145172FLEMINGTON RD
6037Horse Park Dr after Gundaroo Dr-35.1762149.139847HORSE PARK DR
6038Horse Park Dr after Katherine Av-35.1762149.139999HORSE PARK DR
6039Nellie Hamilton after second Strayleaf Cr-35.1784149.136765NELLIE HAMILTON AV
6040Phyllis Ashton Cct after James Kirk St-35.1765149.133545PHYLIS ASHTON CCT
6041James Kirk St after Gozzard St-35.1777149.132523JAMES KIRK ST
6042Hibberson St before Hinder St-35.186149.137558HIBBERSON ST
6043Kerrigan St after Lance Hill Av-35.1932149.018723KERRIGAN ST
6045Kerrigan St before Lance Hill Av-35.1931149.018829KERRIGAN ST
6046Shoalhaven Av before Katherine Av-35.1682149.126694SHOALHAVEN AV
6047Katherine Av after Auburn St-35.1679149.127869KATHERINE AV
6048Katherine Av after Marrett St-35.1693149.12944KATHERINE AV
6049Nullarbor Av after Cultivation St-35.202149.156525NULLARBOR AV
6050Nullarbor Av after Katoomba St-35.202149.156555NULLARBOR AV
6051Cultivation St after Encounter St-35.2002149.15834CULTIVATION ST
6052Cultivation St after Nullarbor Av-35.2007149.157928CULTIVATION ST
6053Cultivation St before Tanami St-35.1986149.159485CULTIVATION ST
6054Cultivation St after Tanami St-35.1985149.159424CULTIVATION ST
6055Cultivation St after Carpentaria St-35.1963149.160294CULTIVATION ST
6056Cultivation St before Carpentaria St-35.1965149.160202CULTIVATION ST
6057Jenolan St after Mapleton Av-35.1955149.15831JENOLAN ST
6058Jenolan St after Cultivation St-35.1954149.158203JENOLAN ST
6059Mapleton Av after Horse Park Dr-35.1948149.159271MAPLETON AV
6060Mapleton Av after Jenolan St-35.1947149.159302MAPLETON AV
6061Moonlight Av after Kalianna St-35.1863149.154694MOONLIGHT AV
6062Moonlight Av after Anthony Rolfe Av-35.1863149.1548MOONLIGHT AV
6063Moonlight Av after Haven St-35.1891149.155075MOONLIGHT AV
6064Moonlight Av after Redbank St-35.1892149.155182MOONLIGHT AV
6065Moonlight Av after Parsley St-35.1905149.153137MOONLIGHT AV
6066Moonlight Av after Osprey St-35.1907149.152969MOONLIGHT AV
6067Anthony Rolfe Av after Ansett-35.1861149.152328ANTHONY ROLFE AV
6068Anthony Rolfe Av after DeBortoli St-35.1864149.152145ANTHONY ROLFE AV
6069Sherbrook St North Ainslie PS SSO-35.2546149.148209NORTH AINSLIE PRIMARY DRIVEWAY
6072Mapleton Av after Jenolan St SSO-35.1949149.156952MAPLETON AV
6074Debortoli St after Anthony Rolfe Av-35.1867149.152496DE BORTOLI ST
6077Hoskins St before Cash St-35.2026149.139938HOSKINS ST
6078Hoskins St before Oodgeroo-35.2024149.139847HOSKINS ST
6079Hoskins St after Wells Station Dr-35.2056149.139297HOSKINS ST
6080Hoskins St after Cash St-35.2048149.139542HOSKINS ST
6081Christina Stead St after Cash St-35.2031149.140717CHRISTINA STEAD ST
6082Christina Stead St before Ruth Bedford St-35.2031149.140869CHRISTINA STEAD ST
6083Christina Stead St opp Roxburgh St-35.2032149.143753CHRISTINA STEAD ST
6085Christina Stead St after Minnie Bruce St-35.2016149.147644CHRISTINA STEAD ST
6086Christina Stead St after Nullarbor Av-35.2016149.147766CHRISTINA STEAD ST
6087Amy Ackman St before Francis Forde St-35.1711149.141907AMY ACKMAN ST
6088Amy Ackman St after Francis Forde St-35.1711149.141785AMY ACKMAN ST
6089Amy Ackman St after Jessie St-35.1663149.145081AMY ACKMAN ST
6090Amy Ackman St before Jessie St-35.1668149.144394AMY ACKMAN ST
6091Redruth St before Abena Av-35.2019149.106918REDRUTH ST
6100Amaroo PS Horse Park Dr-35.1633149.129807HORSE PARK DRIVE AMAROO SCHOOL SIDESTREET
6129The Valley Av after Gozzard St-35.1869149.129593THE VALLEY AV
6130The Valley Av East of Warwick St-35.1868149.129608THE VALLEY AV
6131The Valley Av West of Warwick St-35.1865149.126587THE VALLEY AV
6132The Valley Av after Delma View-35.1864149.126663THE VALLEY AV
6133Redruth St after Abena Av-35.2021149.107086REDRUTH ST
6134Hibberson St after Kate Crace St-35.186149.137711HIBBERSON ST
6135Kate Crace St after Anthony Rolfe Av-35.185149.139694KATE CRACE ST
6136Kate Crace St after Ernest Cavanagh St-35.185149.139404KATE CRACE ST
6137Anthony Rolfe Av after Hamer St-35.1848149.142395ANTHONY ROLFE AV
6138Anthony Rolfe Av after Kate Crace St-35.1845149.142365ANTHONY ROLFE AV
6139Anthony Rolfe Av after Peters St-35.1853149.145386ANTHONY ROLFE AV
6140Anthony Rolfe Av 2nd after Kate Crace St-35.185149.145645ANTHONY ROLFE AV
6141Anthony Rolfe Av after Wizard St-35.1859149.149094ANTHONY ROLFE AV
6142Anthony Rolfe Av 3rd after Kate Crace St-35.1856149.149368ANTHONY ROLFE AV
6145Wizard St Gungahlin-35.1871149.149368WIZARD ST
6146Wizard St Gungahlin SSO-35.1871149.14949WIZARD ST
6147Langtree Cr after Avenal St-35.2053149.10968LANGTREE CR
6148Langtree Cr after Cocoparra Cr-35.2053149.109024LANGTREE CR
6149Northbourne Av City Interchange-35.2788149.129456NORTHBOURNE AV
6150City Bus Stn Northbourne Av Plt 10-35.279149.12944NORTHBOURNE AV
6151Langtree Cr after Fergus St-35.204149.114258LANGTREE CR
6152Wimmera St Harrison PS SSO-35.1987149.151047WIMMERA ST
6153Amaroo PS turnaround at rear SSO-35.1645149.130585KATHERINE AV
6154Road closed until Jan 2015, Bimberi Centre-35.2226149.156113MORISSET RD
6155Ashburton Cct Kaleen PS SSO-35.2246149.113159KALEEN PS DRIVEWAY
6156Langtree Cr after Geegeela St-35.205149.113907LANGTREE CR
6157Nullarbor Av before Christina Stead St-35.2009149.148575NULLARBOR AV
6158Nullarbor Av before Flemington Rd-35.2007149.148621NULLARBOR AV
6159Flemington Rd after Nullarbor Av-35.2002149.149277FLEMINGTON RD
6160Flemington Rd after Nullarbor Av Sth-35.2015149.149277FLEMINGTON RD
6161Wimmera St Mother Teresa PS-35.1952149.152618WIMMERA ST
6162Shoalhaven Av after Burdekin Av-35.1721149.124252SHOALHAVEN AV
6163Shoalhaven Av before Lennard St-35.1709149.125275SHOALHAVEN AV
6164Burgmann Anglican School Forde-35.1708149.143845FRANCIS FORDE BVD
6165Hibberson Kate Crace TERMINATING STOP ONLY-35.186149.138367HIBBERSON ST
6166Flemington Rd after 2nd Manning Clarke-35.1872149.143311FLEMINGTON RD
6167Flemington Road after Hamer St-35.1871149.144989FLEMINGTON RD
6168Flemington Road before 2nd Manning Clarke Cr-35.188149.148407FLEMINGTON RD
6169Flemington Road after Wizard St-35.1882149.149567FLEMINGTON RD
6170Flemington Road after Manning Clark Cr-35.1932149.150803FLEMINGTON RD
6171Flemington Road after Mapleton Av-35.1945149.15094FLEMINGTON RD
6172Flemington Road before Geikie St-35.2078149.147415FLEMINGTON RD
6173Flemington Rd after Wells Station Dr-35.2092149.147537FLEMINGTON RD
6174Katherine Ave Amaroo Shops-35.1651149.130676KATHERINE AV
6175Southwell St Weetangera PS SSO-35.2522149.048492SOUTHWELL ST
6176Kevin St Evatt PS SSO-35.2067149.077133KEVIN ST
6177College St Radford CLG SSO-35.2426149.087662COLLEGE ST
6178Oodgeroo Av before Donald Horne CCT-35.2019149.137558OODGEROO AV
6179Oodgeroo Av after Hoskins St-35.1987149.144226OODGEROO AV
6180Oodgeroo Av after Nullarbor Av-35.199149.143936OODGEROO AV
6181Manning Clark Cr after Oodgeroo Av-35.1931149.145737MANNING CLARK CR
6182Manning Clark Cr before Oodgeroo Ave-35.193149.145966MANNING CLARK CR
6183Manning Clark Cr before Flemington Rd-35.19149.143402MANNING CLARK CR
6184Manning Clark Cr after Flemington Rd-35.19149.143555MANNING CLARK CR
6185Oodgeroo Av after Gwen Meredith-35.2003149.141541OODGEROO AV
6186Oogeroo Av before Hoskins St-35.2004149.141602OODGEROO AV
6187Nullarbor Av before Kings Canyon St-35.2012149.151123NULLARBOR AV
6188Nullarbor Av before Katoomba St-35.2012149.151276NULLARBOR AV
6189Castleton Cres Gowrie near Playing Fields-35.4117149.113876CASTLETON CR
6190Oodgeroo Av before Marie Pitt St-35.1961149.145706OODGEROO AV
6191Oodgeroo Av after Marie Pitt St-35.1967149.145889OODGEROO AV
6192William Cooper Av Bonner PS SSO-35.1628149.140778WILLIAM COOPER AV
6301Mulligans Flat Rd after Mabo Bvd-35.165149.141418MULLIGANS FLAT RD
6302Mulligans Flat Rd after Jessie St-35.1652149.141251MULLIGANS FLAT RD
6303Overall Av after Shedden St-35.1711149.094757OVERALL AV
6304Overall Av after Horse Park Dr-35.1712149.09549OVERALL AV
6305Overall Av after Sudradjat St-35.1724149.091782OVERALL AV
6306Overall Av after John Crawford Cr-35.1726149.091873OVERALL AV
6307Overall Av after Powley St-35.1759149.090714OVERALL AV
6308Overall Av After Tipett St-35.1746149.090942OVERALL AV
6309David Walsh after Zakharov Av-35.1752149.146637David Walsh Av
6310David Walsh before Zakharov-35.1758149.146301David Walsh Av
6311Zakharov after Justice Kelly St-35.1714149.148834ZAKHAROV AV
6312Zakharov Av after Alice Berry St-35.1719149.148483ZAKHAROV AV
6313Francis Forde Bvd Forde Shops-35.1711149.143066FRANCIS FORDE BVD
6315Amy Ackman after Handbury-35.1635149.148743AMY ACKMAN ST
6316Amy Ackman St after Turbayne Cres-35.1625149.149857AMY ACKMAN ST
6317Handbury St after Amy Ackman St-35.1594149.150299Handbury
6318Handbury St before Mulligans Flat Rd-35.1593149.149597Handbury
6319Henry Williams St before Duguid St-35.157149.147018HENRY WILLIAMS ST
6320Henry Willaims after Mabo Bvd-35.1575149.146683HENRY WILLIAMS ST
6321Essie Coffey St after Roy Marika St-35.1536149.143799Essie Coffey St
6322Essie Coffey St after Henry Williams-35.1538149.143463Essie Coffey St
6323Essie Coffey St after Mumshirl St-35.1539149.139908Essie Coffey St
6324Essie Coffey St before Mumshirl St-35.1541149.139542Essie Coffey St
6325Roden Cutler Dr before Essie Coffey St-35.1552149.134659Roden Cutler Dr
6326Roden Cutler Dr after Essie Coffey St-35.1559149.134979Roden Cutler Dr
6327Mobourne St after Ferguson Cct-35.1605149.1362MOBOURNE ST
6328Mobourne St after Roden Cutler Dr-35.1604149.136246MOBOURNE ST
6329Mabo Bvd after William Cooper Av-35.1613149.139557MABO BVD
6330Mabo Bvd Bonner Shops-35.1622149.139511MABO BVD
6331Langtree Cr after Durong St-35.2007149.113632LANGTREE CR
6332Langtree Cr after Nudurr Dr-35.2007149.11322LANGTREE CR
6333Abena Av after Chance St-35.2006149.104126ABENA AV
6334Abena Av after Taplow St-35.2008149.104095ABENA AV
6335Douglas Waterhouse Dr 3rd after Eldershaw Cr-35.1844149.027832DOUGLAS WATERHOUSE DR
6336Douglas Waterhouse Dr after Branson St-35.1845149.027695DOUGLAS WATERHOUSE DR
6337David Walsh before Horse Park Dr-35.1788149.144608David Walsh Av
6338David Walsh Ave after Horse Park Dr-35.1789149.144257David Walsh Av
6339Alexander Maconochie Centre-35.3721149.170013Maconochie Centre Service Rd
6666Gungahlin Dr half trips on route 56 ONLY-35.1917149.126389GUNGAHLIN DR
6700Hibberson St Gungahlin Market Place-35.1852149.133453HIBBERSON ST
7002Hibberson St before Gozzard St-35.1853149.132919HIBBERSON ST
7004Trickett St before Beaurepaire Cr-35.2264149.011703TRICKETT ST
7005Trickett St after Beaurepaire Cr-35.2266149.011749TRICKETT ST
7006Trickett St after Drakebrockman Dr-35.2278149.010574TRICKETT ST
7007Trickett St after Weber PL-35.2282149.010574TRICKETT ST
7008Northbourne Av 2nd after London Crt-35.279149.12883NORTHBOURNE AV
8830City Bus Stn Northbourne Av Plt 11-35.279149.12886NORTHBOURNE AV
8831Commonwealth Av Regetta Point-35.2884149.127823COMMONWEALTH AV
8888Commonwealth Av after Albert Hall-35.2887149.127365COMMONWEALTH AV
8889Kallaroo Rd Rodney’s Nursery SSO-35.3134149.183945KALLAROO RD
8890Kallaroo Rd opp Rodney’s Nursery SSO-35.3135149.184113KALLAROO RD
8891New South Wales Cr Telopea Pk School SSO-35.3142149.133209NEW SOUTH WALES CR
9001Alexander St JBGS SSO Grounds-35.3325149.125092JUNIOR BOYS GRAMMAR DRIVEWAY
9992Golden Gr SBGS SSO-35.3321149.128204GOLDEN GR
9999Athllon Dr opp Centrelink Office-35.4203149.065979ATHLLON DR

This page was last updated on 26 April 2021