Whilst prevalent in larger cities, there are, as of February 2011, only three dedicated Bus Lanes in the ACT:

Woden to City
Heading northbound, the T2/bus lane commences on Yarra Glen near the Carruthers Street exit and runs along Yarra Glen and Adelaide Avenue before merging with regular traffic along Capital Circle. Heading the other way, the bus lane commences at Capital Circle and runs the length of Adelaide Avenue before merging with regular traffic just past the Cotter Road overpass. It was established in 1975.

Northbound there is a short bus lane on Melrose Drive at the Yarra Glen roundabout. There is also a bus lane on Commonwealth Avenue from Kaye Street to the Flynn Drive up-ramp.

City to Gungahlin
The City to Gungahlin Bus Lane runs City bound (only) on Flemington Road from the intersection of Sandford Street up to the intersection with Federal Highway (Northbourne Avenue). There is also a short portion (with traffic light priority) on the Federal Highway at the Barton Highway intersection. It was established in 2005.

Belconnen to City
Commencing with a “B” Traffic Light at the Gungahlin Drive Overpass on Belconnen Way, it continues along this road signposted as a “Left Lane Must Turn Left – Buses Excepted”. This turns into a dedicated Bus Lane coming up to the lights at Fairfax Street. Following this set of lights, the road changes into Barry Drive, for which a bus lane runs until just past Clunies Ross Street.

A short bus lane is in place on the northbound section of Belconnen Way at the Caswell Drive intersection in the right lane which feeds into the right turn lane at Haydon Drive.

Bus Priority Measures

A number of intersections across the territory have a dedicated ‘B’ light – a white light that is activated in a short (generally fits one-two buses) lane at traffic lights that allows the bus to get a jump start on the general traffic. These locations include:

  • Drakeford Dr at Taverner St – Southbound only
  • Athllon Dr at Drakeford Dr
  • Athllon Dr/Callam St at Hindmarsh Dr
  • Cotter Road/John Gorton Dr
  • Belconnen Way at Gungahlin Dr
  • College St at Haydon Dr
  • Federal Highway at Barton Highway
  • Flemington Road at Federal Highway

This page was last updated on 2 April 2021