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  • All photos and images used on the site, unless specified otherwise, have been taken by ACT Bus staff or contributors
  • Have we used one of your photos but not credited you? Please contact us
  • Are you a bus driver who appears in one of our photos? If you’d prefer, we can blur your face out of photos you appear in. Please contact us to discuss.

Who created our content, and can I use it?

  • All photographs and written content on this site is the work of site staff, unless otherwise specified. Please contact us if you’d like to reproduce any of the content on our site – our content cannot be used or reproduced without our written permission.

What relation do you have to Transport Canberra or the ACT Government?

  • This is not the Transport Canberra/ACTION website, nor are we affiliated with ACT Government or Canberra Metro.
  • Any route and timetable information published on our site has been sourced from timetables published by ACTION or Transport Canberra.
  • We recommend you check the Transport Canberra website to plan your journey. Any journey planned solely on the information on our site is done so at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for any issues this may cause you. Note also that our site does carry route information from years gone by.

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We couldn’t do it alone!

A number of individuals and organisations have helped this site become what it is today. Thanks to everyone who has pitched in – we really appreciate it!

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  • Content on the ACT Bus Site is Copyright 2004-2023 (refer to Copyright Act 1968) ACT Bus or individual authors as credited. The term ‘ACT Bus Site’ is an umbrella term covering all portions of the site, including but not limited to, Website, Forum, Gallery and Fleetwiki.
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  • All photographs in our Gallery are Copyright of their respective owners as acknowledged, or Copyright ACT Bus if no photographer is identified via a caption or watermark. As above, you may download, print or store local copies for your personal or non-commercial use as long as they are unaltered and you do not represent the works to be your own.
  • If you would like to utilise images from our gallery or content from our site, please contact us discuss arrangements.

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