The Featured Bus for February 2013 is the Volvo B58-56 class of buses.

ZIB-236 at City Layover (now Novotel Hotel / Jolimont Centre)

Between August 1974 and October 1976, ACTION received 76 Volvo B58-56 buses with body by Smithfield Bus and Coach Works of Sydney.

In 1972, two rear-engined Volvo B58-50 buses (207 & 208) were purchased. As they proved to be reliable, the Department of the Interior decided to order their successor, the B58-56 which featured the turbo-charged THD 100D engine. The first batch of six vehicles was ordered in February 1973 and were delivered in 1975 – this batch included ZIB-251 which was fitted with a coach body.

A major expansion to the Canberra Bus Service had been approved in August 1973 which required a substantial increase in the Canberra Bus fleet. Volvo successfully tendered for a further 70 vehicles which were delivered in 1975 and 1976, but due to their inability to supply more vehicles to meet a very tight delivery schedule, MAN were also awarded a contract for supply of SL200 buses at the same time. Combined with the delays in delivery of the Leyland National order and the completion of the AEC Swift order, there were four different models of buses being delivered in the same year (1975): Volvo B58, AEC Swift, Leyland National and MAN SL200.

The Volvo B58-56 buses were allocated the following fleet numbers: 236-239, 250-251, 337-406

These buses were withdrawn from service between 1988 and 1990.

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