The Featured Bus for January/February 2016 is Bus 732 – a Scania N113CRB evaluation bus

Bus 732 was a Scania N113CRB evaluation bus with body by Ansair (Kingston, Tasmania) that operated for ACTION between 1991 and 1992.

Originally ordered by MTT Tasmania, the bus seated 43 passengers and was a standard Hobart bus of its day, apart from the addition of driver’s air conditioning.

Despite not being a low-floor bus, it was the first bus in the fleet to feature kneeling suspension. ACTION replaced the original roller blind destination display with an Alcatel/STC Cannon flip-dot display in April 1991.

732 was known to have operated from both Tuggeranong and Kingston Depots. Its last day of service, 5 July 1992, was also the final day of operations for Kingston Depot. On that day, it was the second bus to depart from the depot.

After being withdrawn from service, the bus was sold to Metro Tasmania, where it was assigned fleet number 193. It has since been withdrawn from service.

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