The Featured Bus for January 2011 is Bus 990 – a Renault PR100.3 NGV

Bus 990 was a Renault PR100.3 Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) with “Starliner” body by Austral Denning, Brisbane.

📷 Matthew Jennings

It was delivered to ACTION in 1994 as the second of two Natural Gas-powered Renault PR100.3s, the first being Bus 991 which was delivered in June 1993.

Bus 990 has featured three special liveries – the initial Natural Gas livery, the AGL Natural Gas livery and its final livery an AOA wrap promoting Aboriginal Reconciliation.

During 2007, Buses 990 and 991 were modified to run on diesel. Unlike the later CNG buses which have rather obvious roof mounted gas pods, the Renault PR100.3 NGV featured pods sunken into the roof, which meant minimal protrusion on the outside of the vehicle, but a lower interior ceiling at the front of the vehicle. This lower ceiling remained in the buses following their conversions.

Bus 990 was withdrawn from service in June 2014.

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