ZIB-109 was a Bedford VAM5 school bus with body by Pressed Metal Corporation (PMC), Sydney.


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BUS 109

Together with its sister unit ZIB-110, this bus operated for ACTION between November 1966 and April 1976. These buses were built as school bus-only vehicles and featured high capacity 2 plus 3 seating and no rear door, enabling 54 passengers to be seated.

The Bedford VAM series differs from the SB series in that it features a front door forward of the front wheels.


  • Engine: Bedford 330 cubic inch (5.4 litre) diesel
  • Transmission: Five-speed synchromesh manual
  • Wheelbase: 16″ 5′ (5 metres)
  • Length: 32″ 1′ (9.8 metres)

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