Bus 491 is a MAN A69 18.320 HOCL-NL/E5 with a Custom “CB60 Evo II” body, which entered service in December 2011.


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It was the first of an additional order of 15 low-floor Euro V diesel MAN 18.320s for delivery between November 2011 and May 2012 (following on from Buses 390-463). It features several changes from the earlier batch of MANs including LED lights in the driver’s cabin, external CCTV cameras and Prima “EasySTOP” bus stop signal buttons (the Prima ultrasonic bus stop buttons proved to be unreliable and were later replaced with Teknoware RF wireless buttons).

Bus 491 included decals to denote it was the 75th Custom-bodied MAN delivered to ACTION. While it was the 75th diesel MAN A69/CB60, it is actually the 96th MAN chassis to be bodied by Custom/Custom Coaches for ACTION (not counting demonstrator and evaluation buses).

Between June 2017 and July 2018, Bus 491 had an all over advertising wrap promoting the Park & Ride / Bike & Ride / Park & Pedal initiatives of Transport Canberra.

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