The Featured Bus for September/October 2018 is ZIB-442 – a MAN SL200

Bus 442 was a MAN SL200 with body assembled by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation, Port Melbourne. It was delivered to ACTION in April 1976.

On Monday 23 August 1982, a car collided with Bus 442 at the Eastern Valley Way / College Street intersection. The bus was operating express route 424 from Woden Interchange to Belconnen and was carrying 40 seated passengers when it was hit by a Ford Falcon at 8:20am.

The collision caused the bus to firstly swing to the right, hitting the right hand side gutter then it veered to the left and hit a gum tree head-on.

Of the 40 passengers, 22 were injured with 17 treated at Calvary Hospital and 5 at Royal Canberra Hospital. The driver was trapped for 30 minutes before being cut out of the wreckage.

Following the collision, the bus was towed to Belconnen Depot where it was subsequently scrapped. Bus 442 was the only MAN SL200 to be written off due to an accident.

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